5 Little Video Editing Tricks that make a BIG Difference! (Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial / How to)

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In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial I will be sharing 5 little video editing tips, tricks, and techniques that can make a big difference in your final project.

1. Pull Focus – Using dimming and blurring in the background you can pull focus to text, images, or pop ups in the foreground. You can even use keyframes to gently animate in and out of this. (0:20)

2. Gentle Motion – You can use scale and position keyframes to gently ease in and out of pictures in a slideshow fashion. This is great to keep the flow of the video going and keep still frames engaging for the viewer. (2:20)

3. Audio Ducking – There are many ways to duck audio, however this simple visual pull of the volume line allows you to visually dip in and out of important moments such as voice overs and transitions. (3:50)

4. Sound Design – This is a larger topic in general but it is good to remember that you can apply sounds the same way you apply video effects with a little creativity. (5:40)

5. Vignette – a subtle vignette can go a long way in bringing out the focus and color grading of certain scenes and pictures. This tool in the Lumetri color panel can come in handy for clips shot on clear blue skies or with soft edges. (7:40)

Keep these 5 subtle techniques and variety of knowledge in your arsenal for many different video editing situations.

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Nhị Phan Bất says:

Thank you for ur useful videos Odisho, can you please tell me how to add text to the video like you do? I mean without using the Title.

Ismail Bahhane says:

Thanks thanks thanks, you’re awesome!

Asude Tarlacı says:

Hello, i need help that I don’t have a Text (T) button on my tool bar. How can i add it? I couldn’t find it 🙁

sayounara1232 says:

Thank you so much! Your voice is very relaxing XD

Todd Brison says:

Thanks a lot Justin! I had no idea there was even a text tool before now, and I’ve been working in Premier for over a year now! I would always go to after effects and make the change. Little wins 🙂

Karl Rock says:

Thanks for the tips Justin!

abu talha says:


Justin Johnson says:

Thanks Bro…!!

Justin Odisho says:

Thanks for watching! Did you know I started a podcast? Watch the latest episode here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBrRXoTJAkZCK4h9kr-8rrNAaNqzE7ona

Helen Lagares says:

I’m in love with your tutorials!!! I was wondering how i could set up my work space like yors?

Oliver Nissan says:

good job

Axis Imagery says:

Love this video

April Wanders says:

Thank you so much for this! ♥

Andrew Miller says:

Super monotone. I almost fell asleep watching this.

Tyrone Bunne says:


Jason Ross says:

Thanks so much Justin!! I have learned so much from your videos. In fact until watching this video, I have been cutting audio up with the razor tool and then cross fading it in order to get the ducking effect you just taught me about here.

Kidmal Beats says:

Very interesting !!

Dan Vega says:

When you zoom into on the screencast to show something bigger… are you doing this in Premiere Pro or something like Screenflow? Thanks for the awesome tips!

Kinetal Media says:

Really liked these tips – the text and the vignette tips were my favourites! Can’t wait to try these out on the next video I edit 🙂

Sosial YKK says:

nice tricks, thanks for the informations, wish you success all the time Dude 🙂

Beth Molloy says:

Loved every trick, thanks so much for a great, clear video! The audio ducking, I desperately needed to know that the other day and did it a much more difficult way :’D thanks! Subscribed 😀

Simplybeauty101 says:


Ilori Castro says:

do you know is it different version with the premiere pro cc 2018 ?! coz actually im using a trial right now, and ii couldnt found the function where you pointed 🙁 or maybe the trial is not a full version so it didnt show !?

maia wacyk says:

Such a great and helpful video- thank you!

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