Interactive Document Examples – Adobe InDesign CC

In this video, we show you how interactive documents can enhance the reading experience through imagery, typography, color, layout and engagement through motion graphics.

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maayan Zweig says:

love this!
but please explain how do i do this action?

Nick McCoy says:

game changer!

Timothy Fahey says:

Can Adobe InDesign 5.5 do the same kinds of interactive documents or do you have to upgrade to Creative Cloud InDesign?

Jake Parrotta says:

Music was annoying

Kewhsy K says:

so red eyes

Zoe D says:

is this a pdf?

Adil LAMIZI says:

if possible to show me how to put a reactive PDF in a web page, to fill it by the customers after sending it to me by the site
thank you

Carlos Miguel Pineda says:

Are the animations also done in Adobe InDesign?

Lacey Garner says:

This is great! I was wondering where does the finished document live? Is it in the cloud? Can it be exported as an interactive PDF? How do you share it?

Shiela Balazon says:

These are really cool examples! Can you kindly explain how do I make the sidebar panel action?

Kelli Buchholz says:

How did you do the side bar animation?!?! Some people have been asking for a video too but I don’t see it :'(

Tori Bissell says:

I really appreicated this… but found the background music kinda frustrating as it’s distracting.

DOHC says:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

La Flama Blanca says:

I don’t understand the significance of the mug… could you not have put it down while talking to the camera? It looks empty too…

Miron Swyst says:

Is my e-book residing in the cloud?? Or locally ?

Jesper Pedersen says:

Nice video, but I’m missing a link to a youtube guide on how to actually make these animations

LinZee Linuz says:

please show work first as al videos just talk first 15 sec in I must leave

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