Adobe Premiere Pro Basics Tutorial / Editing Tips

Learn the fundamental basics for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. In this tutorial you will learn the basics skills needed for navigating the workspace and what the basic tools are used for.

1:06 New Project/Scratch Disk
3:10 Optimize the settings.
4:45 The Workspace
5:43 Import Footage
6:15 Source Monitor
7:03 Optimize Keyboard Shortcuts
8:09 Timeline Deconstruction
15:00 Project Window
18:09 Effects Panel
20:34 Audio
23:40 Source Monitor/Program Monitor
25:30 Export.

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Orlando Piphus says:

Ill be switching from a very version old final cut pro to adobe premiere. Seems like a very short learning curve. Thanks for the info.

Bernard Martin says:

it helps

neil morin says:

gg m8

Jack Hairston says:

Woah, woah, woah– why am I watching this?

Harley Stevens says:

This is a good fucking tutorial. Straight to the point and tells you what you need, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.

Emma Jones says:

Perfect speed and great coverage of the basics. Thanks for making this!

savant disgrace says:

dope tutorial.

Void!Banshee says:

why don’t I have the effects you have?

Dive in Thailand HD says:

what song did u use ?

Chameckilerner Dance says:

He talks so fast and move things so fast , i find very hard to follow through

Glenn Adendorff says:


Henry Ward says:

I’ve used adobe premiere pro before in college but who pays attention in college? 😀 this video has been a great refresher for me and i hope if ever I’m stuck editing i can come to your channel and you’ll have a video to help! thanks for the great video!!

Nathan John says:

This was a very intense and dramatic tutorial. Love the music.

ZAI ENT says:

although I’ve been tinkering with premier for a few weeks now you have eased up a lot of my process with just this one video, thanks and keep up the good work!

Peters Stuff says:

Good thank you for this, even it is older this gonna be my source of “how to … ” for quite a while as i am really new in this

Khadar Dirir says:


M M says:

well done

Steve Fisher says:

Very knowledgable but a shame it isnt really followable due to him speaking so fast!! Add to that poor diction, I found myself frustrated in having to pause and rewind so much to understand what was being said. I know he is reading it, but please,slow down

Bernard Martin says:


Graham Piscopo says:

You put an annotation right behind the full screen button, really dude?

Paul Robinson says:

Thanks mate. Very good much appreciated.

David Mattiasson says:

Great tutorial! Thx

Jacob Cornell says:

Good intro but you don’t follow a 3-point editing process. Why is that?

Runic says:

His English: Master degree
My english: Basic Degree
See the difference?
Anyways great video, loved it.

ovi1 Productions says:

great job !!

Zak Zak says:

Excellent video! There is ALL the information you need for start from zero! Thanks for the video

Crash Palace says:

Thank you very much for the introduction to Premiere. I’m still overwhelmed, but I understand the scope and possibilities.

NIYONSENGA Sylvain says:

Thanks alotse for this video it really teach for no much time to attend classes but the video was so important to me

Travis Sample says:

Absolutely great tutorial. Very precise and well thought out. Logical and with no fluff. Thank you.

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics says:

we always strive best and quality And improving makeup tools. Thanks for your honesty

Alexis Football says:

great video

Eavan O'Sullivan says:

man, hands down the best tutorial Ive ever seen. No fluff, no 5 mins of hmms and ha’s, just raw info and data. Hats off.

AshleyxxD says:

How do u make ur audio louder? thnx 🙂

Jason Georgiou says:

I tried importing a video file, avi type, but it only imports its audio and not its video.

Austin Pagac says:

instructions unclear, cock got stuck in ceiling fan

Kwan Michael says:

Just a simple question. I can’t find the mark out cursor from the timeline when I have finished editing. I have tried to move timeline to the extreme right or clear all markers but failed. The mark out cursor must be hidden somewhere. How can I resume the mark out cursor?

Bawer Bozarslan says:

DAAAAAMN That background music is coooooool I literally forgot about the video I’m supposed to edit and watching the video, I just got myself deeply listening to it!!!

Anne Linde says:

I’m going to college next year and I’ve heard several of the current students say that they think it is better to have a Macbook because the Adobe programs you will need to use for the courses work better on Apple than on Windows. Do you have any idea if this is really true, and how big the difference is? I can only imagine those students prefering a Macbook because that’s what they’re used to, so if they suddenly have to use a Windows that can be confusing, but maybe there really is a big difference? Like everyone knows, Macbooks are very expensive so I was hoping I could just continue to use a Windows without it being a problem.

UglyMcGregor says:

Hey guys,
Just a little update to the video. So this is coming up to being three years old. Of course, some of the information is a little dated now as some newer versions might have better features or have removed things I speak about. Plus, this was one of my first tutorials I ever published. Sound recording is a little shoddy, and I speak a little fast. There will be an updated version soon, but this will still do the job!

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