How To Create An Interactive PDF In Indesign – Indesign CC Tutorial

In this tutorial I show you how to create an interactive PDF within Adobe Indesign CC. An interactive PDF is one that can be interacted with by the user. These are great for Sign Up Forms, Contracts, and Many other various situations. Indesign CC has a whole set of tools just for Interact PDF’s.

If you have any questions feel free to put those in the comment box below!

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christy nguyen says:

Thank you for creating this tutorial! This was very helpful!

magnetik says:

I am trying to make an interactive PDF ebook, one that has buttons I made in illustrator and will direct you to a certain page. I followed all your instructions, but I always get a text box before creating my PDF (interactive,) and it says that the button feature will be dropped

Mr Mohammad Alaween says:

Great job sir.
I have a question for you, when I export my document to EPUB I notice that I can’t add a note or make a highlight to the book ! But when I export a document form Mac pages i can add a note or highlight to the book. So can you help me to add notes to indesigning book?
Thank you.

little jane says:

Can you edit the line spacing in the text boxes? I´ve been trying in Acrobat but apparently is not possible. Dos someone know? Thanks in advance.

Rebecca Schroeder says:

How were you able to make your typed text appear in the other box at the same time?  I was interested in making a very personal interaction, where when someone types their name in a box at the beginning of the pdf, their name appears in a small box within the text on each page as if you are personally talking to them.  Is this possible?

Magdalena Piekarska says:

Amaazing! Thanks a lot!!

Kate M says:

amazing video, great job

Claudia N says:

Helpful thank you!

Archie Lestat says:

Supper Cool… This saves my job.. thanks

Mizmatch89 says:

does it work on the ipad?

Techno Bit says:

Nice Video One.

Darguin Fortuna says:

Do you work installing Printers? Someone with the same voice came to my office to install a Canon Plotter.

Bill Alexander says:

I’d like a tutorial on that intro…

Yarrut Franken says:

I have a problem that it doesnt work in some browsers. In chrome everything is nearly perfect, but in firefox for example. nothing works. whats the problem?

The Movement Fix says:

What if you have a text box that you want to let someone type in, press enter and create a new line, etc. I am having an issue where I press enter in Apple’s preview and it highlights the text instead of taking the cursor to the next line. It works correctly in other programs though. Any advice?

alesandra miro quesada says:

You never go over exporting and using the file

Roiza Ungar says:

how do I make text on a button show up in the pdf?

tamsson says:

too much post production fluff, see ya.

Francisco Rojas says:

Question: how can I put a blank in a interactive PDF where people could paste or upload a picture (JPEG) from the computer? Is that possible?
Thank you so much.

allister gourlay says:

Hi Guru thanks for this – for some reason my text in the text field is centred in the box – can’t see how to align it to be ranged left in top left hand corner – any ideas?

K Bennett says:

Thank you for your videos! Is there by chance a way to create a text field or a drop down that would let me type in a name and then allow me to choose a color that correlates to what group that name would refer to? Essentially allowing me to type in the name and change the text box color based on the color that was then chosen?

Dan Brown says:

This has been a great help – thank you for posting it!

Pikachu says:

Just like so

Karo H says:

great tutorial!!!! is there any way to select the font for the fillable boxes?

Rose Fredriksen says:

Hi Is there a way to get others to upload a photo/ photos in the PDF?
I am making a form for my models where they are writing name, age, hight and so on. I would love to also make them add headshoots and portraits of them self. Is there a way to do that? Thank you <3

DaveTMTMTL says:

When I right-click I don’t get the “Make Text Field” option? I’m using ID CC. And, under Objects>Interactive, Convert to Text Field is gray?

teresa reinalda says:

This is great! I learned so much! Thank you!

Pacific Breeze says:

This was good to learn how to place the text boxes etc…but what does go to destination mean? What does go to next state mean? It really didn’t show what it looks like competed…I’m not sure if I’m making myself clear.

Atakan Özel says:

Just like so

Lily Hattingh says:

Pity you didn’t show how to save the interactive pdf. When I save it as pdf the hyperlinks work but button interactivity doesn’t.

Michael Kent says:

This is great. Is there any way to change the font in the text fields?

Ayanna' B. Gant says:

Hi! When I type in the pdf my stroke weight/box disappears. How can I get it to stay?

Zegfrid Rafols says:

what do you mean “Go to Next State” with that rollover?

WUMP Collective says:

I love that you have League of Legends in your bottom icon bar 🙂

The GDK Group says:

Hi Technologyguru,

Is there a way that you can change the font when filling out the PDF form?
The default font when filling it out is Times New Roman. Can this be changed?


Chrissy Marquardt says:

Thank you very much for this tutorial! I watched about 3 others and it was so confusing. This was direct, EASY TO UNDERSTAND, and straight to the point.

Marek Kowalski says:

Hey, thank you for that tutorial. BTW. u got really good voice to make a tutorials. It isnt boring. 🙂

C J. J. says:

whats up with the ryan seacrest radio voice here? I had to find another tutorial because this guys voice was too annoying.

Charesa says:

Is there a way to create a navigation bar with indesign for an interactive pdf? I need to make that for school..

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