Adobe InDesign Easy Start – Lesson 1 – Text, Photos, Formatting, Colors

This should get you off the ground running fast with Adobe InDesign. I’m using the CS5 version, but all of this will work for most older versions. This shows simply how to get text and photos on a page – which is the main goal anyway, isn’t it? You’ll learn the basics of text and paragraph formatting, photo resizing and cropping, applying strokes / borders, editing colors and more. Note: Here’s an updated getting started video for the Adobe InDesign CC 2015 application: – I’ve also created a playlist of my InDesign Tutorials:


Noemi Henry Torres says:

tHANKS a lot !!! this video is very usefull :))

Amy Severino says:

Just a big THANK YOU!  I’ve fiddled with this program for years and now I feel so much more confident after viewing this lesson!!

Lee Hampshire says:

An excellent video! Very concise, unlike a lot of American videos, and I love the Southern accent! Very easy on the ear. My only suggestion is to add more “BOOM’s” in future videos please!!

Talha Temuri says:

I like it, do some more lol @22:30

gitanjli chhibber says:

i pasted pictures. but they are pixelated. i even converted them into tiff files and tried jpg with 300 resolution. they are still pixelated

umair ashfaq says:

till now its easy to understand..Thanks a lot, make more please

Michael Sterling says:

I will have to check out this video later when I’m home. I just paid someone $80 from Craigslist for nothing, I can’t remember nothing he told me, he was all over the place. Thanks for taking time out to do this and other videos that you’ve done. Based on the comments I’m pretty sure this will be ideal for my new newspaper business venture… Keep up the good works..

TheMigcha says:

Very good !  I`m a new user in inDesign and have a lot to learn !!  will certainly watch more of your lessons.
Explanation and visual examples provided is very good for rookie user like me.

Traci Browne says:

Thanks Tony…that was far better than any of the InDesign tutorials.

C Hopson says:

Thank you so much Tony. Great content and presentation

Mary Doss says:

Thank you.  Thank you.  This is exactly the type of InDesign video I need.  I am studying Developing Digital Documents and we are using Illustrator and InDesign.  I have viewed lots of videos and this is by far the best.  Thank you. Thank you.  Do you have a video like this one for Illustrator which is super simple and not cluttered with lots of detail?

Octavio Adame says:

Gracias Tony!

Mohan Sivalingam says:

Very easy to understand . Its very comprehensive .Thank you.

karthick ns says:

thank you very much

jhank1914 says:

Excellent Job man. I had a vague idea of how to use this program, but your tutorial brought it home. I feel really comfortable laying out my chapter’s newsletter. Thanks. 

Skylo ___ says:

Love your accent man! Good video, was able to finish making a magazine for my IT class thanks to this 😀

drcwright says:

Great intro video to get me started. Much appreciated.
Triple click! All this time…

Richelle Andersen says:

Great video.  I love the way you explain things.  Please do more InDesign Videos!!!

Ed Schilling says:

Just want to say thank you so much for a GREAT tutorial.  I’m guessing that the majority of instructors would cringe at the notion of using your finger to point at various parts of the screen, but Brother, that is exactly what made this tutorial the best I’ve ever experienced.  FINALLY something I can follow with confidence… cursor, finger pointing and DETAILED verbal explanation.  You, my friend, are awesome.  Thanks a bunch.

Jane Elizabeth Bay says:

Really well explained and demonstrated. Thank you.

Shaz Young says:

Thank you! This is great!! Good pace and easy to understand for someone who isn’t familiar with InDesign.

Lawrence Impey says:

I’ve watched a few introductions to ID and although some are technically more polished this is actually the most useful. Many thanks.

pixelatedbeatz says:

Thanks! Great tutorial

krizk13 says:

I like how you talk…

eeneekalash says:

Thank you! Super useful tutorial!

Denis Tan says:

Being 68 years old, starting new adventure, some people knows a lot, but they do not know how to teach… I am glad I have visited your video, now I have new challenges, you have 712 videos I am sure I will check it out most of them.
By the way, I am trying to crate a weekly DIGITAL NEWS LETTER, can you suggest good video.

Gary Robinson says:

Tony…OUTSTANDING VIDEO! I accidentally ran across InDesign CS5 on our network and loaded it on my PC because I have a need to create a document with columns and pics. At first…I said forget it because InDesign was taking too long for me to click around and teach myself. I found your video and learned exactly what I needed in less than 15 minutes! FANTASTIC JOB! Thanks so much!!!

thowfeek ishaq says:

thanks lot, make more…,

Катерина Володимирівна says:

great, thanks

Mary Doss says:

This is the only video I am going to use to learn InDesign.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise to someone who is software illiterate.

jaworskij says:

I too despise Pockas.

Ingeborg Klyve says:

thanks a lot, this is great.

Hanneke Grufman says:

Thanks! I know how to get started now 🙂

Mary Doss says:

Thoroughly enjoyed this video.  You are awesome.  This is exactly what I need since I know nothing about InDesign.  This video is definitely for the beginners.

Ahmed M says:

i learn a lot from you today … many thanks for your efforts ..

Darius D'Silva says:

Very Good work.

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