Adobe Premiere Pro – Basic Tutorial

A video that covers that basics editing techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro.


Joe Cross122223 says:


Yo It's Kat Main says:

Is this legit?

Project Nova says:

Omg hahahahahahaha

Joe Ryan says:

I’m watching this in media so I can edit my documentary & omg everyone looked at me bc my headphones are super loud kms

Ark Ark says:

I’m so sorry to see and hear what happened man. At least you learnt now rather than later. Hope that bitch of a woman gets what she deserves

Drangoor says:

This video makes me hate my dirty whore mother

J Loren says:

WOW! Id say you reclaimed your manhood by intelligence and humor. Im very impressed. Im sorry this happened to you.

phosphorescence says:

you’re not missing out on anything dude, remember that, you’re not the only one either. Women are a lot more promiscuous these days than ever before and for various reasons, various enablers. Don’t forget that, it has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with how they lead their own lives, their own sense of entitlements. be easy.

Kappa Kabba says:

Jesus fking Christ xD

PewDiePie Legit says:

Youtubers needs to make tutorials like this
this is fucking gold Lmao

Reality Shifter says:


Toasty Productions says:

Good Tutorial!!! shitty situation! sorry bud

MrRockeno says:

2 lessons for the price of 1!

Tamara Myrick says:

no sound is coming from my videos.

PayneCrysis says:

This should be in a try not to laugh video!

like if u agree 🙂

Zipho JR says:

did you murder your wife?

Anthony pease says:


cobytang says:

Come on dude speak up, I can’t hear you.

C0de7 says:

FFS man…

Southern Pirate Productions says:

ROFLMFAO Well I did not expect this to be so entertaining lol 😀

documentary maker says:

wtf i just watched? :O



Brainrix ? says:

LOL, I had to pause this and comment. Brilliant!

Erik Thureson says:

Nicely done! Keep ’em coming.

OzWhovian says:

Great, I find a video on Adobe Premiere Basics that isn’t too long but I have to watch him edit … THAT!

a Ramirez says:

“my wife is a cheating whore” LMAOOOOO

phosphorescence says:

go mgtow, share your story.

Xizo says:

this man is a savage

Andrew DuPre says:

I feel bad for u man but she is a bitch anyway


Just saw the video of the guy that used a drone to record his wife cheating on him and had to come and re watch this video xD

Jon Baker says:

what the actual fuck?

Daily Topic says:

did she really cheat?

Dj Loucks says:

Lol this is pretty funny.

tuchap says:

why she’s covering her body while fucking? is fake

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