Adobe Premiere Pro for Absolute Beginners

New to Premiere Pro? In this tutorial I show you how to create a video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

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There are 7 simple steps to creating your film project.

1. Create a project

First you need to create a new project. Select a location and filename to save your project file and any temporary files Adobe Premiere will create.

2. Import media

The very first thing you need to do once you created your project is to import some media. You can import video, audio, image and other types of media files – Premiere Pro is pretty flexible.

3. Create a sequence

A sequence is a container for your media files, a template that you can use to organise your clips and then export into a final video file. There are multiple ways to create a sequence. The easiest way is to drag a piece of media directly onto the ‘New Item’ icon.

4. Edit your project

Once you have your sequence set up you can start to drag and drop your media items into the timeline, cut out the best parts and arrange them to create your film project outline. Make sure to familiarise yourself with all of the great editing tools provided by Premiere Pro and I guarantee your editing will flow a whole lot quicker.

5. Add transitions

Transitions are used to blend between two consecutive clips. You can find a large number of transitions in Premiere Pro in the Effects panel. Open up the ‘Video Transitions’ folder and drag the transition you want onto the start or the cut between the clips in your sequence.

6. Add effects

In the Effects panel in Premiere Pro you will find the ‘Video Effects’ folder. You can find a large number of cool deformation, colour correction, styling effects inbuilt into Premiere Pro. Simply drag the effect onto the clip you want to apply them to. With the clip selected, you can tweak the effect parameter in the Effects Control panel.

7. Working with Titles

Titles are usually text elements, but can also contain icons and graphics, that overlay your footage. You can create titles by clicking on the New Item — Title option in the project panel. In the title editor you can then define the elements in your title. Once you created the title, simply drag it from the project panel into your Sequence to use it.

8. Exporting your sequence

Once you are happy with your sequence, you can export it. Before you can export a sequence you need to place the start and end markers – you can do this by positioning the timeline indicator where you want, right clicking it and selecting ‘Mark In’ and ‘Mark Out’. This will define the working area of your sequence and tell Premiere which parts of the sequence you want to export.

With your working area defined, make sure the sequence is selected, then go to File — Export — Media. Select your export format and your target filename and then set any other options that you like.

I usually like to keep my bit rate between 10 – 20. I find it gives me decent video quality at a reasonable file size.




MAIN CAMERA – (Canon 5D Mark III)
MAIN LENS – (Canon EF 24-70mm II USM)

BEST 4K DRONE – (DJI Mavic Pro)

ON CAMERA MIC – (Rode Videomic)
HEADPHONES – (Audio Technica ATH-M50X)







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HandCrafted StudioWorkstations says:

Who… why WOULD ANYONE THUMBS DOWN THIS VIDEO? …the man completely lived up to his word, I just did my first video editing and used this tutorial to help me out! I have had the master suite cs 6 for years being a Commercial Artist but did not understand video editing – this video made it super easy!

Some of you folks really need to get Laid and get some love in your heart – there should not be a single thumbs down on this video…! HELL I AM OFFENDED by that!

Sam F says:

Thank you this tutorial was very helpful says:

BAM! Subscribed 🙂

ripcord93 says:

i don’t believe in them, but if they do exist, may god bless you. it’s people like you who make world a better place, teaching a no good like me, the coolest of things, 😀 , wuhu!!

Aviation Spotters Hub says:

It’s a good tutorial but you are going way too fast for me to keep up, in the end I gave up and looked elsewhere, Disliked.

Eko Susilo says:

Thank you, help so much…

Agung Sukariman says:

I love you man!

Janet says:

Excellent and very easy to follow. THANK YOU!

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Gurashish Singh says:

Amazing Introduction! Best on Youtube. Keep up the good work.

The Football Life says:

i really like how you explain your videos

Manu Biggs says:

Fantastic tutorial and Great introduction. Had to do a project for work and was intimated the first time I opened the cc app, but was able to do it in a couple of hours. Thanks so much!

TLNN says:

adobe media encoder is not installed 🙁

Olwa Haggai says:

i love you man.good work

Asmabi Salee, says:

do we meed graphics card for adobe premiere? ?

Thijs Groeneweg says:

Thanks for this tutorial!

Paul Buchanan says:

Bam! That was Great Tutorial Thank you!!

Mihiru blackett says:

Hello .. Can you tell me .. Why pictures get colour change after final video? I mean it’s look like low quality video but its hd out put

Asmabi Salee, says:

i dont have a graphics card but i just want to make youtube videos:
so will it work if i dont have graphics card


This was very helpful I thought it would take me forever to learn but your video is true to the title.

Reminisce says:

THANK You good tutorial was confused at the start since i watched a different video

Kartik Champ says:

thx for video but how to make thumbnail ?

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Jeo Nabuya says:

still confusing to me!! (sad face)

stylish chaudhry says:

following you SIR a best Explanation thanks ☺

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Thanks man very easy and helpful!

Babak N.I says:

Adobe Premiere! always full of unknown errors and needs terabytes of HDD and hundreds of RAMs and a very long life to render effects!!!!!

SnS films says:

movie is not haunted even i am acting in the movie ,,its indian movie and it will sub in english the trailer on you tube ,,,,,chal aata pal

A Noob Plays says:

thank you so much bro ! u really helped me out

hasif cp says:

cooool tutorial

MoriMori says:

GoPro video Format cannot support adobe premiere pro..

Kunal Roy says:

Thank you sooo much! This video was very very helpful.

Steve Earl says:

obviously this is an old version of premiere , for instance, i cannot find the “title” choice when i go to new item…… any one know where that is?

jason mccreadie says:

thanks. I took notes.

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Ok, this video is just amazing. Thank you so much!

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This is very helpful!

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