How to Use Adobe InDesign #1 – InDesign CC (2017) Basics

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A tutorial to get you started with Adobe InDesign.

In this tutorial I cover Tools, Guides, PreFlighting, Adding Text, Importing Text, and Flowing Text.


einasam says:

Thank you. This helps.

Rachael Healey says:

Very helpful – thanks!

Maddie Harryman says:

I found this to be really helpful! Thank you for taking the time to make this video. 🙂

Jennifer Lundie says:

Great tutorial! I’m soon going to start studying graphic design and this video really helped me grasp concepts that i didn’t understand.

Rupa Kumar says:

I am a book designer and have my own company. I have been using Pages as my primary working tool. Pages 9 was a brilliant version for publishing applications and very versatile. However as this version has become redundant and i operate with much larger files now and am hoping to take it to another level, using the Pages 9 (for which i have a dedicated Mac where this is installed and no updates are done is not helping anymore as files are hanging and pages is crashing :(..

I am having to switch software and InDesign is looking like my pick.

I watched your video and do appreciate the effort in making the video .. however if you are demonstrating something to a beginner of Indesign / Adobe – ‘ Bad design on my part’ and using an already created master document with inherent flaws does not assist a beginner ! Further demonstrating text additions outside of the sample document is not helpful ! Its like hitch-hiking – starting from in -between a journey and having to piece things together for yourself !
If i could humbly suggest, starting right from scratch by opening a New document and demonstrating grids and text boxes from the get go would actually be helpful if its a beginners video.
thanks .. hope this is helpful for upcoming Tutorials.

gurpreet singh says:

hello there @adobemasters

I was working with indesign and now “OMG” i have getting these heavy projects like 4000 products or 8000 products for catalogs.
I’m using | i5@4th generation | 16ddr3 | no graphic card | hdd 5200 rpm |

i know its a quite out dated pc but untill i know which is best to handle these heavy loads of graphics i don’t want to waste my money.

So , if you can help me that what kind of machine (desktop) i use to mange such a heavy load graphics in indesign. would be really helpfull for anyone who is facing this kind of problem,
really looking forward to your answer


Debra Florence says:

I thought this was for beginners. Wow, I could not keep up!

Mira Maui says:

Glad to find videos on the InDesign cc 2017. Thinking of getting the software but it looks too complicated for someone who is completely new to this kind of stuff. I’ve gotten as far as PowerPoint and have mastered it. Need a software that will allow me to create designs for magazine publishing. Your explaining of the InDesign is too fast for me.  There’s too much to cover and you get through it as though everyone is a pro. Do you have videos that will explain the software as if teaching the course? So a step by step?…….am I asking for too much….haha…..thanks

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