Get Started with 10 Beginner Tips for InDesign

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn 10 essential tips for beginners in Adobe InDesign.

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Adobe Photoshop:
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Ivan Badia says:

Great starter list Dansky. I use InDesign every day and you may want to add these important hot keys to help you become more efficient at InDesign.

– Quick select placed assets in a container : SHIFT + ESC keys and reverse to return to the container..I dont like the asset target finder.

– Build multiple master pages and apply the liquid feature and your designs will become responsive saves hours of work.

– This hotkey is almost never used but everyone should use it. I noticed you kept moving your cursor to the inspector. Save your energy and use OPT+CMD+ #6 key combo. You will need to use this key combo twice because it hides it and you make it reappear again but the beauty of this combo. The first field is highlighted to move forward use SPACEBAR or TAB+SHIFT to go back to previous previous field. You can even select the anchor-point box and change the focus with the number-key pad…1 : TL, 2 : TM, 3 : TR….you fet the point.

– You can use two measurements with the ruler. I like to set TOP Ruler to inches and LEFT Ruler to points. Now all my vertical text flow can be set to an 8-point system.

– This is a must for all users. In the inspector panel go to the dropdown option and deselect size to stroke. If you ever create a mechanical it will always be the wrong size. I learned this the hard way

– InDesign most powerful feature the pages are actually independent art boards.

– You can copy and paste-in-place into a row of containers that equal same size. Now, you can sections perfectly aligned.

– Preflight is InDesign personal assistant. OPT+COMD+F. This little tool will tell you if you have missing images, color conflict, if a body of text is cut-off and much more. If you are working on a 300page doc this little guy is a life-saver.

I know InDesign can be scary but once you peel away the layers you will never work on a project without it. I can create Javascript api to control the snap-distance of a layout without going into a preference setting.

I love your videos keep them coming. If possible can you create a full web-build using SketchApp. Learning now and I just love the power of nested objects.

GamingWithZod says:


MickBozovic says:

Does Image Trace exist in Id? I need to use High Fidelity Photo because I hate low quality images.

Rodrigo Sousa says:

When to use InDesign rather then illustrator or Photoshop?

Fenixs says:

Can next video for photoshop or after effect


can you do like the same top but for advance users? most of this this i knew it already, thanks Dan!

K1FFLI says:

I have a question. What is the meaning of the life?

Max Djj says:

Very useful video tutorial. I have started learning Adobe Indesign recently, and those tips are really helpful. Thanks a lot, Dansky. You’re the best 🙂


this video is very helpful for me, thanks!!!

Ahmed Ebrahim says:

Very useful video tutorial.Thank you

Luis Palomares says:

muchas gracias desde venezuela. ya he visto este video un par de veces y sigo aprendiedo cosas nuevas. saludos!

Enemerio Galvan says:

You are too cute! Omg very sexy …Great tutorial! I wished there were more you in it!

Ewelina Janiszewska says:

do you perhaphs now what I am doing wrong ? I have a png file with transparent background and I put my image to indesign but aftre printing png file is not completly transparent , it changed the colors a little bit that were under png file.

Sabir Ali says:

very useful tips never use id after watching this its get idea how to start using id . thank you dansky love to watch your helpful tutorial.

Ian Conrod says:

Whats that intro song???

Rhona o'kelly says:

very good thank-you

loomonda18 says:

Thank you for this!

郭德森 says:

Awesome video, I want to know what`s the bgm you use

Peter Pal Nagyilles says:

Very useful. Thanks

Julie purcell says:

GOOD VIDEO!!! You talk clear, relax and explain very well, is not difficult to understand. Im from Puerto Rico, I graduate from Pratt Institute New York, I did a master degree in Communication Design. Now Im trying to move to any place in this world, my country is a mess. We still no have electricity in some place and you can not find job here, really this island is a dissaster.. Your videos given me peace are wonderful. My YouTube tutorial favorite channel, Thanks

Sean JN says:

Thanks alot!

Goofy Girl says:

You are my new best friend. EXCELLENT tutorial. Like your transitions too, btw. Thank you : )

DOllAr'S MeDiCAtIoN says:


Ncamiso Masilela says:

thank you

Wajahat Shah says:

I am new to Indesign. I cant see the tool bars and menus like your. My interface is empty no tool bar no menus? I am using CS6

Nishant Kalra says:

Thanks a ton!!

Nadia Qayyum says:

can you please help me inserting a text box between text boxes?

Benny Qibal says:

Hi Dan, i have a question.. What the screen recording did you using? Whay the cursor so smooth in motion.. Reply please. Thankyou

SomosSoloPersonas says:

Ed Sheeran! :O

NothingSpecial says:

Did CS always have that Object Display resolution feature or is that a new thing? I don’t remember that on CS3.

PrivatesPlay says:

can i make 10 texts pages, and only change the background image for all pages at once?

Daniel Almanza says:

I know apps has specific role like, Illustrator for Logo…. InDesign for Magazine, Brochure….. Photoshop for Photo Edit…. but my 5 years experience as graphic designer the only apps I only use is Photoshop. I feel like photoshop can do anything what Illustrator and Indesign can do….. this is just me. but what are your opinion guys?

MadNad says:

awesome tutorial. learned a lot!

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