Learn How to Use the Basic Tools in Adobe InDesign CC | Dansky

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use the basic tools in Adobe InDesign CC.

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mukundbiharikaushal says:

Thankyou Dansky. It is very useful.

Hussein Hachem says:

very useful indeed. thank you!

Talha Muftee says:

Hi there! Thanks for the tutorial may I ask which software are you using to capture your screen in such high fps?

Mary Doss says:

Thanks for this video. It was exactly what I needed – nothing more. It was right on point.

Kinga Lubowiecka says:


Foxy - says:

Thank you so much, great voice, very clear and going through it with just the right speed.

Paul Street says:

Thanks, simple and very helpful!

Andross Moonah says:

I copied some stuff from one ID document into the one I’m working on and all the text and logo are highlighted in light blue. I don’t know how to turn that off. Any help, please? Thank you.

Ahmad Fajr says:

Man your voice is so soothing… also thanks for tutorial

Genevieve Bright says:

Thank you for this. I’m going to be taking on ID as part of my “other duties as assigned” and this is a huge help.

ady paris says:

you should record meditations with your beautiful calm voice

Janine Rinaldi says:


Mary Doss says:

For beginners like myself we need someone like you who can explain just the basic. Many videos I’ve watched go into too much detail and gets off track. You stayed on point demonstrating just about the basic tools.

David Trey says:

so good ,short and on point i love it

Mewondermi says:

Saved my life. I have this for my exam today. Thank you so much! 🙂

Justin See says:

Helpful tutorial! The biggest problem I faced when starting to learn In Design was that the program defaulted to the “Touch” work space, and I was confused as to why the program looked nothing like the tutorials I was encountering. You might add how to navigate the different work spaces in the beginning of the tutorial, in case anyone else is similarly thrown off.

MrDignitas says:

Thanks man your my hero, I asked my teacher how this program worked and he just was like your not worth my time.

Ankita Nath says:

it was of great help.. thank you

Janloy Quintero says:

Great job!

Isabella Azul says:

i love your voice, so calm and kind

Simon Rolfe says:

Awesome, Dansky, most excellent tutorial.

Nikhil says:

is it mandatory to use layers for various files in indesign, is there any problem if i use single layer for all files……………………..

Peter Allen says:

Great. Very Helpful thanks.

haekal yudhistira says:

great intro for beginners, thank you!

Ichigo Kurosaki says:

Man your Chanel is really wicked I know what I m saying sounds like teenager but it really is all that tutorials that I’ve seen so far are fantastic. REALLY thank you and of course Big Thumb up!

Maikel Versantvoort says:

Hey Dansky,

Thank you for all of your great tutorials! However, I wish you would make a few more tutorials on InDesign, maybe you could make an example brochure for example and we could follow along to better understand the complete process and practice with the different tools. That’d be awesome.

I’ve been following your Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials for a while and they’re very in depth and detailed and sometimes really specific – a good thing – but it feels like the InDesign tutorials don’t go much further than just the basics.

Again, thanks for all the tutorials so far!

nesta kweku says:

nice tutorials thanks yh

Paul Mbulawa says:

Nice tutorial man but your mic is picking up the sound as you typing then its sound like booming noise,it might be your machines mic perhaps?

I.Am. Sreyasi says:

Your ‘okay’ is so cute 🙂 n thankyou, this tutorial helped me so much 🙂 !

sparklycupcakegoodie says:

your voice is magic


it was really helpful…tnks Dansky

Tatiana Wride & Associates says:

This video is super helpful!! I am a new born to Adobe entirely! Thanks

krishan gera says:

how can work 4c lipika in adobe indesign window 7 bits 64

Sharon Patton says:

This was a great help, Thank you

PizzaDeliveryGuy says:

Thanks bro

Niamh Shortt says:

Very helpful tutorial! Thanks!

Daniel liyushi says:

ty its really useful video

James Ragusa says:

Thank you, very helpful quick video!

Shawn Dwyer says:

Great video, Dansky. Very helpful!

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