InDesign CC 2015 Beginner’s Quick Start Lesson

I try to jump right in feet first and show you how to start making professional looking layouts with Adobe InDesign CC 2015 in this beginner’s level video. We look at how to create a typical 3-column magazine layout; create text boxes; place, move and crop images; format text and much more in this introductory video. More to come very soon!


Chester Draws says:

Could have used the columns tool, would have been far quicker.
Greek text ??? > Type > Insert placeholder text…

Shalom de Ocampo says:

Awesome vid! Really helpful step by step videos

이주형 says:

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. This video is just what I need! Do you have series of Indesign?

Coffeecake Stayawake says:

thank you for this lesson. It was very helpful, very clear, and it coverd every thing i needed to know.

Cheryle Hargett says:

Great tutorial! Thank you!

Filthy McNasty says:

Perfect, everything I needed. Thanks so much!

Yea Right says:

Hey Tony, if you hate the Picas, go up and click InDesign CC > Preferences > Units & Increments. Then change the Horizontal and Vertical Picas to Inches. Hope that helps!

tsukasa kudoya says:

hey dude. if i wanna make a megazine. how i wanna make it? how to arrange the pages?

Lion of Zion says:

Excellent Video and cool accent ! Is it Southern or Midwest ?

Rented Temple says:

This is great. Thanks. Please continue making lessons videos on InDesign.

LOLMaida says:

Thank you Thank Thank you ! Very clear and useful !

Neej says:

Haha, this tutorial is great! The best part is the pug snoring! All jokes aside, I truly do love this, it really helped. 🙂 Thank you!

David Courtney says:

Really good, thanks for sharing.

Elia Woods says:

how do I get the DROP CAP in my menu header? I don’t see it up there?? – Thanks

Danny Holmgren says:

Very helpful introduction. Thank you!

Dreamcatcher says:

Hi! My inDesign doesn’t have a background, and it only opens when I open a document, it’s really annoying. How can I fix this??

Steve Olive says:

Great tutorial, and you sound like Astronaut Charlie Duke which is a bonus. – p.s: It’s “sans” not “san” – French for “without”

Gemma K says:

Tony, did you know if you right click in a text box you can click ‘Fill with Placeholder Text’ and it puts the Greek stuff in for you? Great tutorial by the way!

Jennifer says:

Great intro video to InDesign! Thank you, very helpful.

Kurt Stratus says:

this is awesome. easier to understand than my professors tutorial.

Judith V. says:

Outstanding tutorial and result! (I made some minor changes though) Thanks for the video!

Kevin Wong says:

thanks for the video! your pug snoring brought some joy into my life haha

Christine Martin says:

Needed a crash course on how to get started today.  Thanks, Tony!  Got my project off on the right foot, and in a hurry too!  I’m looking forward to more videos.  There ARE more, right, Tony???  🙂

benny goldstein says:

nice video, thank you

Aliana Jacobs says:

Thanks for sharing Tony I don’t know anything about InDesign and I want to learn so you’ll be my online teacher. I prefer to learn things at my own pace. 🙂 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn something 🙂

Justin Marshall says:

hi, do you know how to bring up the assignments panel? it used to be under editorial drop down. its very frustrating that I can’t use incopy at the moment.

Tom Allen says:

I enjoyed that tutorial, Tony. Very good intro to the program’s capabilities.

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