Adobe InDesign Interface Introduction – Ep5/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

In this tutorial I will be doing a brief overview of the Adobe Indesign Interface and recommending a practical and useful workspace setup.


Toggle the visibility of the workspace: Press ‘Shift’

Toggle between ‘Preview  Mode’ and ‘Normal Mode’: Press ‘W’

Toggle visibility of composition rulers: Press [Mac] ‘cmd R’  [PC] ‘ctrl R’

Selection Tool: Press ‘V’

Direct Selection Tool: Press ‘A’

Move Around The Composition Area: Press and hold space bar on keyboard and click and drag

Type Tool: Press ‘T’



This video is part of a 13 part course:


00 – Adobe Indesign For Beginners – Tutorial Overview & Breakdown


01 – Preparation For Adobe Indesign Projects

02 – Photoshop Action / Image Processing In Adobe Bridge – Changing Colour Profiles

03 – Creating a Scamp, Designing For Your Composition

04 – Document SetUp In Adobe Indesign

06 – The Links Panel In Adobe Indesign


07 – Laying Out Frame Box’s / Build Composition Structure In Adobe Indesign

08 – Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe Indesign

09 – Placing Images Into Adobe Indesign

10 – Modifying Indesign Images In Photoshop & Illustrator.

11 – Objects In Adobe Indesign


12 – Export to PDF In Adobe Indesign

13 – Preflight In Adobe Indesign



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Full Project Work Folder:
Get the link on the main course overview video:




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leejisu0202 says:

Thanks for your videos. They are so useful and your explanation is so kind.

Craig Riches says:

I am using CC 2015 and my panel icons don’t change from grey to coloured when i hover over with my mouse like yours do in the video. Is this something that only happened in CS5?

Driss Taoumi says:

Life is so ironic, I am in my 5th architecture year and none of the so called teachers in my school ever reached this quality of content, even though my parents are paying a little fortune for it. But I get it from Tastytuts on youtube FOR FREE, life is good. you are saving the world man

Daniela Fusillo says:

Amazing job, THANK YOU!

Visionary Lifestyle says:

Great explanation, but I’m already stuck.  When I edit to adjust the # of pages, columns, margins etc, then press ok, the outline/page does not appear. I still have a blank page. Any advice for troubleshooting this? 

Jashan Singh says:

u R just the best. please please please I have a request for u please make tutorials for all Adobe products like Photoshop , flash professional, after effects , lightroom, and many more

Delia Craciun says:

you are awesome! been looking for someone to explain me some stuff, and I got all the answers from you! Thank you!

S. Buehner says:

I’ve been taking a class on Indesign and have been totally lost.  I’m on your video 5 and have learned more and understand more than the several weeks I’ve been in class.  Thank you for posting these videos and making them easy to follow. 

Rafael Altamirano says:

Extremely useful information!  Great delivery!

Eujin Wong says:

Thanks Gareth your tutorial rocks!

Baldo Patino says:

bottom coment was message to share with my friend lol,, GREAT STUFF THANKS FOR SHARING

Muhammad Akif Ali Atif says:

He is a best trainer, and never hide any knowledge.

Elania Rodriguez says:

Very detailed, I have learned a lot!

Kristal Hampton says:

These videos are so helpful!!

Anna Barrios says:

Your accent makes my pussy wet

Reactive Wisdom says:

Dude… you saved my life

Sophia A says:

Idon’t have tasty t thing the first option on mine is advanced which is your second. I was just wondering why.

keen learner keenlearner says:

Great …. many thanks for the tutorials ….

Muhammad Akif Ali Atif says:

He is a best trainer, and never hide any knowledge.

Sessensical says:

Not just for beginners. It’s a perfect refresher course for someone like me. I once knew this stuff, but I hadn’t used InDesign for so many years that I’d gotten very rusty — and suddenly I have a project that needs it. I remembered only just enough to feel very intimidated. Now the light goes on: “Oh, yeahhhh… right, I remember. THAT’S how it works!”

Daniel Cantor says:

what a great tutorial, you deserve a diamond medal..

TheTeddio says:

I love you TastyTuts

Anonymous says:

Hint: “Tab” is for panelhiding, not “Shift”
Great tutorial

Markel Arregi says:

Awesome tutorial

StoneCold316 says:

This is so complicated

Chuck Hutchings says:

Champion. 🙂

Rango FROG says:

Nice Vid. The battery is almost empty and must be recharged 🙂

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