InDesign Advanced Course – Adobe InDesign CC 2018

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Adobe InDesign Advanced Tutorial by Bring Your Own Laptop, get your free downloadable exercise files and printable PDF above.

You’ll learn advanced font tricks using Typekit & Opentype fonts, font grouping & font pairing. Mastering colour features like the colour theme tool and colour modes as well as professional proofing for colours for print. We’ll set permanent defaults for fonts, colours & will learn how to turn hyphenation off for good, once and for all.

What would an advanced InDesign course be without all the tactics to fully control paragraphs, auto expanding boxes, spanning & splitting columns. You’ll become a Styles master, using nested styles, grep styles, next styles & advanced object styles.

We’ll make beautiful charts & graphs for your InDesign documents. You’ll learn the pros & cons of various digital distribution methods including Interactive PDF’s, EPUBs & the amazing Publish Online.

You’ll become a master of long, text heavy documents, autoflowing, primary text frames & smart text reflow, cross referencing, indexes, text variables & the InDesign book feature. There is entire section dedicated to how to speed up your personal workflow & how to speed up InDesign and get it running super fast.

We look at interactive forms & scripts. There is just so much we cover and I want to share everything here in the intro but I can’t. Have a look through the video list, there is an amazing amount we cover here in the course.

If you’re one of those people using InDesign and you know there is probably a better way, a faster way to work then this is your course.

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Erich Collar says:

I am an old-school typesetter (Quark express the InDesign for over 25 years) and would argue that points is still the way to go. If you use inches or millimeters, the paragraph leading and spacing will always have fractional numbers. I hate fractional numbers. The point system is much more efficient when creating precise, detailed grids. Very informative and fun video that taught an old dog some new tricks.
Cheers, Erich Collar

Deana Zelinova says:

Many thanks for fantastic course. Exactly what I needed small little tricks. I will jump right on your site to buy another course!

Roger Gottlieb says:

super super super – adobe should use your tutorials – thanks

Dumpmyloads ;P says:

Where is the navbar 😐

Leroy Lacle says:

I’m working with Indesign for 8 years or so now, so there was a lot in this video I already knew.
but still there were a few handy things I never even heard of.
You made my Indesign working experience a lot easier!

Even if knew a lot already you kept me entertained to watch the whole thing big thumbs up for you!!

flm lovers says:

Thanks a ton

Stuart Mitchell says:

This is, quite simply, the best ID tutorial I have seen. I would recommend anyone who uses ID, regardless of their experience level, to watch it in full. There are tips in here that will be invaluable. Don’t let the length put you off. Watch it in stages if you must, but be sure to watch it.

Lyn Lin says:

Cool tips! Thank you so much!

Jayesh Sukhadia says:

Very wonderful tuition. Thank you. Best of luck. Amazing…

Obstacle race magazine says:

Ive just signed up. If its as good as this you tube video then ill be super happy

Joseph Schmidt says:

Finally an InDesign video that doesn’t spend eight hours on absolute basics, but yet clearly explains intermediate and advanced strategies without skipping steps or assuming niche knowledge.

Liked the video very soon. Multiple times while watching attempted to do so again. Never wanted to multiple-Like? a vid more than this one.

Great stuff! Still on it, but will check out the extended course.

Nishant Kursange says:

Thank you for this amazing tutorial. I have been using InDesign for the last couple of years. Although I use it heavily, I don’t really delve into the depths of this amazing software since I use it for work and there are set workflows I have to follow. But this video has some amazing insights and shortcuts that can take my work to the next level. Thank you once again for making such a well structured and well-executed video. Peace!

Greg Parry says:

What a terrific set of videos! Thanks

Cecy Fernandes says:

Thanks for all !

Dj Bugsy says:

Thanks for sharing this. Great tutorial. I’m using indd for 7-8 years every day and learnt lot of new things. The last one is very very useful.

Michael Nwagasi says:

Brilliant…simply the best ID video av seen

maximusdoomed says:


ثورة الغضب says:

you have brilliant way in teaching i really learned alot from you (thanks alot)

Garry Mathers says:

instead of going back and forward to color object in native app – you can use inner glow (fx – adjust size / choke to suit) to save time and keep to current iD swatches.

daire t says:

Such a good course. Have been using inDesign for years without knowing basic and very useful tips I learned here.

Bring Your Own Laptop says:

Hey guys, the total course is 7 hours long with over 70 videos! If you want to check it out and sign up, have a look here:

Quanny Nguyen says:

You are awesome. Thank you!

Mark Elliot says:

wow…. a previous commenter said it best, “Finally an InDesign video that doesn’t spend eight hours on absolute basics, but yet clearly explains intermediate and advanced strategies without skipping steps or assuming niche knowledge.”

Well done, subscribing asap and looking forward to the future!

Miron Swyst says:

being a freelancer everyone wants to hit the ground running,… But if you get on diff machines…you are like a deer in headlights due to personalized settings in apps…the first thing is setting up quickly your workspaces and preference…would love to see the how to

Rinkesh Rana says:

I simply want to say thanks for such great knowledge it worth it

Kadayi says:

Great tips. Well Presented.

Corinne Van Buschbach says:

Great course.

Seyferf Hallendent says:

I learned a lot in 2 hours wow. 😀

vitesh sewnarain says:

Thanks for all your knowledge, I’m learning alot and developing a good education with you

Rediet Kefale says:

Thank you so very much. You are an awesome dude!

ثورة الغضب says:

you are a genius i wish i could meet you one day how can you make the cheat sheet ???

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