Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – Basic Editing Introduction Tutorial

I will show you how to use Adobe Premiere to edit videos from start to finish and learn some tricks and tips to help you along the way.
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League Montage says:


Tony Boschi says:

Love your video! Just got this program up and running and this helped immensely! QUESTION: Can you “fade” music out? I put a music sequence in and it ends at the same volume, I want it to fade out …. Thank you.

Reshma Mary J says:

great video. Learnt a lot through this

Елена Минакова says:


Pasindu L Rathnasekara says:

thankx man, you are good teacher :p

teee nee says:

thank you for the basic tutorial

Yhangsy Abelita says:

7:58 Dude i dunno how ?

Dharmaboy says:

Great vid. Thanks for the Tips.

sheila kavuzi says:

Fantastic,,,,thanks for shairing

JamFunkTV says:

Thanks man! Very informative and helpful!

Apple Bag says:

great video ,thanks

Dave Jones says:

Every time i go to save a movie, it names it the previous name. How would I name the name under export movie settings?

mourshied shoshy says:

very helpful

kasozi juliette says:

how i which i could get the tutorials for review by sending them via my email

roman2011 says:

Thank you

MUSA TANKO Abdullahi says:

thanks for this contributions

TweedJacketProductions says:

How do you know which sequence preset to use? Because I have 0 clue.

Fouad Mikail says:

thanks a lot for the tutorial man this helped me a lot! i think the time has came of switching from vegas pro to premiere pro it’s harder i guess but i will get it down with time and practice!!

hamza hassan says:

I think sony vegas a lot easier than premier …

Yhangsy Abelita says:

Thanks Dude its easier!

xXDenver360Xx says:

Omg help all mt tabs are gone what will I do?!

Cinnamon Apple says:

So, I used to use Sony Vegas but now I’m going to switch to premiere and I can say one thing… Holy crap this looks complicated xD

R says:

Is it the same as Adobe AE?

Fernando Chavez says:

I am nit wit. It’s because it’s all I can afford at the moment! It’s still a great program and I can still use it to learn the basic’s. What an ass!

Piyush Batra says:

This Helped Me A Lot..

BoracayStarshots Photobobooth says:

can some one send me a link were i can download this?

Mukund Pandit says:


L CASTRO says:

Thank you for sharing! This was very useful!

Life Is Awesome !!!! says:

thank you bro

Gopal 98 says:

Bro cool video really liked it.. thanks man u taught me

Angry Lord says:

this program sucks

Mugicianwill says:

All this time I have been using After Effects, just got Premiere Pro and I needed a tutorial. THANKS!

Software Tutorials says:

Nice tutorials

Fun Everyday says:

what can i do to minimize its size??

Tony Boschi says:

“Exponential Fade”, Got It!

B74CKB15H0P says:

i just switched corel video studio to premiere and boi this shit wanna makes me switch back to corel :

CoopyDupy says:

Thanks xD

Muhammad Awais says: get all solution of WordPress problem

Rakib Hasan says:

give me dwnload link please

Islamic videos says:

hi buddy i can,t drag video in timeline why im using adobe premiere pro cs6 6.0 what i do thanks ?

GG says:

finally………making some ytps

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