Adobe InDesign for Photographers
While Photoshop is one of the most popular software programs for photographers of all levels, InDesign has unique features that can be useful for photographers who want to create albums, templates or portfolios. The ability to create multi-page documents separates InDesign from Photoshop, which allows photographers to go beyond just editing their images. Join Andy Graber for a two hour introduction to key features in InDesign that are geared towards photographers. Whether you want to create your very own custom designed photo book, or design unique marketing collateral to launch your business, you’ll walk away from this seminar having learned the basic foundations of InDesign. Andy will cover how to prepare your images in Photoshop for InDesign, typography, importing and sizing images, creating PDFs, wrapping text and much more.


Jan De Beck says:

Very helpful, thank you!

Olufemi Lawal says:

Thank you so much! This was very helpful and well paced.

salvador carmona says:

Fantastic tutorial!

Upen Shenoy says:

Wow, Such details in explaining. Helped a lot of students at my institute.

S. A. Stirling says:

This tutorial is fantastic – It is the best I have ever heard – so many mysteries solved and I notice that issues that I have found confusing when explained elsewhere are clear when Andy explains!  Question: Is there a text version of this tutorial available?

Kokou Amaglo says:

My pages spread for my magazine read backward. for example they read [3-2], [5-4], [7-6] instead of [2-3], [4-5], [6-7]. And my first page starts from the left position instead of right. How can I fix this?
my email      and

S. A. Stirling says:

I am having a problem with ‘placing’ photos. When I place a photo to fill in a page it is Huge.  So huge that I cannot find the ‘brown’ edges to pull back and make the size I want.

Mita Albino says:

Love the commercial! Handsome guy.

855paosparti says:

I thought this was gonna be like a different use of the program for photographers needs due to the misleading title, but it was a -more or less-complete training on using it, not that this is a bad thing. The instructor was very good and you learn a ton of things. All and all I enjoyed it!

T Carey says:

Great instruction.  i’m working on our 1st children’s book. is the InDesign your using CS- 6 ?   since i don’t do this for a living i wanted to get an InDesign program without a monthly fee. i think InDesign  CS-6 is still available .    any suggestions?.

charld says:

thank you so much for doing this, I’ve wanted to try this program and do something different with my pictures.

Bpjames says:

I’d love to try a wedding album in InDesign, but it looks like most of the album companies have their own software to use. Does anyone have any experience with digital wedding albums and have a recommendation for someone to use. I used to use Albums Inc. and Tap for album supplies back in the film days, so that tells you how long it’s been since I have put together an album!

David Ingraham says:

This was an extremely helpful video! Just what I needed. Thanks Andy and B&H for posting this!

Bruce Berman says:

Andy! Andy Graber! I learned so much from this tutorial. I spent three days with it (my Space bar is worn out) and it has been well worth it. You are not only a good teacher, I think you might be the best teacher I’ve ever had! No bull, no confusion, every detail covered, every detail clear and understandable. I really appreciate what you did and thank B&H for being smart enough to have you be the one doing it. Best to you. Thanks.

Kathy Saffel says:

Thank you! This is so helpful. I am just starting out and I need to learn everything. Great Tutorial!

Vytas Narusevicius says:

This is the best tutorial I have ever seen on not just InDesign, but any computer program!!

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