Image In Text Effect Tutorial – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign

In this tutorial I am going to demonstrate how you can place an image inside text in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

01 – Photoshop 00:01:47
02 – Illustrator 00:07:25
03 – Indesign 00:12:49
05 – Other comps 00:22:08



Project Document:


League Gothic Font:

King Cool KC font




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Hi, i wondered if you can help I’m trying to look for a poster/flyer font like the one used in the link – its a pretty basic one apologies I’m new to this!

Daniel Aleshinloye says:

I was wondering why you created a mask that way as well. Shawn’s suggestion is actually more flexible because you can edit the text and the image (add layer adjustments etc. as well). Its also a lot quicker. You can also create a smart object and clip your editted image that way as well

DeAndre Taylor says:


Richard Jones says:

What if you don’t want a ‘fill’ around the text?

S Greenwood says:

Why didn’t you just type the text over the image, Ctrl click the text layer to make a text selection, activate the image layer, copy then delete the text and image layers and paste?

Nicole Castillo says:

Hi @TastyTuts, do you have the image download/template of MLK for Indesign instead of Photoshop?

Vincent Palinckx says:

Hi! I have a question, i hope you read this 😉

i cut out a shape in InDesign using the “knockout group” checkbox but when i export it for print (PDF) it isn’t cut out anymore… help! 😀

killian bernal says:

question: after i already finish to put the image in the font, how will i merge them? to become 1? thanks for this great video thou. ive learn a lot.

S Greenwood says:

Ah, yes I see your point, you have learned me so much, look forward to the next one.

Janson Card says:

This is really great, but when I try to create a PDF of it, it all comes out as one black box. Anyone have any idea how to get it to convert to PDF?

Agata Walinowicz says:

this video is briliant! thanks, it helped me a lot

Karen Mitchell says:

Separate video’s would be good, wouldn’t waste so much of my download and time on stuff I don’t need to watch!! (thank goodness for Mute!)

Rhonda Y. Wingfield says:

The link to the document is not working. Is there an updated link to retrieve the document files?

Daniel Aleshinloye says:

Sorry Shawn’s way is not quite what I meant either. The easiest way to create this is to place the image above the text and clip it to the text. The text remains editable. You can do this with a smart object image in case you want to apply dramatic color edits. In Illustrator the best way to do this is to use Draw inside or pressing Shift+D which creates a sudo clipping mask. Its a little better than jumping to the transparency mask because you can still apply a transparency mask to that.

Dave Maher says:

100% as always, Thank you.

Kassady Trussell says:

I prefer working on Illustrator and  this video was very helpful!Thank you!!

LFCorullón says:

Awesome. Thank you!

C A Vision says:

Thank you.

Roman Polách says:

In indesign is more easier way to make this clipping mask through paths and subtract the outlined text. 😉

Emily & Jared says:

Man I had been messing with the mask for a long time and no other videos were working. Yours did the trick!

august comeon says:


PeacefulSeaCreations says:

Instead of text can this also be used as an image cutout of another? Like the outline of an ak-47 in the American flag. I have a picture if you need to see it to get what i mean.

Damien O'Rourke says:

Great video. How did you do the text ?

Jennifer Delmarre says:

When exporting to pdf in indesign, the transparency is lost if the text is not converted, how to get round this?

RED 004 says:

Thanks I have been trying to figure this out for a day

Jermell Dante says:

This is great!

Helga Joelle Pleban says:

Thanks, this is great!

drowsy1228 says:

tons of thanks and this is very useful

last but not least, it is quite hard to find tutorials speak with properly volumn and clear in every syllable : )

TastyTuts says:

Hi, well yes you could do that, tho doing it that way, you would have to commit to the part of the image you wish to use, and you would in effect delete the rest. Creating a mask gives you the flexibility to re-position and scale the image within the text which is very convenient.

miri miru says:

I am not Worth it, I am not Worth it !
(from Wayne’s World)

I have learned more from you than the course I have finished recently! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Nikka Lee says:

thank you thank you soooo much this help me out alot with my assignment!

Shae Leitch says:

Thank you for posting this! I’ve learned a lot from your video, your explanations were very clear. This will definitely benefit me in my projects at College! Once again, thank you, and keep up the good work!

Ugochukwu Gideon says:

Good tuts Tasty Tuts! learnt alot

Reza Ali says:

I’ve spent the past 2 days trying to figure out how to do this in indesign. Fantastic tutorial, thank you very much!

MGM de Haas says:

How do you get your layers from Adobe Ps to Adobe Ai?

Kimberly Binns says:

Thank you for your tutorials. They are always clear, concise, and easy to replicate.

Samuel Chuang says:

Thanks a lot

Lena S says:

Thank you! So well explained! You are the best! 

Erik Lander says:

Really good video, i have learned lots, thanks.

NotDavidX says:

Thank you so much! This helped me doing a design, great video!

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