Creating Animations with InDesign CC 2018

Learn how to use animations to create interactive ePubs and online publications with Adobe InDesign CC 2018. This video is part of a longer live stream presented to our Patrons. Find full recording and a lot of other exclusive learning content here:


nahci gel says:

Great!! tutorial How to get this girls bɪˈsʌɪd you

Stefano Cava says:

Hi, can i create a pdf and use the color transitions, if yes how i should to save??Many Thanks!!

Shimron Netia says:

nice tutorial ….also with two girls

Carlos Pineda says:

You mentioned later in the video that you will be publishing a course for more advanced animations/actions? Is the course for interactive e-Pubs already available?

DavidMartens says:

would you say this would be a useful tool for UX/UI?

Вячеслав Осипенко says:

When I export this to epub-files how I can read it? Which applications should I use to read epub-files with this animations? For example iBooks can’t do it. It shows white just page.

Saif Bin Hossain says:

Awesome, this tutorial is really more useful, i just want to know, can i get animation tool indesign cc 2015?

wildline productions says:

you’re my hero

Luvuyo Booi says:

At 12:03 you can elongate your photo frame by simply pulling down the middle-bottom frame node/handle, then you won’t need to draw an additional frame.

Jessica Bucher says:

Where can I find the next course that is mentioned in this one (InDesign for Interactive Publishing)?

Kingmertel says:

Maybe adding 2 more girls will help getting views. ;’)

Johannes Huber says:

Hello is it possible to take the last appearance of an animation to the next page of a document and then animate this graphic further on this page?

shah music room says:

wow amazing very helpful video thanks.sir

Lee Heffron says:

Hi mate, great helpful video. One thing you mentioned right at the ned is having scrollable frames of text but Im having real trouble getting this to work.
Is it definitely possible in the most recent versions of InDesign? Im using CC 2018 version 13.1

maximusdoomed says:

Great vid; good co-pilots

Chad Wixom Media says:

Can you animate a png sequence, or is it a swap out job ?

Navy Sisomphou says:

How odd that in AE you would want to “ease IN” not out to achieve that slow stop…

Intuition Study Services says:

Hi there. Thanks for sharing this video. It is much appreciated. I’ve recently started using inDesign, making the transition from powerpoint, and I noticed that there aren’t as many animations as compared to powerpoint like ‘wipe’, ‘dissolve and ‘blink’ to name but a few. Is there any way to add more animations in InDesign?

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