Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Basic Editing for Beginners

In this tutorial I go over the simplest way to get started editing in Adobe Premiere CC. Questions? Comment below!

The version I’m using in the video is CC 2017, but most (if not all) of the steps I walk through are applicable to earlier and later versions of Premiere.


Shahida Madani says:

This was amazing , thank you !!

Glenna Jake Maniego says:


Lawrence Da Silva says:

Teaching people about film making, I created a cheat sheet that will help you in the beginning steps - ‘Bless’ Dj Khaled voice

Charlie Shuey says:

Nathan – Great video – you’re a good instructor. Clear audio and screen shots. Your teaching techniques are solid. Thanks

Diego Forest says:

Very Very helpful intro. Thanks

Olodo Nation says:

This is awesome! Please make more

Independent Journalist says:

Hi,Can You provide the link for download the software

xyreyes says:

Great tutorial. Love your style. Subbed

skillstechguru Life says:

Very informative video.Plz make extended video on title,audio and animation editing in premiere pro.You are awesome.

balaji akni says:

supper for me


Loved it sir

McKenzie Fitz says:

aesthetic travel vlogs:

Audra Billet says:

Thank you so much! You’re awesome!

Zeleni filmovi u vašoj školi says:

Thank you

AGray Gray says:

A teammate sent me this to get up to speed before even using this product. Now I feel like I have a working knowledge. Good stuff!

Blackfoot Gunner says:

Another Mac idiot. Fuckin fantastic.

Roshan Petrie says:

I’ve understood the editing procedure more or less but why haven’t you told us about inserting credit titles in the beginning and the and? Can I use l the videos I took on my android phone. What about quick pro editor on GoPro. How useful will that be?

jackie xu says:

it’s easy to understand, thank you.

ASL Teaching Resources says:

I really appreciate how you zoom in on things. You are the first tutorial I have seen that has done this for PP. Thank you!

hisokiss says:

thank you so much it helped me a lot and learn new method great tutorial.. will watch more

Aishwaryam Builder says:

i got very useful your teach thanks man

Robert GARDINER says:

I’m new to editing…you are easy to understand….keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

_mr_ak _styles_ says:

U will get more subscribers if u made this type of more video

Latia Dixon says:

i learned so much in just these 12 mins then I did watching a 30 min video lol. This was very helpful!

It's me Zoe says:

subbed to this wonderful video.. thank you

Dunkirk says:

We want more….

sebastian penny says:

When you extend or shorted a clip on the timeline, how does that work does is speed up/ slow down the footage ?

mohd saadi says:

hlo . how to ad slow motion in video

indrayana kusuma says:

what a great explanation there sir.. thank you very much..

Aakash Patel says:


Ammu Manikuttan says:

Can we do in smartphone

Adnan Fida Ali says:

Really a good job… if you can also show how can we add text or other pop up features such as animations in between

Angler Holdings, LLC says:

Great work… thanks

bloodinthewater says:

My god this is a terrible program. I have edited professionally for a long time, and premiere is just not that great a tool for storytelling. VFX and integration with AE yes, but editing a compelling conversation, nope.

Dust Bin says:

How to make a lyrics video..? From simple text lyrics to lyrics with lots of effects on the sentences, adding pictures, or Videos, flashing words with beats, etc

Christopher Springmann says:

I agree with Narane, as Nathan is an excellent teacher, using repetition to reinforce the application of technique with no hard-to-track “flying fingers.”

1800cc says:

Excellent tutorial ! thanks very much Nathan, your presentation made it easy to understand what was happening, look forward to more of your videos

Anshika patel says:

You nailed it in explaining

Duncan T says:

easily understandable thanks!

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