Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial: The Jitter/Camera Shake/Earthquake Effect

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial: The Jitter/Camera Shake/Earthquake Effect

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Turbans & Tunics says:

Very Nice! 😀

AkibaAvenue says:

Man you save my life for creating this effect. Love u bro!

dirk bullet says:

thanks. great tutorial. just what I needed.

Jenira Ferreira says:

great tutorial bro! Love how basic it all is but the effect is so powerful <3

thinkbolt says:

Ok, I get it! Cool! 😀

Snappy Junexzy says:

Dude, what’s your current pc specs for editing or using/scrubbing so smoothly in APP cc?

JamalPatonko says:

Great tutorial short and straight to the point

Koyomi Araragi says:


Nevzat Yilmaz says:

Thank you



Emiliano Hernandez says:

I’m shooting a 48 hour film festival and this tutorial just saved my ass. Keep up the good work

TheNanamariam says:

Thak you ^^ this video was very helpful. It really made the effects on my project look better than ever!

Premiere Lifestyle Ent says:

Nice video! thank you. are you in LA?

Sugi Guru says:

doable in elements?

Osama Ghazal says:

Hi, I am a beginner and I have a question, please! How do you increase the number of V layers ???
I only have V1, V2, V3 … trying to add V4…ETC but I couldn’t know how. Thank you

Freddy G says:

Dude, you’re awesome, greatly appreciate all the tips and efforts you put into these tutorials

Reichardt Adrienn says:

Cool tutorial!:)) I’m editing a video about soccer right now and this helped me a lot!

Alex Sherrill says:

Simple and effective. Love it.

Jason Beal says:

Wow, totally did not think of that. Thanks for bringing out the basics.

Jared Johnson says:

Where do you get the audio overlays/Sound effects. Awesome tutorial!

The Sunny Studio says:

Bro, for real, I don’t like you, but I’m learning a lot from you and I find your tutorials very useful. What a weird feeling.

The LucidOreo says:

is there really no way to shake the video by dragging it up and down? I could’ve sworn that it was possible in a version of premiere pro

Tim Walter says:

How is the effect name ?

AdaraTheShallot says:

not sure i get the 2nd 1 but the keyframe 1 is useful enough. where do u find the blur effect and what kind?

Barbell Bosses says:

Amazing vid my dude. Thanks!

UglyVoice says:

Thanks a lot

fidibsp says:

hey guysss haha, thank you boi!

Cliche Vision says:

Thaaaaanks Dude,
I’m just wondering how I can get these cool sound effects

Blow Show! says:


fernando DISLA says:

excellent job 100% good man thanks!

Flor Jua says:


Jason Baker says:

he says a yo what’s up guys like a thousand timss

Bira Missioneiro says:

Simple to do and u can get a great effect. Thanks for it!

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