TUTORIAL: InDesign Book Setup


rumpelshtiltzkin says:

Waste of time, without sound.

Warr Tucker says:

Can you do a do over, no sound. Needs to be better.

damola awoyokun says:

What if she is deaf or/and dumb and still wanting to help? Common. Nice work Sarah.

Alex Serrano says:

Please if you want to help do it with sound.

adeL Sequeira says:

no sound! what to do

Sadiqul Islam Shehab says:

Wonderful… I like tutorials without unnecessary talkies! 😀

Roy St. C. Rossow says:

no sound!? i agree.. sound, audio would have been VERY helpful…

deep dig says:

No sound , i will not watch. Sorry Sarah!

Mohammad Mojtahedy says:

Guys chill out and absorb through repetition.

No sound is a good thing get some music in the background of your choosing
and kick back relax and learn.
It’s too fast, than use the pause button.


manaf baghdadi says:

Hi, can I make a footnote within footnote.. in indesign

LearnUXID says:

Sarah, thanks a lot for sharing your easy tutorial

The Dutchman says:

wat unne saaie bout video

aleksandra olszowka says:

I think it’s always good to explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. In your video really lacks some comments..

Firebrand Onfire says:

I seriously did learn something new …. i didn’t know Indesign had a pathfinder lol

Mary Rosenblum says:

Sara, this is JUST what I need, but no sound!! Is there a video out there with sound?

Anass Accente says:

I prefer it without sound to use our minds…

Roisin Bible Teacher says:

brilliant i loved the silence i could concentrate better thank you

S Ss says:

What a LOSS!! for such great work & long tutorial without sound !Advice1 :People do not care if your voice is attractive or not..  Nor even that will bring you audience..They only care for the good lessons you provide! Advice 2 :Please remember to show the result of your work at the beginning in each video of yours, then go ahead in tutorial.  Wish you best luck in your next videos.

Polina Musurivschi says:

Yes, there is no sound, people, but it’s not like you are blind! It is still useful. And it’s a very nice layout! thank you for the inspiration and tips

Yolanda Johnson-Bryant says:

As much as I loathe videos without sound, I have to admit that your video was the first out a handful I’ve watched so far that helped me clearly and simply learn how to set margins in InDesign. Thank you so much.

vamperuwen says:

I agree that there should have been sound, but I still was able to go through the majority of the tutorial regardless and figure out what you were doing. Thank you for the tutorial!

Kim Atchley says:

Thanks so much, this was most helpful as I’m trying to learn!! I had no problem with the sound and was able to apply the skills taught right away.

Vitor Oliveira says:

You saved my life!!! And you’re cute.

Kayla Jordan says:

This was very helpful! Thanks!

Jayden Jones says:

argh! No sound!

Visual Kapture says:

I work in Photoshop and Illustrator, so this was easy to follow for me, even without the sound. Good to see a from start to finish doc.

Neat Design says:

really great tutorial, sad though no sound,

JOSH says:

Having no idea awaken me more – rather than with audio but to much blah blah.  Thanks for the video.

Ranjith Kumar Amburose says:

How do i work on tamil fonts ?
I have installed the fonts in my computer-parameters-appearence-fonts and also updated in C drive- programmes files – Adobe- AdobeIndesign CS6-Fonts… I have done all these… but still i am not able to view the fonts correctly… I have errors and spelling mistakes as compared to my original text. Kindly advice…

ManofgoD says:


Nanakwasipiesie Pepra says:

no audio

Bailey says:


Jennifer Sawyer says:

I like that you did not add any audio. I feel sometimes it distracts as I am a visual learner. Those of you who want audio, put some background music on. Those who want verbal directions, either pay attention or go seek out another video. As for those saying you’re going too fast, I don’t think so. There is such thing as the pause button, incase some people have forgotten. Thank you for posting!!

Roisin Bible Teacher says:

what size is the final book for printing?

Ruat Mawia says:

Thanks Zero, you are my Hero! This tut gives me idea for designing books, being a noob in indesign, this clip helps me a lot.

The Studio In Venice says:

it helped a lot -thanks

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