5 Essential Video Effects every editor should know! (Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial)

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In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Tutorial, I will demonstrate 5 essential video editing effects and techniques that every vlogger, youtuber, editor etc should know to be able to create their projects. These include:

1. Text Titles
2. Color Correcting & Grading
3. Adjusting Clip Speed (Slow mo & Fast Forward)
4. Applying Transitions
5. Adding Music & Audio

Search my channel for keywords for more in depth tutorials on all of these subjects.


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Ross Wallace says:

Is the Windows 10 version significantly shitter? Mine looks nothing like that and is a world of pain to use in every respect.

alloneword154 says:

Hi. I’m confused about how if the project settings are at 30fps, and you bring in one clip that is 60fps, to slow it down, would you ever have to readjust your overall project??

Functional Fitness by Tim Schröder says:

What about the sound effekts for the transitions? 🙂 also like sam do ?

Beatrixee Gaming says:

This was extremely helpful! Knowing I am a beginner, all of your videos have helped me so much! I’m glad I came across this video. Thanks!

Lost says:

please tell me

Laurabrap says:

wow, i had no idea you could keyframe speed. mind=blown

Bishal Saha says:

what music have u used?

Norman Valenzuela says:

How do you do that text animation with your chanels name?

Sen Chanheang says:

Please, Teach me a tutorial how to animation the sky from Video… Please..!!

Bishal Saha says:

what music have u used?

Josue Mendez says:

Bro, thanks for your knowledge. I will definitely watch more videos and support your channel.

John ıɯʍɐʞ says:

hope you dont mind if i ask but: suryoyo?

Nathan Hitchcock says:

Subscribed! I’m Day 1 with premiere and this was exactly what I was looking to get started. Thank you!

Lei Panganiban says:

Finally, a short but concise tutorial! I am a newbie in Premiere Pro, and your tutorials have taught me so much. So easy to understand and I could follow your steps so well. Thank you Justin Odisho.

Mojo Jojo says:

Should probably swap “essential” with “basic”. This is literally the first features you learn, when you edit in Premiere Pro for the first itme.

TrioXgamers says:

My audio tracks don’t show the decibels on them like yours. Is there a way I can enable it? Also, for anyone wondering with Ctrl+D you can add a transition on one end of the clip.

holy simcha says:

Hi Justin, This video is appearing really really blurry. Not sure why or how to fix it. Only this video is appearing in this way.

Theemikebell says:

Thanks man!

Guneet Singh says:

Hey can you please tell me which laptop to go for Video Editing (Adobe Premiere) and After Effects especially Element 3D, Dell Precision 5520 with Xeon Processor and 32 gb ram with Quadro m1200 or Macbook Pro 2017 with Core i7 and 4gb Radeon Pro 560. The New 2017 Macbook Pro is meant to be faster. Is it worth buying or Dell?

shark's bites of life says:

I appreciate your tutorials, you are quick to the point and great at explaining the steps. I am new to editing and like to learn quickly:)

Shiela Tan says:

this is very helpful! 🙂

Burkhardt Nick says:

tks you! i learning Pr and i feeling it so great and easy to use on basic

Raw for Reel says:

Great buddy – really nice.

Helmet says:

Buddy… You’ve answered questions I would’ve asked in 2020! Liked!

jonneymendoza says:

Brilliant tutorial

Crelle B says:

I can’t find the title in the top menu, do you know how i can get it on??

Smaller Towns says:

thanks a LOT for uploading this, you saved my day man!!!

Erik Thureson says:

I appreciate the tips! Well done.

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