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Hey guys! So this tutorial will teach you how to achieve this vintage type style within Adobe Illustrator. On the surface, it looks like there are a load of elements to this, however, it’s actually quite a simple process, just fairly time consuming. For the results you can achieve, it is definitely worth putting in that bit of time and effort, as with most things!
If you’re a bit lost for colour schemes, you could simply google “Vintage colour schemes” or vintage colour palettes”, or even use Adobe Color CC (Which is a free online service – )

As always guys, thank you all so much for your support, and hopefully this video has taught you a thing or two. Please feel free to tag me on social media in any work you do using this tutorial, it’s always awesome to see the results you guys get and to see them with your own twist too!

Take it easy everyone!

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Internet Cafe says:

Very good keep it up

ahmad helal says:

يانهار ازرق .. دانت مجرم

Fareeda ♥ says:

Loved it!

Jay Bokoyo says:

Awesome dude

Jacob Chmielewski says:

Learn so much from these, thanks for this! I have been using (Cmd+C) and then (Cmd+Shift+V) to paste in place but the (Cmd+F) is much simpler. That and the tip when creating a pattern, so helpful

Nicholas Long says:

where is the blend tool?

Darío Rodriguez says:

Loving all this know how!! I’m learning a lot, thank you!

Shana Vandewouwer says:

What is the square bracket key on windows?

Gita Maharsi says:

i can’t find the blend tool in photoshop 2015.5 help please?

Raed Jibrail says:

Amazing. Learnt a few tricks can use generally. Thanks for sharing.

sufi _sb says:

when I open this youtube I always check Ste Bradbury Design if you have new vid 🙂 so awesome

Abdul design says:

Thanks for the tutorial, keep up the good work!

Mã Minh says:

Which font he used?

isyraf syahmi says:

Thank you!

Heidi Schoeffler says:

Every time I try and go to Pathfinder

Alejandro Velarde says:

What font is it that you use? thanks

Penny Miu says:

How can you create 6 rectangle of color above the workspace? T,T

Antoine Ginioux says:

Hi! anyone can tell me the name of the police please ?

Jessie Queen says:

im completely stuck on the 0 part, mainly where you add the shadows. like when I go to unite the two, it wouldn’t let me take the excess off, it’ll just take away the whole thing or none. is there any other solution to do the shadow in a different way??

Bernat Oliva says:

great, thank you for sharing the way you achieve things, it’s great to know it!

Coy says:

Perfect retro logo!

Marcos Hernàndez says:

hey you! when do you do other video?

DoTheD says:

i don’t know why but when i click mith the pen tool on an anchor point, it put it a little bit aside the anchor point and makes everything wrong ! ^^

fawzy waly says:

how can you add this motion blur to mouse arrow on mac, please ? ❤❤

董煦 says:


Maz Gan says:

very helpful tutorial! Fairly new to illustrator, when i went to create the darker blue shadows the pen tool clicked to points but they ended up not being exact in the end (wasn’t seamless) any idea why that might be?

micah jenkins says:

All that work could made easier with the 3d extrude and bevel.

lember lember says:


Mooze Azzy says:

Great Tutorial, Thank you so much 🙂

Sammy B says:

Thank you for narrating.

Mary Rees says:

Learnt so much from your brilliant tutorial. Thankyou.

Laurence Ramos says:

you could just extrude the text: Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel…

Priscila Fonseca says:

For some reason when I’m trying to create the dark shadow for the O my pen tool doesn’t show any anchors. What are your selection and anchor display settings on Preferences? x

mcbaltz says:


Banana says:

nothing but love <3

Marjo Gedaro says:

3:23 what command was that?

Hsiao ting Wang says:

Question: You mentioned in the video “I’m using square Rocky key” which I do not understand what is it? Thank you.

João Silva says:

i don’t know if anyone can help me, but everytime i try to select “pathfinder> unite” my illustrator crashes. I’ve tried starting from the beggining and creating a new file but it still happens… can anyone help me?thank you.

Jayant Srivastava says:

Thanks a lot Bro

Алёнка Севастьянова says:

Thank you for the tutorial! It was very useful:)

Mashable says:


Yazid Albasthomi says:

Keep make stuff like this broo

Rocket League Highlights says:

do you use a Imac? if so what Imac?

Mark Richardson says:

Solid tute man! Good idea with the drawing the lines onto the square, I hadn’t thought of doing it like that!

Rahman Aan says:

nice tutorial !!!

Jon Burton says:

When I try to draw in the shadows (dark blue) the placement of the pen tool is off. I click on the corner of light blue piece and it places my starting point below it by like 5 pixels. It’s driving me insane!

Nagababu Arja says:

When I’m 3d designing…. Can you tell me why the preview is too late… its take more time … i am using i3 processor and 12 GB RAM and 1 TB hard disk and GPU 1050 with 2GB… what i need. please help me. how to decrease time of preview.

Laurence Ramos says:

and for the darker color as shadows, you could just adjust the opacity of the layer..

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