5 Awesome Split Screen Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro! (CC Tutorial)

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In this video I will show you 5 cool easy split screen video effects that you can do in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

1. Horizontal Split
2. Vertical Split
3. More than 2 Video Split
4. 4 UP Square split
5. Diagonal Mask Line

Mix and match these with borders or without for endless variations.

Pro tip you can animate in and out of crops and positions with some simple keyframes!


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syntheticrebellion says:

Please tell me how to do the audio animation that you did on your livestream yesterday.

Kaylee Rios says:

Is there a way you could recreate the intro to the trailer Strava: The Speed Project? They use one clip but divide it into 4 different split screens. Thanks! Your videos are always so helpful

Jamie Murray says:

Justin, when creating 4 videos slit screen using 50 for each of the scales are not working for me, it is just way to big and does not divide easily, could you offer any advice to help me out? Many thanks!

Justin Odisho says:

Thanks for watching! I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas until the 21st! I’ll try to go live and post when I have wifi, but to stay tuned for snaps and stories follow along on my instagram and twitter @JustinOdisho http://instagram.com/JustinOdisho

rebar ali says:

I got a lot of benefits from your videos and I really appreciate that.

Qasim Ahmed says:

Hi where can I get a hive on such videos like Hi-Video,
Do you have a site where you can find the short videos of animals or nature?
Can you help me?

charlie hamel says:

Awesome tutotial Justin, your videos are always so helpful. Big thumbs up!

D says:

When do you plan on switching over to Da Vinci Resolve? It is the future of independent editing.

AJ Landy says:

hi justin im having trouble with audio. everytime im editing and add in an audio file, the music sounds super glitchy and it skips around alot. HOwever, when i render and export, the music sounds fine. this is still a problem tho because when im editing the music is skipping around and you dont know what part of the song you’re up to. plz help me

SPECS.95 says:

Hey bro can you make a edit showing how to make a white washed polaroid kinda like how YG or Xavier wulf has.

FabZiy says:

You are the best!!! thanks

Mahmoud saad says:

Good jop bro, keep it up

Nitesh Bandwal says:

Sir..how to increse speed of crop transmission…

All Marketing says:

Man, what makes your videos great are they are brief and very easy to follow with a great impact in practise. Great job!

PE crafter says:

Just about what I need foe my new gimbal review video.

JD Cinematic says:

Justin Odisho loves his adjustment layers

Thomas de Haas says:


egg says:

an editing KING

Qasim Ahmed says:

I am in common with you. I’m from Iraq. I love your videos
Although in English I am weak but understand
Good luck

CLassic says:

I just need to know, did u stream snipe ice ? in Vegas recently, I swear I saw u on stream. your channel is one of my favorites and has helped me a lot. but yeah keep it up and CXCXCX

Edon Has says:

easy to follow great vid

Virat Vicky says:

Hello justin ,iam Vignesh ( visual editor) we want presets ,so please uploade effect of presets ,thank u

LeoTheGhost says:

i really wanted this i hate when i see a great editing style and not knowing how it’s done thank you so much <3

Shoaib Younas says:

How to save this as a template then?

Devin Pittman says:

You make everything really simple to follow. Thank you for your tutorials they’ve literally changed my life!

thatsBETSYV says:

Can you just do a download of the effects?? Please ? Lol

Tyler Casey Productions says:

Might have to use these on a music video! I like doing these with the same clip but zooming the clip in and changing the opacity layer!

Ozzy Channel says:

Thanks for video? Can we do color matte line for diognal split aswell?

Taylor Fauley says:

I generally really like your tutorials, and I appreciate what you are trying to teach in this one but with that said I think you went about this process very inefficiently. For one, I think using track mats would have been a worth while mention as they can be a much quicker and more efficient way to animate rather than key framing the crop effect on every layer. I also would argue that the crop effect shouldn’t have even been demonstrated in the first place as I don’t really see any benefit it offers over using an opacity mask right? Its just a clunkier, slower, and overall less efficient way of cropping a layer than what the opacity mask offers, especially considering you can get much more detailed crop adjustments as well as do them faster by simply adjusting the points in the mask rather than messing with the percentages in the crop effect.

And lastly, after effects would of course be the best option for these types of animations. I’m sure you would agree. However I’m aware you are showing this on Pr simply to demonstration it best for Pr heavy users.

Again I say all that as respectively as possible and overall love your channel! Thanks for all you do!

Julian Bch says:

This is quite Awesome!

Alek Ivanov says:


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