Adobe Premiere Pro CC Beginner Tutorial: Intro Guide to the Basics (Learn How to Edit Video 2017)

Learn the Basics of how to edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial I will be using Premiere Pro CC 2017 to demonstrate how to edit video for beginners.

Basics of Photoshop:
Where to Get Premiere Pro:

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What do you use to record & edit your computer screen?
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Where to get Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro etc. ?
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Jessie Jesenia says:

Best beginners video I’ve seen thus far! thanks

Rachel Porter says:

Justin you’re a champion! So well-explained, thanks man

AW CopyGuy says:

Man, this is GREAT! Super super helpful for newbies. Thanks for the wonderful introduction.

Billy Simmons says:

Justin very well explained video! I searched a lot before seeing yours and this was the first one that didn’t irritate me! thanks for the time and effort!

JesseDavtian says:

I have no timeline what to do?

M Gil says:

Been watching your videos for a while now, preparing for the shift from iMovie to Premiere Pro. Great Job! Quick question, do you typically import all videos from an “event” into your media bin? For example i’ve just finished up a family trip with well over 200 short video clips, would you import all of the video clips or do you view them all and just import the ones you think you might use?

Jorge Rodriguez says:

This is GOLD!

Prisca Grace says:

Thank you!!

Josey Wales says:

I’m so happy you do what you do. I love your tutorial videos. I just purchased Adobe Premier Pro CC and all the apps to go with it and I’m such a noob. Im so grateful for your tutorials. I’ll be dedicating all my work to you

David Lamb says:

This was the clearest intro tutorial I’ve watched. I’m subscribing for more! Thanks!

Hemanth Venugopal says:

Hey Justin … Can u do more of After Effects tutorials as well???? Thanks… you are the best

Wolfee G says:

thanks, im coming from vegas pro so this is really different at first

cherrysbomb says:

i’m trying to use the 2017 version but it doesn’t let me drag my clips down to the timeline.

Prithvi Raj says:

thanks mayt

Stewart Lambert says:

Thank you for your videos. They are helping me a lot. Where can I get royalty free music to ad to my videos? Thanks. P.S. I will be purchasing your LUT package too.

Mia Osman says:

Thank youuuu! Great teacher <3

YoungBlaze Of Chitown says:

hey do you have a video explaining how to have Premiere use your Graphic card im using a Gtx 1070
i know that by default premiere uses the Cpu

kwyjibo says:

These are the videos i wish i had when i started learning Premiere. I’m still a nub, and always learn something useful from each of your vids.

Thanks for sharing the mojo.

Mohit Whabi says:

Great video! Thank you

Regan Bhandari says:

do you have other adobe premiere tutorials ?

Auralee :P says:

Could you maybe do a tutorial on how to get the Layered titled look/animation in Bertie Gilberts “Bertie is making Vlogs again”? Thx! 🙂

Leighton Jenkins says:

Do you have any tutorials on the updated version of Premiere? I have worked in Premiere before (its been a while) but since this update I have been lost. I’m hoping to start editing again but can’t seem to find many tutorials on the updated version.

MikeXKun says:

how did you zoomed in/out the timeline without pressing anything?

Lawrence Liuvaie says:

wow man…thanks!

Elna Le Roux says:

Thanks! Great tutorial

Arthur Yurchak says:

Hi Justin! how do I stack the separate windows in a single expandable list like you have it on the right hand-side of your workspace? When I try doing it, they just stack next to each other in a single tab, which I don’t really like.

Vasjan Tutorials says:

Thanks Odisho keep making this videos you’re the best

Murugan S says:


Argon says:

great tutorial, glad I found your channel!  khayah atoor!

Jarred Bronstein says:

Hey Justin, solid video. Never used Premiere Pro before and just got it today to up my Youtube videos. I’m coming from iMovie so this is a big change. I noticed the interface is just slightly different with Premiere Pro 11.1 and was wondering if you’d be doing an updated tutorial. Really appreciate this awesome video and have already subbed to learn more from you! Cheers

Blessed1v says:

+Justin Odisho Bro! Love the videos! Just recently found your content and already a huge fan. Got to stop by your stream yesterday for a little bit as well. Just wanted to give a small video editing advice that I’ve seen on other Tutorials for FL studio and such. For the basic tutorials where people aren’t 100% clear on shortcut keys being used or just keys being held to zoom/scroll through… consider putting a small icon/text of the key being held or pressed to do whatever action so the viewers are aware of how you’re working around the interface so well. Something really helpful and appreciated by viewers from what i’ve seen on tutorial videos. It’s something that i know can be tedious on your end, but I think would be a great addition to your videos. Again, thank you thank you thank you for all the great content! Keep up the hard work and best wishes and blessings to you and your journey!

Imogen Stowell says:

You are so much clearer than the Adobe Tutorials! Thank you!

Matthew Do says:

Hey Justin, any idea why the playback video in Premiere is choppy/laggy for me? I don’t get why it isn’t as smooth as yours 🙁

EdVentures says:

My videos won’t play in real time in after effects.. I’m using a 2016 MacBook Air, is it because the mac can’t handle it or is there something wrong? I import any clip wether it’s 1080p or 4K and when I hit the space bar to view it, it’ll play for a second-3seconds and then replay itself.. it won’t play the whole clip.

Doohan Yogaraj says:

Thank you Justin, Sorry, Thanks sir, your video are obviously necessary. Hoping to see more of your videos.

Michael Aziz says:

the video doesn’t drag to the timeline panel

David Roy Depper says:

Hi Justin. Thanks for this tutorial. Can you suggest how I could download it so that I can store it on a laptop that I am giving to a young college student in Uganda? I am mentoring him in video production, and providing camera gear along with an editing system.

shakhawot hossen says:

Bro after editing my videos output name show in videos. please tell me anyone how to off this thing. plz plz plz

napstone productions says:


Brian Shiau says:

Why is it that my editing process so laggy? IS there any way to have my videos render better? even just playback it choppy. My laptop is 2015 macbook pro 3.1GHz i7 and 16gb of RAM and Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

Darrell James DeBrew says:

Great video. Thanks for simplicity.

Derrick Kersey says:

Thank you I really enjoy the tutorials.

Kool Krafter says:

how do u add a picture because when i do it my screen is full of the picture

Matthew Champagne says:

Very helpful. Thank you!

Mini Oreo Cow says:

Omg ty so much!! I accidentally deleted my previous editor, (xD) and if I want the full version, I need to pay good money, and cus I’m just on my trial, you have convinced me this is so much better and I’m thinking of buying it! 🙂
At first, I was overwhelmed, but now I understand the basics of this software and I am learning the different features this has to offer every day. 🙂 Thank you so much! 😀

Philippe Noth says:

Thanks Justin, an excellent introduction for Premiere beginners like me.

Majestic Pineapple3000 says:

Can I use this on a MacBook air

Peter Watson says:


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