Professional Menu Graphic Design Tutorial In Adobe InDesign

Professional Menu Graphic Design Tutorial In Adobe InDesign

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Welcome to episode 9 of Layout Design Bootcamp where my goal is to take you through entire design layouts to show you the exact process of how it’s done. In this ninth episode, I continued to implement the brand of “Igloo Ices” that I developed in Logo Design Bootcamp Episode number 9. I decided to design a two sided rack card that was a takeout menu showing all the different types of ice cream the company carries. This tutorial will teach you so many things including:

• Setting up your document
• Step & repeat pattern creation
• Offsetting a path
• Understanding layers
• Character styles
• Copying vectors from Illustrator
• Making tabs for pricing
• Aligning tabs
• Adding bleeds
• Saving for print
and of course…..much more!

The goal here is to help you understand all the different ways that things can be designed. To help yourself and every other artist out there, I want everyone who is recreating this layout, to make a version of your own. You can choose your own size and type of layout (web or print) and make it your own. I then want you to email it to me at or tag it on my Facebook page. I will then be making videos with your submitted artwork showing viewers all the ways that the same idea can be done.

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Tone Frie says:

I would love to know the font name that you did the “FrontTitle” in or if someone know it plz comment

tijana says:

thank you so much for this tutorial its very useful, especially there s nothing on this subject on you tube so far.can you please tell me what is the best way to add empty price boxes (if clients want to write the prices in menu on their own) ?

Jiro Davidson says:

what are the sizes on these files?

mbh2408 says:

hi , look amazing tutorial, can i do that on Photoshop? as my in design shut down

LetroPack says:

thanks AWESOME

Stephen Looney says:

Awesome Profile shot haha. Best of luck to you. It’s good to know a little bit about each program, so that you can then decide which one is best suitable for the project at hand.

Lonewolf777able says:

It’s like a religion I wake up in the morning and check out new episodes every single day. IT’S A WAY OF LIFE – Bruce Lee

Stephen Looney says:

Depends on your contract with them. If you do not want them to have it then state I in the contract. Ethically, I believe that since the client paid for it they should be able to have it. Most of the time it’s for their own security, because it’s not like they are going to work with the file.

Kristan McArthur says:

Great tutorial, I will be subscribing!

Stephen Looney says:

Welcome James!!

Mercury says:

Very helpful brother ….

Rita Fierro says:

Thank you very much for your tutorial, it was just what I needed, I’m designing the new menu for my restaurant and I wanted to use indesign but I wasn’t familiar with it. Your video has been a great find, I will follow all your tutorials now, I loved the way you explain things, it’s great for people already used to photoshop and illustrator, it goes to the point, not boring at all.

khalid asad says:

Thank you

Stephen Looney says:

Thanks….I spend a lot of time on the episodes in this series.

William Jenne says:

Love your tutorials man! You’re very creative and very inspiring!

Ralph Romero says:

Hi, thanks for such a great tutorial!

I have a question about text selection, hope you could help me.
in most apps we use text as default, white background and black text and I’ve notice that in all Adobe Apps, when you select a specific part of the text, it highlight black background and the text becomes white.
In your video, however (minute 15:00) when you highlight “Takeout Menu” the background becomes kind of a light purple and the text keeps its original color, so, when you change the color of the text using the swatches palette, you are able to preview the new color before you hit escape
I would really like to have the same settings on my program, Hope you could help me.
Thanks in advance

Lê Thảo says:

I did not see how to make the layer box at the end of this video!!! How can I do it?

Armando Gutierrez says:

Very nice instructions and helpful, do you think is possible to make a Digital Menu in A Illustrator also? and InDesign? not to print to be used as a template ?

vicky phan says:

Designing a new menu for the restaurant and this is by far a perfect tutorial with step by step. I watched the entire video without skipping it since I was glued to the tutorial. Very well done, now time to start creating this menu.

Mr. WN says:

Awesome tut bro, have learned some new stuff that are done easily on indesign than PS.

Sita Khattri says:

By which software you can do this designing I’m confused ..

Fernando Paz says:

i’m working in a design empress, and almost all my experience is from your videos, thank you so much, you are the best, sorry for my english

Kelvin Romero says:

Hey man, how you doing?

You inspired me at some work to my mon’s bakery and snack bar here in brazil. And i have a question, what kind of art is that used on this icecreams, what kind of style is that? Do you have any video explaining how to make or the concepts?

Thanks a lot.

Yacine Yacino says:

you’ve just got me back to Graphic design 😉

Acid Bum Visuals says:


Vicky Pedlow says:

Such a helpful tutorial – thank you. Just one question, how did you make the gradient bar behind the product headings?

Jaymell says:

Hey Looney,

I’m a small time freelance graphic designer. I do small work for clubs (flyers). I’ve recently been recommended by a friend to re do a “famous” resturant (which i shall not name). I’m a bit scared going into it. The owner wants me to redo the menus, tshirts, and make new flyers. It’s not that its too much for me to do but it’s scary because i’ve never done work for a company this big. EVERYONE will see my work. I was just wondering if you have any advice for me? – Also, i know this is a great opportiunity and i’d have to be really dumb to pass it up because this would look amazing on my resume.

Summer Tomlinson says:

Hey Stephen,
Your great I’m in the process of watching all your videos. Have you considered making tutorials on dreamweaver? I’m currently in a dreamweaver class and its confusingggg your way of explaining things may make it simpler.

leo wouter says:

how to Inserting automatically dot leaders in a tabel InDesign
i want this happen in cell or table
i have tabel menu restuarant how i Insert automatically dot leaders in the cells of a tabel

Ali Al-Zaabi says:

thanks mate learned a lot

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