Vintage Logo Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to build a vintage logo design. Mine is based on inspiration from my recent Canada road trip, but you’ve probably seen these kinds of vintage style badges and emblems scattered across inspiration galleries.
We’ll use some ready made graphics from my free Wilderness Logo Survival Kit, which will allow me to focus mostly on the typographic aspect in this tutorial, where we’ll use a mix of type based tools in Adobe Illustrator to construct the layout.

Smoothy Cursive Script & Sans Serif fonts:

Download my Free Wilderness Logo Survival Kit:

Download my Free High Resolution Grain Textures:

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Pailox says:

how do i export as a logo? :/ like this one at the end

Ruth Underwood says:

Thank you! Exactly what I needed 🙂

Rosalie Guay says:

Where can i get your free logo ?

Shahid Designer says:


Bmoore6 says:

Great tutorial, love the tempo. Very creative and useful. Thank you.

Patricia Tejero says:

thank you

Boris Bär says:

Where can I get that pretty wallpaper?

1 Minute BBQ says:

I’m trying to get the grain texture to work but not sure what I’m doing wrong. Follow the exact same steps but my logo disappears when I paste in the mask. I noticed your mask is white but mine is black for some reason. Perhaps that is where the issue is?

Laurel George says:

Awesome video! Thanks!

Pedro Paes says:

Hey dude, maybe you can add support for portuguese language? Or add on the video, what keys/hotkeys do you used?
I’m a brazilian guy and i have a little difficulty to understand some sentences of english language.
Thx very much and you do a great work!

Rohit Mishra says:

Check it out! rohit_logan will design unique vintage logo for $5 on #Fiverr

Frank Dvorak says:

Can’t figure out how to find Image Trace button… begginer’s pain haha. Good enough without it. Thanks for great guide 😀

Katrina Schmitt says:

I am new to AI and I have some vector packs that are not AI. How do you use them in AI?

Dawson Digital says:

This was an incredible video and thank you so much for these graphics!

Ben Lewis says:

Hi Chris, It’s all going well until I try to use the masking at the end. I select my final logo, group it and hit ‘make mask’ when I do this my logo disappears and i’m just left with its paths. Any ideas? Thanks.

Payton Pellitteri says:

You make this look easy! Can’t wait to try!

catherine mae Perias says:

cool 🙂

Ric Harz says:

WoW this is so awesome!! Thank you

Athens Simmer says:

how do i use the logos they wont open up in photoshop

Ella Huizinga says:

I couldn’t use the expand option twice. So I don’t have the end results… 🙁

Shahid Designer says:

Thank You for sharing

Paujujiya says:

What is your accent from? Just curious
Thanks for the tutorial!

Kleiner K says:

Brilliant! Short and perfect!

Computer Tech Solutions says:

im you 123,450th subscriber… your welcome

Mudassir Ali says:

Hi There!
If you want to have your own fantastic vintage Logo
Just Order Here….

Ruben says:

What is wolfstone? (noticed it in your pack) my last name is one letter away from being wolfstone just in norwegian. Was really funny seeing it actually was something, considering I have had that name in mind because of it!

Tamás Ézsiás says:

Which format did u use while exporting? thx in advance!

Hải Phii says:

how can i copy them pls reply

AbdulDerKlappstuhl says:

Can someone help me
I already have an illustrator serial key but I don’t know how to download illustrator I just need a simple setup.exe
but I can’t find it nowhere .

Doug Pitcock says:

I’m not from Canada and I love your video!

jampala kotesh chowdary says:

Sir can u Design One logo With The Name 64arts plz

Logan Turner says:

How do you get your right hand tool bar to include fonts and such?

Cryoutforwisdom says:

Thanks so much for the awesome freebies! 🙂 🙂 🙂

terbang kebawah says:

that expand option is really useful. thank you dude

Patcha says:

Thank you very very much 😀

BlaqstarHD says:

Quick, simple, understandable, easy to follow. subscribed

Marcus Heard says:

I have learned more about illustrator from you in an hour than my entire time in design school.

vinzillalouis says:

Is this good for commercial use??

Up design says:

can i use it on t-shirt ?

zoltan csete says:

Best tutorial ever, good teacher also:D

de Villiers says:

This is awesome. Thanks. And thanks for the free package. May i use it for other work? Or potential clients?

Arken Chouchene says:

Da Best <3 <3 More tutorials on how to create fantastic modern logos <3

horateyenda shadowsong says:

amazing love it easy and really easy!

Muhamad Ihsan says:

I can’t download the logo kit

Stacey Milochik says:

Thank you! That was an awesome tutorial and helped a lot.

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