5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial)

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In this video I will share 5 things that no one will tell about video editing that I had to learn in between the lines.

1. It’s probably a preset: In 8 out of 10 cases when someone asks me how an effect is done and I look into it and come to an answer, it turns out it’s just an app, or preset, or plugin etc. Almost everyone uses shortcuts and templates. Don’t be too quick to think you can’t do something, just find the right tools and resources. It’s rare and I commend those few editors who are really artisanal with their craft nowadays. (0:20)

2. Editing is all the things you DON’T see: Things like cutting, trimming, arranging, selecting etc. are all elements of work involved in video editing that are unseen in the final project but are definitely felt. It’s easy to think about results in terms of visual effects you can see but good editing can also be invisible. (2:45)

3. You can’t always fix it in Post: Sometimes preproduction is just as important in creating an effect or result and it can’t be recreated with a simple preset or button. Things like lighting, set design, materials etc. just cant be recreated so easily. (4:45)

4. Garbage In = Garbage Out: You can polish a turd but it’s still a turd. Of course story and content can trump actual picture quality, but if you are working with poor source material, it will be harder to color grade, apply effects, cut etc in a visually pleasing way. Lighting is very important. (6:20)

5. Editing doesn’t (always) matter: Not everything is meant to be a feature length film. What about livestreams, uncut one takes, videos for social media, memes etc. Editing is the creation and curation of content and so it doesn’t always need to follow the same rules as long as you know when to break them. (9:00)


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barkingspider056 says:

Brah this podcast is lit affffffffffffffffff

Duke Saragano says:

how do i get adobe premiere do i have to pay that 20 bucks a month for it? what the difference between pro cc and elements?

Rpd7x says:

Il Pr Ae
That this’ll help

Spencer Stanley says:

Love your first point. When I was getting into video production I idolized these people because they were creating cool things that I didn’t understand, after understanding it you realize that everyone is on equal ground.

Sameir Ali says:

Thank you so much..
Great helpful tips.

DiscoMatty McNiceness says:

I’m still learning, but with the orange flame clip for example, what if you mask the candle, and do an ultra key type thing, or any other clip that is in the same color grid?

Very helpful video otherwise. I’m all about the editing, but learning the importance of shooting more and more, even though I’m not into shooting AT ALL. But oh well, I pretty much do things on my own, so I have to know.

chur ricardo says:

someone hire me as meme editor

Randomly Oni C says:

I definitely love that you made this video. I’m teaching myself Premiere Pro and when I first started I would get so frustrated when I just could not figure out how to do certain things—then I started exploring within the program and like you said a lot of things are pretty much done already (presets/effects). Sidenote nice plugs for your podcast and shop–so smooth!

TheRadiantDehd says:

I didn’t know about ripple deleting… Dang, that’s going to save me A LOT of time!

Dastageer H C says:

What happened to your voice

AliceLevia says:

I FEEL THIS SO MUCHH!!!!! XD why do i feel so happy when someone understand me ㅠㅠ

Jepz PlayzEverydayz says:

huh i dont understand i thought “nobody will tell you about editing ” but why’d tell us?

Yessika Marmol says:

I would’ve liked if you would’ve shown more ‘presets’ on the first part instead of just the kaleidoscope one.. other than that, good job!

Christian Mejia says:

Thank you Justin. Love all the work you do and create

Game On says:

more video like this

Shannon O'Brien says:

This was honestly so helpful

Mounir Ps says:

Thanks brother for these amazing things that nobody has told us about it before, it’s only you, right now. sorry, my English!

Sakura Hegarty says:

this is so motivational. thank u! <3

Tiffany James says:

I like that you mentioned the presets…i just happened to stumble upon the lightning generator in Premiere, and I love it. I don’t know if it’s new or if I just missed it, but now I know to look for these cool SUPER simple presets.

Phil Zero says:

Great video. Straight to the point.


this is awesome!!

Shantanu Kulkarni says:

This video is really a must watch for beginners. Because i guess that most people who have been editing for a while would know atleast 2 of the topics mentioned in the video. But … beginners would be not knowing any of them!

Akmonx says:

You’ve pointed out important things in such a manner that is inspiring and getting my creativity hyped up ^^ would like to see more of these kind – less specific so that makes the viewer (hopefully) think about all posibilities. <:

MFBgaming HD says:

you sound sick, get well soon.

Aran Jevi says:

Dude you’ve got really great tuts and valuable info on editing, I just honestly wish you woke up at last!

karen lay says:

With a title like that, how can ANYONE resist clicking on the video. Now that is smart marketing. 🙂

Elazai says:

Hope you’re doing well man, you seem a little bit ill. can’t wait for the next video

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