InDesign Tutorial How to Design a Portfolio

InDesign Tutorial How to Design a Portfolio.
Creating a Graphic Design Portfolio in Adobe InDesign is great way to control your portfolio design layout and make it consistent.

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If you need to design a Print Portfolio or a PDF Portfolio for Email and Download, one of your best options is Adobe InDesign.

In this InDesign tutorial I will walk you through:
Setting Up a Basic InDesign Document
How to Setup Master Pages in InDesign
How to Create Paragraph Styles
How to use InDesign Frame for Images
How to Export Your Portfolio for Print
How to Export Your Portfolio for Web

To learn what you should be doing with your PDF Portfolio or what type of work should go in it don’t forget to watch this video:


Iam Jo says:

2 things..your background kept me here and the tut in general. SOA fan like XD

Shoubhik Basu says:

Thank You!! Exactly what I was looking for.. 🙂 Take Care!!

Newmoon Gazelle says:

I heard that text is something the company or boss or whatever does not want to see, they only care for the actual pics and such, how much text is too much?

salman yusuf says:

is this good software for interior design

Glenn Stachwick says:

You did a great job show how to set up a digital Portfolio when my instructor has done that in class. You should be a teacher.

Simon Rolfe says:

Nice, Roberto

Fauzi Budi Setiawan says:


Lovelymdiy says:

This video was clear and straight to the point. Thank you!

hussein diab says:

hi this was very helpful thank you

Kirby8934 says:

Really liked this portfolio I am liking the setup so far. I tried to get it to be more vertical but it won’t do it on my version. So I used just what it wanted to do and created the rest of it from that point. But I do love the look and appearance of it.

Multi2011angel says:

So for a portfolio is it better to use I design or photoshop?

Warr Tucker says:

Hey Roberto, this was a great tutorial, I really learn something about indesign, I’m new to this but wish to make a career in graphic design. Do you have an animated portfolio.

MungbeanWarrior says:

thanks for the help brother.

Rana Nuito says:

If all the pages under interior behave the same way, how did you put different pictures and text paragraphs in each one?

Xanderoni The Painter says:

Sword Art Online!

GJ Tharan says:

i’m a fresher.. i have no work experience.. currently im looking for a Graphic designer job.., but i designed some self initiated projects like Logos, Flyers, and some business card designs.. and i did those designs for freelancer, 99designs contest.. can i put those designs in my portfolio..? Will u please give me some examples, how a portfolio looks for a fresher or one who has no work experience in graphic designing field..?

SolidMGSnake says:

Page numbers or no?

Espeon Dex says:

Hi Roberto! Is it possible for you to share tips on a responsive web design or UI design portfolio? I’ve often had people comment that they do find the presentation impressive (screens presented within Apple devices) however the actual screen content isn’t too clear.

Pavel Hlevnoy says:

Bro, you doing very nice work! Keep it up

Bryan Cordova says:

I am in the process of designing an online architectural PDF portfolio that cannot exceed 20 MB of space. There will be about 15 pages totaled but I wanted to know if the program your using, InDesign, is capable of compressing files like this smaller. The content of the work is nothing too graphic nor detailed. The pages would be more simplistic then what you provided in the video.

Peyton Butler says:

Thank you so much really helped mega much 🙂

Artist Regina Mick says:

How do you make the line after your name then email then phone number

Miller says:

Thanks so much! Really helpful video. Appreciate it.

Rick Pena says:

Awesome video! Appreciate it, I tried it with out creating the master B part pages. It wasn’t coming out right, this was better than what I was doing! lol

Os M.M. says:

Hi Roberto.

Do you know how to embed videos from youtube, in a pdf?
I want to improve the experience of the viewer of my porfolio, by changing an image & link to a video for an embedded video.

Best Regards.

PS: Congratulations for the channel, It´s very good

Dardan Kastrati says:

Thank you very much for making this video, for learning in design.
I am just graduated Architecture so i am interested to learn more in design for making portfolios for finding a job .
Thanks again 🙂

Jemma N says:

Thank you Tommy Murphy awesome any cover tutorials? Thank you.

nour el din Abu khalifa says:

pretty clear and Helpful <3
thanks man (Y)

cathyv077 says:

Where can I find your pdf portflio? I can’t find it on your website. Very helpful video btw!

R K says:

yo this is another anime wallpaper
its my fav anime SAO

Krishna konakanchi says:

Hey, can I also upload URL links of my work on to the portfolio

Brandon Parks says:

starting to look for design jobs and freelance work. you don’t know how much I thank you.

being legally blind and a digital artist is hard yet fun enough. but I’m nervous about job hunting.

this relieves a lot of stress.

my portfolio should speak for me in interviews- not my disability- I wish some employers saw it that way

nazneen khan says:

sword art online wallpaper.. niceeeeee

nehan khan says:

nice tutorial

J Lizaso says:

what paper is preferred when printing it out?

peter kabiru says:


Hunter Thompson says:

All of this information was very helpful 🙂 Used this video to help me get started on my portfolio. Thank you very much for this 🙂

ProunoundGaming says:

If i Set the margins to a quater of an inch does that mean when it prints it will not print on that part or the paper?

The reason i am asking is because i am going to be punching holes on the left hand side of my page to put them into my portfolio? i am not using sleeves. therfore would the left hand margin need to be an inch?

if this makes any sence

Lane Ntungane says:

how did you merge the two pages together?

yue qi says:

Hi, i have some trouble with making words larger quickly ,could you mind tell me about that ??

u2good2b4gotn says:

Robert, a question: I am a graphic designer in the federal government. Although I have a lot of good work, I am not getting many interviews. I have been on the interview panel for other designers we’ve hired whose work, IMO, is almost never better than mine (as a designer, you can tell). I’m guessing that potential employers (esp. ones too far away to drive to) don’t really have time to bring people in to interview, and would rather peek at your stuff on the down low before even contacting you. I’m starting to believe that NOT having a website or link to something is actually hurting my chances of getting interviews. In your opinion, which type of portfolio should I focus on: 1. Print with hard copy images 2. Online portfolio, with a URL on my resume 3. Interactive PDF (via InDesign) that I can send beforehand if I get called in for an interview. OR a combination? Thanks.

Tali1562 says:

Thank you roberto!

Paige Beaty says:

where do you get the majority of your images? Is using google a bad idea?

Redojoy says:

i saw you’ve used two pages to describe one work .. how that will appear in PDF ? how can i force the PDF to show it in one shot or it happen automatically since you drag the image on the two pages ?

Adrian Shepherd says:

I have never used Indesign before, so this is all a learning experience for me. But i have a question, in my Indesign, the pages are represented in pairs, how do i change it to the single pages. So just to clarify, when i add a new page to the document, its creates one on the left and then when i add another page, instead of going under the previous page, its goes right beside it, like a book. Can you help me to correct this?

Paul Gasparro says:

Hi Roberto, I’m just wondering. I’m in the process of creating an Architecture Portfolio, to highlight some of the work I’ve done at university. Could I essentially create a layout in photoshop, using all the abilities and capabilities of PhotoShop image manipulation and then export that layout as a jpeg into my InDesign layout?

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