10 PREMIERE PRO tips you SHOULD KNOW! Tutorial from Beginner to Pro

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Christopher Buschelman says:

I heard you say it multiple times, “Bob’s your Uncle.” what does that mean?? Love the vid. Thanks

Aaron M says:

Great video man! Can’t wait to try these!

Josh Miles says:

How did I not know about color coding clips – genius!

Sean Howley says:

what happens when your ready to export? how do you get rid of proxies? un toggle them? do nothing? please help

LifeWith-Memo says:

Peter thank you so much for sharing this tips. I hope you get better.

Peter McKinnon says:

Which one is your fav??!

MyNameIs Taz says:


Elmansouri MadP says:

we should thank u

Alex Grebench says:

Does anybody know of an analogous video for Final Cut Pro?

NoodleRafe says:

I just can’t learn premiere coming from vegas pro.

butcherneck says:

1. No need to go to activity monitor, type in terminal: ps aux|grep Premiere and you’ll get the same number
2. No need for dash symbol before PID number
3. I can share my script for all of you guys – you’d not need to do it manually

Divakar mane says:

Thank you Pete, this was so helpful! lots of love.

Aitor Arrazola says:

Very helpful!! Thanks bro!

Boosteds says:

Thank you!

Silverwolf says:

Awesome!! Proxies, where have I been!?

Peter McKinnon, how did you do the cuts while the clip was playing without using the cut tool? That could be immensely helpful!

Thanks for this segment!

Droolius says:

Awesome tips here! My favorite is the Kill Switch which is super useful!!

MixAbility says:

thanks for your job man. I’ve got a videos on my channel based on yours tutorials on Russian language.

Driver's Side says:

Super helpful tips Pete! Your channel is really exploding! Congrats you deserve it

Arun Kalaburgi says:

Hey Peter bro, thats not the 0.001 inch of the cube actually, its the tolerance of that cubic box..
By the way the video is really awesome

Laudan Kirk says:

Thank you for the kill switch! Love this.

MakersMic says:

Love your videos and truly appreciate the knowledge you share, I’ve learned so much from you! Please don’t ever stop doing what you do.

Charles Freeman says:

Love the tips, but where can I get a cubic inch? Must have one!

Geezer Skate Co. says:

DUDE!!! Editing while Exporting – TIME SAVER!!! Have used proxies for a while – thank God for those!

Purple Helmet says:

Genuinely one of the most useful PPro videos I’ve watched, learning it just now and it aint easy. ‘specially because I’m a dunce lol. Entertaining too!

Nick Brush says:

This is so important. Get more efficient and quicker with editing to: shoot more, learn more skills, and take over the world lol.

Charlie Posnett says:

Wow. Perfect. THANK YOU PETE!

Naing Lin says:

Pete make a tutorial for transitions pls!

MyNameIs Taz says:

Guys can i get some help? so after you created the proxies and then turned them on to get a better flow and then edit, do you turn them of after before exporting or just export with the toggle on ?

SA Visual says:


Axel Estrada says:

GRACIAS Pedro!!!

Sean Boyles says:

Is there one for Final Cut X? Just started using it…and coming from iMovie…I feel overwhelmed.

Umberto García Cabrera says:

Does your premier interface looks like this just in mac or its the 2018´s vertion? My premier doesn´t look like yours 🙁

dsakax says:

I just started with Premiere after having a better computer and switching from Vegas, but since I know After Effects, with a 20 min tuto I was good to go, and just with these tips of yours I now know very advanced techniques to easily navigate the problem, thanks a lot. I’m coughing too haha, you sounded cool anyways.

A Couple of Dreams says:

Just saved our latest project. This man is a genious!! (at the moment favourite one is how to kill the beach ball of death!!!) Can’t believe it worked!!

MixAbility says:

thanks for your job man. I’ve got a videos on my channel based on yours tutorials on Russian language.

Глазами Четверых says:

Soooooo Helpfull, so cool thank you sooo much

itsHanco says:

In the middle of an edit and came here for 9:25

Marc Schreiber says:

is it a speed ramp or deleted frames at 6:16 ?

Joe X says:

Not .001 thousandth of an inch but 1000th of an inch.


I click like when I see the title and Peter

Daxter Cage says:

But i use finalcut pro X

Dumb Editing Questions says:

i am also trying editing tutorials but mines stupid…

Expat Norway says:

This and the transitions video inspired me to edit and post my first project. Thanks Peter!

Nylo de Meijer says:

This video is not about how to make your video look fancy, it’s for making you a better (and much faster) editor. And that’s amazing. So happy with these tips. Knew some, but did not knew more than I did know. I remember back in the days, when I wasn’t into making videos but did have to for our interviews… The first interview I edited was like from 10 PM till 7 AM straight on. While now, after I learned a lot more AND with these tips, I’m done in like 60 minutes for the editing part.


It pains me that you edit on a Mac… If you do this for a living get a good computer. You can get something WAY better than a Mac.


Love your work but hella confused as to why you’ve renamed Insert & Overwrite edits…

Aitor Arrazola says:

Very helpful!! Thanks bro!

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