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Terminal Velocity says:

Isn’t that copycat Friday stuff?

Gibran Lahud says:

Thank you, man! You are crazy, but we like you!


OMG I have been wondering how to do the superman liftoff since FOREVER

Ankur Sachdev says:

Simple and easy. I got to learn a lot. Thank you!

Benjo Calo says:

HI can you do SHOUT OUT for me please

Rajesh malthankar says:

Can you do this https://youtu.be/lDVEnrpGRUc

zulfaqar ansari says:

very nice effects

冷血黄瓜 says:


Sheru Khan says:

I Realy Like it

Iskandar Productions says:

3:42 if you use ultra key effect to clear the grass behind you !!

Taha Taram says:

You are amaaaaaazzzziiiinggggggg

Ken Dy says:

can u show about effects bats in song call out my name The Weekend bro?

Vivid Light says:

Please do the Kung fu panda 3 training scene effect.

Baul says:

One of the best cinecom videos yet in my opinion
Thanks a lot for the tips, gonna try them right now 😀

No Egg Craig says:

Great video as always!

Timica James says:

you can do tutorials without beaing cring in the video ok??

Zay Zooon says:

Do Ariana Grande the light is coming effect you guys are soo fun to watch and y’all have been teaching me a lot but plzzz do the light is coming multiple ariana effects

Syed Arham Ali 8bp says:

use mines for superman special effect, no need of customization. Natural effects!

Ash :D says:

How did you add that sound when you flew ?

Bernie Vuillemin says:

handsome ! Thx Jordy you’re the Best

Kazi Purba says:

Would you show us how to do a BBC Sherlock’s mind palace effect in Adobe Premiere Pro???

JRBDBC says:

Really enjoy these. Thanks for making these videos!

RookieVicky says:

These are very helpful… subscribed now…


I want to character’s height small. it is possible by editing?

Open Tech says:

You are always awsome ❤❤

vulchanov ™ says:

Amazing…But try to add something free with option to donate!
It will works!

Gambello says:

What shutter speed you use in shots where you speak like at 0:08? Is it 1/100? Fits perfectly.

arcetor says:

I didn’t recieved the dslr filmmaking course while i had more than 100 points.

Royal Man-VFX says:

Hah…hah…You’re really amazing guys. And plan A was really terrific, that sounds pretty hilarious. No one would try to do that.

Aji Nurseto says:

Niceee …!!! Finally i know how to make a simple light saber dude!

liven2050 lusir says:

very cool

Alex Life says:

Can u do in copy cat Friday about ariana grande song – the light is coming. where ariana is in different places and how she moves?!!

lgvrxxx says:

Very Good!!! Thanks!! 🙂

AravianKnight says:

Great intro AMAZING!!!!!!Keep the awesome content!!!

Shivam Sharma says:

I tried doing the light saber effect. I faced a problem while doing it. When I adjusting the ends of the thunder by frame to frame with the stick, the thunder was actually bending over a fixed axis. Due to this problem I was not able to hide the stick with the thunder.
Any solution to this problem?

Part Tyme Films says:

Thank you for the lesson on the Hollywood Effects and all of your videos. Now, in the old days of Hollywood, when they wanted some dirt spray for bullets or explosions, they would bury the end of an Air Hose that was connected to an Air Compressor. When you release the air, it shoots dirt into the air.

Sameer Sheikh says:

Love your videos

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