Objects, Colour & Effects In Adobe InDesign – Ep11/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how to introduce objects, Colour and Effects into my Adobe InDesign project.



This video is part of a 13 part course:

00 – Adobe Indesign For Beginners – Tutorial Overview & Breakdown


01 – Preparation For Adobe Indesign Projects

02 – Photoshop Action / Image Processing In Adobe Bridge – Changing Colour Profiles

03 – Creating a Scamp, Designing For Your Composition

04 – Document SetUp In Adobe Indesign

05 – Adobe Indesign Interface Introduction

06 – The Links Panel In Adobe Indesign


07 – Laying Out Frame Box’s / Build Composition Structure In Adobe Indesign

08 – Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe Indesign

09 – Placing Images Into Adobe Indesign

10 – Modifying Indesign Images In Photoshop & Illustrator.


12 – Export to PDF In Adobe Indesign

13 – Preflight In Adobe Indesign



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duane piercey says:

Gareth, rarely is a tutorial as well done as you have presented in this series for beginners. I am definitely a beginner in InDesign, but you’ve provided me with all the information to get started and to easily create a professional flyer. I appreciate it very much.

CreativeRad says:

instead of mm i get op plus the number . for example 2 mm i get op5.669

Warr Tucker says:

You are one of the best teacher I have seen online, the way you explain every detail on how to accomplish the task at hand, I’m new to this Indesign, but I like it a lot, thanks to you I’m learning how to create some very nice pages in indesign. Please keep up the good work, you are clear as a bell, not like some video where they are playing loud music, but are not teaching anything.

Anthony Alonzo says:

great vids.. although im not really familiar with some advance techniques in photoshop
.. at least its an awesome tutorial for Id.

Lu Gan says:


John Egan says:

4 years later and your tutorials are still awesome, Thank you very much 😀

clan:rewired says:

Is there any reason why you don’t organise the elements to separate layers? That way you won’t get confused with background objects overlapping foreground objects. Also, keeping text on the upper most layer is something most printers will prefer.
Then again, maybe you do organise this later in the tutorial 😉

John Lopez says:

would you mind make a tutorial about masterpages? thanks.

Raf Raff says:

Great Tutorial! Best ever

Helias says:

May i ask, why won’t we use the layer panel? Even though its not the most accurate means of arranges frames of a layout, it seems to be easier than guessing what is frond, back, or locked.

carolineonline says:

I love that you don’t assume the viewer will remember all the different commands, forcing them into going back to previous lessons to remember what each selection/command does.You have good pace and clearly explain everything. Thank you so much for these videos. You’re a great teacher and these tutorials have helped me tremendously. 

rachelberkoff says:

This is so great. I love the way you go over what you’ve taught us with lots of examples. 🙂

Wot says:

Thank you for the videos 🙂 subbed for more!

Seán Bell says:


Monica Bryant says:

Thank you so much for these tutorials! I have struggled with learning how to use InDesign, and after watching your 13 tutorials, I was able to make a 20 page guide for my business! Thank you so much!

Nicolás BQ says:

Everything goes fine but in the end some of the last vids are cut. #7 and this one. I’m learninga lot thanks.

Akanksha Madaan says:

Great tutorials ! Just love it

Giuseppe Coco says:

Best tutorial ever.

Alex Moore says:

Yeah I know about that, it’s still doing it, think there might be a bit of transparency or something, I’ll play around with it. Thanks for replying anyway and thanks again for the great tutorials!

Lloyd Hoxworth says:

Fuck I‘ve just visited demosite .com 
Don‘t follow my mistakes.
I still don‘t get what kind of shit is there, but its kinda disgusting

habi koo says:

Best Tutorial for beginners, Thanks a lot! 

TastyTuts says:

In your Indesign tool menu, at the bottom you have 2 colour option, foreground and stroke colour. The foreground is on the top and the stroke below. When you have a line selected, it counts as a stroke, so make sure to change the stroke colour not the foreground colour. Hope that helps.

Chutarat Unphanit says:

Thank you so much for making and sharing these video series 🙂

eschelar says:

Excellent series. I am an advanced PS and Premiere user and needed to get up to speed in a hurry on ID for a project. 2 hrs later, I’m ready to rock and roll.

Just a quick note about RGB and CMYK. This appears to be false (or no longer true) for photo assets.


jennifer jackson says:

I just watched all 13 Tasty Tuts for InDesign; I can now create my own Pages with confidence. I will be watching the other tutorials for Illustrator as well! Simple and extremely helpful for the Novice Crammer. Amazing instruction, clear and informative, with shortcuts.

Joshua Masangcay says:

I want to buy this guy a beer.

Elle Buck says:

I was going to use Lynda.com but I couldn’t stand the guy talking on there. This tutorial was super helpful. I have 2 more to watch and I’ve learned a lot! I create printables but I’ve been using Illustrator so I think this will be a huge time saver.

Suzy Tsaab says:

excellent series for a beginner like me…so detailed and easy to follow. Thank you.

Nada Bouzid says:

Your tutorials are just Perfect ! Thank you for your time 🙂

CreativeSoulTV says:

Thanks for creating one of the best InDesign tutorials for beginners on YouTube. You know the software and how to teach it.

hannah60000 says:

I cannot have text frames on top of rectangle so I am unable to have colourful backgrounds do you know why?

I can see the text frames, but then actual text does not appear above the rectangle olur frame, even if it’s white meaning no colour fill.

Alex Moore says:

When I create the separating lines and change their colour in the stroke panel, they still stay the same grey colour? Thank you very much for the tutorials by the way, they’re really great!

Thomas Rueda says:

Gareth, I really love when i find tutorials like yours, one weekend and 13 episodes to master indesign, thanks to you. keep up the amazing work.

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