Placing Images Into Adobe InDesign – Ep9/13 [Adobe InDesign For Beginners]

In this tutorial I will be working with images in Adobe InDesign, I will be demonstrating how to place images into indesign and work with them in a composition.

In this video I am going to be jumping back and forth from my current document to my scamp design so I can preview what placement I want to achieve and then I’ll demonstrate how to achieved it.



This video is part of a 13 part course:


00 – Adobe Indesign For Beginners – Tutorial Overview & Breakdown


01 – Preparation For Adobe Indesign Projects

02 – Photoshop Action / Image Processing In Adobe Bridge – Changing Colour Profiles

03 – Creating a Scamp, Designing For Your Composition

04 – Document SetUp In Adobe Indesign

05 – Adobe Indesign Interface Introduction

06 – The Links Panel In Adobe Indesign


07 – Laying Out Frame Box’s / Build Composition Structure In Adobe Indesign

08 – Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe Indesign

10 – Modifying Indesign Images In Photoshop & Illustrator.

11 – Objects In Adobe Indesign


12 – Export to PDF In Adobe Indesign

13 – Preflight In Adobe Indesign



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Get the link on the main course overview video:




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Sara Shorn says:

Thanks – these vids are great!

My Honda logo is white though, not red, any way to change this?

Prince McBride says:

start 2:45 ignore this is where i left off.

Samira Zafar says:

Thank u 😉

Lisa Doherty says:

How do you modify an image with a dpi less than 300? Is it just a matter of getting a photo with a higher resolution?

FunkyGuy586 says:

Great tutorials…Did HONDA give you any discount off a CBR125R for this?  They should!  😀

Coouge says:

7:05 – [Windows] Shift+Alt+Ctrl+E [Mac] Shift+Alt+Cmd+E
*Set Frame Fitting Options*
Under Object > Fitting > Fit Content Proportionally

marcos cruz says:


Taraneh Behboud says:

this is great, thanks a lot

deej pangetz says:

thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Ekky Arya says:

The opening title always gave me a mini heart attack.. but for the tutorial, love it, thank you so much for making these.. 😀

Visc Vill says:

can’t seem to load.

ThatJaymsWisdom says:

Is it just me that is having trouble viewing this video at 1.5 speed?

joenisheefteensnor says:

i don’t havethe  ”Honda Red” photo you use? im i the only one?

Alex Langenstein says:

Thank you SO MUCH for this!!

Lluis del Cerro says:

Excellent videos!! Thank you very much for your time.

Oldsoldier says:

The best tutorial in InDesign ever. Thanks for the brilliant work.

Bérengère Corde says:

Thank you so much for doing all this tutorials! I feel like a pro now 🙂 So so well explained, you had my full attention through the 13 episodes

Andre Ponto says:

thank you for your tutorials!! great stuff!!

salbaido says:

Excellent bro! Your lucid style of narration and exposition of concept is too good and professional. I had a great time learning from your videos. Thanks for your time and really appreciate your efforts. Keep rocking with your tuts, all the best for tasty tuts 🙂

Andylium says:

I can’t see the transparent complete image and is hard to tweak it as i have to release mouse to see the updated version after tweaking. How do i solve this?

Morgan Piris says:

Your awesome!

visal neang says:

Thanks for sharing I always follow your all sections which assist me a lots to improve my homework and skill but I still don’t understand why we need to change all image to CMYK in Indesign while other said it doesn’t matter to keep image in RGB for printing. Is that truth? and what will happen if all image doesn’t covert to CMYK? Hopefully to hear from you soon. Thanks

MissLove2shit says:

Really appreciate you for making these tutorials, I have learnt so much 🙂

Theodosia Iakovou says:

Thnx! Very helpful

Tuomas Alijoki says:

Thank you so much for the videos! I have a upcoming project and the last time I used Indesign was in school couple of years ago. Practice makes perfect 🙂

Sonia Nimri says:

best tutorial on youtube! perfect!

Miri says:


Hadi Mutairi says:

Thank you very much for your great effort. I have one question, I have different pdf pages from different resources. I  want to collect these pages in one document and arrange them in a particular order. How do it do that? thank you

Franz Leslie says:

jesus, my professor used your materials in our class she thought we wouldn’t find out -_- good thing i decided to stop attending her class since i didn’t learn anything from her. New prof is good though

Rakuonsha1 says:

Ah, I love you so much! 😀

Shamanic Lightworker says:

This is a brilliant way of teaching! <3

Ayon Tarafdar says:

Like so.

Thanh Tu Nguyen says:

If placing picture from AI, do I have to change the color to CMYK the same way that he did with Photoshop image?

Junedul Hasan says:


Quoc Anh says:

Thank you!

yasemin civelek says:

Thank you very much for these perfect tutorials

JackieBM5 says:

I am learning a ton from your tutorials! 🙂 I have a quick question at this moment as I learn by watching, then doing the practice, then implementation. However, from what I am seeing on your screen it looks different than mine. Are you using a Mac? I have a PC well, a windows 7 pro driven HP laptop. My version of Indesign is a black background with grey lines. The commands you are using, are they universal between Mac and Windows versions of the software or are they different?

Jimmy Zhi says:

i really appreciate your contribution to self teaching people like us! You taught us well 🙂


what a nice tutorial it is! Thank a lot brother.

Nate OConnor says:

Old Video and very helpful however the AI files Race Track and Honda logo are White so in the tutorial placing these images with white on white background is impossible just a heads up. I would Edit the AI files but there they are white on white also

IIIlllBravo says:

stop saying “in my skamp” thats so weird….. btw overall your tutorial its great

Rick 'n Rhonda Williams says:

You are a skillful artist and teacher. Thanks so much for your dedication here.

peter bokor says:

you’re a very good teacher and your wors are really exellent. Thanks vidos.

Jelena Vukić says:

Thank you! Very informative. You did a great job!

Erin Bucci says:

I’m a complete beginner to InDesign and I’m learning so much from your tutorial. What an excellent resource! You mention that images can be also be embedded into InDesign as well as linked. Can you give me an example of a reason why or a situation when you would want to embed an image vs. link the image? Or the advantages/disadvantages to embedding?

Sofia Pacheco says:

Execellent tutorials I am learning a ton with you. However I have a doubt my images always appears despixelizated, I don’t nderstand. I have everything right 300 dpi…Thank you anyway for posting!

010neji says:

You are awesome!!!

narralakes says:

Excellent tutorials, clear and easy to follow, thanks!

sylvia bene says:

The best tutorials I’ve ever came across. Very well explained with panty of object-lessons. Thnak you very much:)

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