Document SetUp In Adobe InDesign – Ep4/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to set up a document from scratch in Adobe Indesign.



This video is part of a 13 part course:


00 – Adobe Indesign For Beginners – Tutorial Overview & Breakdown


01 – Preparation For Adobe Indesign Projects

02 – Photoshop Action / Image Processing In Adobe Bridge – Changing Colour Profiles

03 – Creating a Scamp, Designing For Your Composition

05 – Adobe Indesign Interface Introduction

06 – The Links Panel In Adobe Indesign


07 – Laying Out Frame Box’s / Build Composition Structure In Adobe Indesign

08 – Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe Indesign

09 – Placing Images Into Adobe Indesign

10 – Modifying Indesign Images In Photoshop & Illustrator.

11 – Objects In Adobe Indesign


12 – Export to PDF In Adobe Indesign

13 – Preflight In Adobe Indesign



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franzit says:


Inigo Woodham-Smith says:

wtf u lit just clicked and there were page numbers thnx

Monjima Sen says:

God bless you for being the teacher I did not have

★_Vizualize_★ says:


M Krieg says:

A good tutorial never dies. You’ve helped me understand a lot! I deal with designers at work and they are always looking at me like I have three heads when I don’t understand their design issues I bring to them from my clients.
Now..I might be able to teach them a thing or two. Maybe even start designing on my own. 🙂

Thanida R. says:

thanks so much. it’s helpful for me. 🙂

Lillian Zelinski says:

Did I tell you already how great these tutorials are! I’m watching them again and the husband is now watching them also. Takes the both of us to remember all the great information you provide. You gave us both the confidence to publish the journals of all our travels!

Bruno Bruno says:

This extension called FlexDoc might help you to setup your documents:

Николета Николова says:

How I can change the default option for “points” into millimeters?

Steven Maas says:

I am setting up a brochure on a tabloid paper size (11 inch x 17 inch). There will be one fold to create 4 pages that are in landscape orientation. How do you set up so that the pages are on top of each other rather then side by side? Also I need to flip the back page 180 degrees since there will be a fold.

Nick Baker says:

how the heck did you get the page numbers to appear at 5:55 ? “number the pages like so” Some kind of shortcut? could you please make that explicit ?

musemonster says:

Thank you for this!

Jenny Fan says:

How did you get the page numbers to appear at 5:55 ? “number the pages like so” Some kind of shortcut? could you please make that explicit ? Thank you!

Equilixium says:

The finger snap technique worked. Thank you so much!

Ani Szammer says:

Thank you, you explain so amazingly good!

Loving Stara says:

YOU ARE AWESOME. Very clear and helpful. Thank you so much. I don’t really comment on videos but you deserve one. <3

Maya Borges says:

I can learn different things about other programs, It’s so amazing, thanks a lot.

Αριστούλα Ζώτου says:

excellent work! thank you so much!!!

Aishwary Singh says:

so slowwwww…. :/

marcel says:

great tutorials, thanks

zainab maniar says:

hey i am making a book and its gonna bind so i need to leave 2.5cm on bind side and on other sides of page will be 1 cm. So my right page will have 2.5cm on left and left page will have it on write so how do i work with that. Pls help as soon as possible

Paul Cofo says:

love the page number cliff hanger 🙂

jessicanoble456 says:

How do you save it as a PDF?
when i do it the pages go back to normel setup?

Muthanna says:

In my pages panel it shows pages 3-2, 5-4,7-6,9-8 and so on 
how do I change it to 2-3,4-5,6-7,8-9? PLEASE HELP!

russel havard says:

very useful and informative! thank you so very much!

Rahail RASHID says:

spot on

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