5 Essential MEME Video Editing Techniques! – (Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop Tutorial How To)

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In this video I will show you 5 Essential MEME Video Editing techniques. Memes may be fun but they are no joke when it comes to social media influence, marketing, and promotion. Here’s some fun editing that may also get you hired in the future. DANK.

1. Video distortion Effects
2. LOUD Audio Distortion
3. Color Distortion
4. Zoom pan & Crop
5. Content Aware Scale Gif meme

Great Think Piece about Meme’s as Marketing from The Needledrop: https://youtu.be/dODwQFcIoKE

Photoshop Content Aware Scale Script – http://neilblr.com/post/42948042669

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McFlanky says:

very helpful, ill try that out my first video, thanks!

Lucie on the loose says:

Loved ittt thanks for thisss

VexantLeFr says:

Am I the only one getting triggered by the clipping ?

iSunner says:

anybody know how to make those meme videos in which you turn something’s sound to music like supermario/Sans..?

Your Girl Kath says:

Does anyone know how to do the effect where it’s like the middle of the video is stretched out so the nose looks super wide and the eyes are far apart?

llama says:

i dont get it why do people dislike he did nothing bad

InfusionNightzy says:

Do you pay for any of these add on packs ?

Arch-FX Gaming says:

Justin odisho ? , More like justin odishow you how to do dis

Lizzard From Another Gizzard says:

*adds distortion for more dankness*

Jack Wen says:

This vid helped

Alex Paskal says:

we are
opressed we don’t get jobs #gamersriseup

EggOfReason says:

Woah! That guy from the last video I’m watching is in this one!!

percival49tv says:

I really like this video but mee-mee… :3

Gamer The gamer says:

2:21 hmmmmmm…. ( Who knows the reference?) LOL

Deadly Waffle says:

This is exactly what i need

Max the memer says:

Can you also add sound effects with this editor, might be a stupid question but i don’t know much about this kinda stuff

Big Daddy Toyota Corola says:

i’ve been looking for the liquidy distortion thing for month and you posted it last year. you’re ahead of the game

BillieRose DeLaGarza says:



Does this work with normal picture

MR MEMER says:

this is the beginning of the future lmao

Jack Wen says:


Sarah H says:


Mrinal Singh says:

*The louder it is, the funnier it is*


Scorpia says:


jase m says:

Soryaya ariya

oofity oof says:

okay this is epic

DrNeos says:

Now I know how to do PewDiePie’s twirl effect, please subscribe to PewDiePie

Devaughn Matthews says:


nopying says:

I want to try but i dont have the softwere 🙁

Virtual Tea says:

gif or gif?

I Am Shrek says:

I use after effects should I switch to premiere pro

MiqdadAzzali says:


Creatief met kaas says:

The internet was created by Neil Cicierega

Narz says:

Capaz que Matias Candia vio este video (?

Lady John says:


Weeb Warrior says:

TFW you don’t have Adobe Primere

Chris S. says:


Randi Pandi says:

Thanks, this really helped!

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