Adobe Premiere Pro CC: How To Make An Intro – Tutorial #1

In this video I’ll be showing you how to make an intro. It’s done in the video editing software called Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
You can use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS4, CS5, and CS6.

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Apple Pie says:

awesome!short and sweet.

JesseDavtian says:

This Adobe Premiere Pro is not the CC version it’s the cs6 version

Jack says:

If I used that i would be on Mr Beasts worst intros

07Skillz says:

I could have made it in POWERPOINT or even PAINT

Erik Thureson says:

Good stuff!

Reid Yearwood says:

Greetings, I am looking for somebody that does private tutoring and training for Adobe Premiere Pro. I would like to pay somebody for a training session on Adobe Premiere Pro. I am familiar with the absolute bare minimum in regards to functionality but would like to Skype with somebody and share screens in order to learn some more editing techniques. We could either do the class based on a Q&A format or just listen/watch as you show/demonstrate what you think are the essential functions of Adobe Premiere Pro. I will make the payment through PayPal and am available at whatever hour is best for you. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

chasing sun says:

Cool video man

Wasaby Sajado says:

very bed video!

RajS_SFM_ says:

Oh my god, this intro we can make in Movie Maker 😀

Bernardas Buivys says:

I have to make this comment. I don’t know how you got 114k subscribers (atm). It takes you 2 minutes to explain a simple thing in the most annoying way you can. Honestly if someone would try to explain things to me in the same way you do i’d immediately slap the person. This video should be 1/3 of what it is if you just cut out all the bullshit and get to the point.

Teslamatic Automatización says:

nice video

VAPO says:

how the hell do you have 100k subs?

Christoff le Grange says:

HAHAHA Epic Troll video man!

BIG BOSS says:

HAHAHAHAHAH…this was awesome

WardDiscreto says:

is this some kind of a joke?

Deni Nugraha says:

I already subscribe to your channel. do not forget to subscribe my channel

Nikita 好子菜摘。 says:


May god bless u :”v

AbuLaban says:

4:05 “and this blue” !! im fkn triggered cause it is clearly green.. and the guy sees it blue like am i the only one

pravin kaushik says:

you are a linkin park fan arent you. i can see that in your subscriptions.

Mahad Hashi says:

what a waste of time .

Dannzy Ann says:

im a beginner , this was perfect not to confusing just right 🙂

Boogii Boog says:

haha how do we make your intro bro come on!

Xylo Palattao says:

dude is there any way of changing the theme of adobe premiere?

EllusLA says:

how you do the start after the intro pls do abute that totorial

Veronica Velarde says:

can you make a face came

Elton Yeo says:

Heyy alex, im just want to say thank’s a lot for all the tutorial, vegas pro, premier and other apps, i already downloaded all your video tutorial and im studying for get better like you

Б. Эрдэнэбат says:

?That looks really good? srsly bro

2BFRANK says:

Awesome easy intro tricks . Thank you .

SeviOna says:

500 years to show how to add a text and sound! Bravo!

Dr.Canadian says:

Somebody call Mr.Beast

Noah Halford says:

Just looking at stuff and realized we have the same las name!

Emmas Spareroom Machineshop says:

if you cut out the “guys” “what im going to do” and “like” its only 1.45 long at least

My Pc says:

A real mother fucker for wasting 6 min on just a simple text and sound…………..

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