5 Tips To Edit FAST In Adobe Premiere Pro! (Premiere Pro CC Tutorial)

5 tips to help you be a fast editor in adobe premiere pro cc 2018!
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editing tutorial adobe creative cloud editing video software


sonjondg says:

def gonna apply this to my editing! what’s the song playing in the background btw? hella chill

Andy Smiley Cinema - Vegan & Zero Waste says:

Good tips ! Thanks !

LBMG says:

Synchronize is greyed out for me? any help?

EDDIE DI says:

“STRAIGHT into this episode!! ” really efficient haha

Both - Videography says:

If I only I knew about the synchronize…. Omg what a helpful tool!

Nicholas Menina says:

Thanks bro I was just talking to someone about my editing in premier 
but I do have a question I have premiere on a Mac book air and when I got to add small changes to footage the program freezes is it because of the Mac book air

Valentine says:

everybody including YCImaging what your guys thoughts on a canon eos m100? any thoughts or reviews

QB416 says:

keep killing it! I made the switch from Vegas this is super helpful..

Gabriele Br1 says:

dude I’ve been synchronizing all of my clips one by one, where was I living?
you just took me to the future and it’s easy af!

SOLIA says:

you’re easy to follow along with. You’ve helped me get better at editing. Looking forward to learing more from you!

Mark Mendiola says:

thanks for this! Great tips!

Tyler Hunt says:

Hows that Luma Power treating you? Still use it? I’ve been wanting to get a light meter and debating if I want one of them, or an old school style one.

SPLACK VisionTV says:

Bro u are a life saver for this. How could I have not thought about this lol

BroskiiPro Films & Photography says:

Good info!

Alex Lewis says:

Love the separate B-roll timeline idea! I’ll be implementing that for sure!! Thanks for the advice.

Will Bargmann says:

Super useful tutorial, thanks

hiselectmedia says:


Nick Herrick says:

This is what I need right here

D says:

Good tips , another good one is using proxies when you shoot in 4k. Boom!

Irélio Augusto says:

Awesome .

YoungMoe Films says:

Salute To You From Toledo Ohio I Learn Alot From Your Channel Clients Have Build Because Im Learning From You #ThankYou


dopeeee… double timeline is Genius!

Quincy Berry says:

how do you edit your “multi cam” clips? with vegas I would use some kind of ” envelope” and just drag the line points down to each timeline I want to show. but I have yet to find out how to do it in PP. I stack the timeline and then make cuts to what I want to show and on the bottom cut the same length as the top on and select opacity bring it down to zero so it doesn’t show up. this takes too long and can’t the the proper way. you show multiple (camera shots) how do you go up and down and edit what you want to show, man I hope I am making sense here. I know for b-roll you just put the b-roll on top and it will automatically show, but when you got that multi camera style how do you select the parts you want to show up?

Restrict says:

Love the video, what desk are you using?

BlackCloudTV says:

Sharing is caring.

dirson bernardino says:

I know u don’t like to do tutorial but hey I got to say men THANKS FOR THE TUTORIAL

YCImaging says:

Click that notification bell above, I’m uploading EVERYDAY THIS MONTH!

Comment below when you do!

Sean H says:

What do you set the beginning to??? Like capture format??? DV or HDV

Creative Ryan says:

More heat for the camera gang!

Amanda Sakala says:


PPMM615 says:

Where’s the color in your skin???

Matias G says:

great tips! but is there a reason you’re not using final cut. i will probably switch to final cut when the new imacs come out with the 8. gen intel cpus. I’m using it only private so Adobe’s subscription model isn’t working for me.

Vision E.R.T says:

Awesome bruh it’s really helping thanks


First i wanna thank you for everything you put in this channel. Love everything you do. It’s genuine. I need your help and tips. So I wanna start shooting videos in clog format on my 5d iv. Do i have to color correct before applying the lut? Or just apply the lut and do some tweaking and get done with it. Also what’s your tips for shooting video on 5d iv. Specifically with the file size. Thanks man

DollarsignDzTv says:

Thanks, been editing the same way for years, this definitely gunna help me be more efficient..

Kid The Dief says:

Ty ty ty ty ty

Shaq Grier says:

The color on this video is crucial

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