5 AWESOME Creative Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro! (CC 2017 How to / Tutorial)

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In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 tutorial, I will show you how to create 5 different creative video effects!

1. Ghosting Stop Motion RGB Echo Effect 0:15
2. Mosaic Pixel Stretch 3:30
3. Custom Light Leak Fill 5:54
4. Prism Replicate Effect 7:38
5. Comic Book halftone Look 9:15

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Thanks for watching!

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PROPER says:

watched some of these live <3

Evan Norris says:

that stop motion ghosting effect was super cool. never seen that before

Kaya-Quintana.nl says:

I just have to say your channel is the best one out there when it comes to Adobe tutorials. Thank you sooo much, because I already learned more than I ever thought I would in a few weeks! 😀


I really like your videos

marcandré says:

thank you very much for your so amazing tutorials!

Justin Odisho says:

Thanks for watching! Follow me on Instagram & Twitter @JustinOdisho http://instagram.com/justinodisho http://twitter.com/justinodisho

MrBigK shaz says:

Didn’t know these effects existed.
Till now.

Jonathan Cagle says:

Who was watching when he was streaming part of this last night lmao

Day In Nature says:

This one super good! Doesn’t waste time and shoes lots of effects… Moreee like thia pls!

JC Navarro says:

Finally. 🙂

Pagalele says:

very useful!

Cristian Agostini says:

Nice use of effects!

Raphé Day says:

The thumbnail brought me here

Moose Scarlett says:

Hi Odisho, can you teach me how to make my voice sound like i’m thinking in my video?

Jacob Media says:

Is Adobe After Effects worth it, I’m planing to use it for professional cinematic videos. Have any suggestions?

Paul Hitchman says:

Very nice and super quick artistic impressions. I was thinking the stop motion effect on the fist clip would emphasise the cartoon effect on the last clip. Must try these. I’m working on the AE intro for my vblog and this might be cool to add in Premiere for the background video clip. Thanks

anunay says:

The livestream saw it first last night, haha!

imarivision says:


1221 Media & Entertainment says:

First “ghosting” effect was the best – def going to use that in the near future! Thanks for another helpful video!

Ntfg9 1HunnitMedia says:

Nice video, different effects I never would’ve thought of, but I like the first 3 and the last one.

Simon Taylor says:

Thanks for much Justin. Do you have a Patreon?

Editor's cut NEWS vlog says:

you are really awesome

Уехать в США says:

Maaan, I love your tutorials! Definitely the best Adobe explainer on YouTube.
If you have time in future please make a tutorial (or include in some video as a part) of Chris Hau glitch effect. Thank u!


Why your videos are getting off from youtube??

Al Var says:

thanks a lot for this amazing tutorial !

Derp Diddler says:

So helpful. Thanks man

nowaskotschia says:

dude u da man
keep it up ^^

Lukas Knopf says:

So helpful! Thanks!

Gabriel de Souza Lima Kaezer says:

Another excelent tutorial, my friend!
You always give great ideas for our productions! Keep up the good work!
Greetings from Brazil!

RandomlySet says:

Imagine mixing effect 5 with effect 1…. Almost make a real-life cartoon 😉

Whacky Talky says:

you are the best in town, thanks for helping us in making videos

عمر بيبون Omar BibouNe I says:

respect my bro

manvir dehal says:

If you know any halloween themed effects, please share!

MyTruckinLife ACE says:

Great tutorial. I like the first one. I don’t do much music in my videos but I think I could have some fun with that. Really they all have some great possibilities. Thanks.

Piti says:

Your tutorials are so amazing!

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