Advanced Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to use the ADVANCED editing tools available in Adobe Premiere Pro to streamline and speed up your workflow!

In this tutorial I show you how to use a number of advanced editing tools that will make your life a whole lot easier!

2:40 How to use the Source Monitor

6:20 Track Select Forward Tool – Select all clips from the current position forward in your sequence.

8:15 Track Select Backward Tool – Select all clips from the current position backward in your sequence.

8:35 Ripple Edit Tool – Shortens or extends a clip and then ripple deletes the gap or pushes the following clips forward to make the space.

10:40 Rolling Edit Tool – Move the edit point (cut) between two clips without affecting your sequence.

11:50 Slip Tool – Shift the underlying contents of a clip without affecting the edit points or the adjacent clips

13:08 Slide Tool – Move a clip backward or forward in your sequence.

14:54 Rate Stretch Tool – Slow down or speed up a clip.

I will assume that you are familiar with the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are not, I recommend you watch my Adobe Premiere Pro for Absolute Beginner tutorial here:


MAIN CAMERA – (Canon 5D Mark III)
MAIN LENS – (Canon EF 24-70mm II USM)

BEST 4K DRONE – (DJI Mavic Pro)

ON CAMERA MIC – (Rode Videomic)
HEADPHONES – (Audio Technica ATH-M50X)







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Utkarsh Playz says:

I only watch these videos because I am jealous that I don’t have a computer or AP

Flo says:

1:27 steam message?

Crazy Clown says:

I bet your name is Sven

Hanky Panky says:

I love you man! learnt a lot thanks to you!

AE5X says:

Awesome tutorial. I’ve been using Premiere Elements and now have the confidence to upgrade to P Pro. Adobe should have you on their payroll 🙂

Galaxy Studios says:

We are very very thankful for you Surfaced Studio! This will make our editing so much more quicker and advanced. Providing this tutorial will bring you immense blessings!!

egeefay says:

at 9:30 I think there is a=a much easier way to accomplish the ripple delete
Place the time marker where you want to do the cut and press “w”. This will cut the shot and pull all the clips to the right of your time marker

siamand kefersafra says:

Love your teaching

Ets Toshi says:

That’s really cool. I can now start with premiere pro for i have already watch the beginners tutorial
So now i can start doing something
Thanks a lot

Flame Igniters says:

Great work! Very helpful and easy to follow. Bringing the power to the people 🙂 Thanks !


I don’t always surf the internet, but when I do, eyebrows!

Arkaprava Ghosh says:

Hello sir. I wanted to ask a question that suppose I have a video which has audio too in it and if I want to select just a part of video how do I do that? Because while selecting that particular part of that video the audio in that section gets selected too. Similarly how shall I select only audio? I am using Adobe Premiere Pro v.2015. Please help me out. Your videos make me feel easier and familiar with the layout and features of the software.

D. Nguyen says:

Great tutorial! I have looked at others’ online Premiere Pro tutorials, but yours is easier to understand and at the right pace. Please keep doing what you are doing; I will definitely subscribe!

alghareeb almouhajer says:

Lieber Tobias ,
vielen Dank für das hilfsreiche Video, das hat mir sehr geholfen.
Daumen hoch


Very well explained! Super helpful!

ReivaxArt says:

Hello! Great Video! Can you help me with something about the WorkFlow to paste attributes in multiple videos?. The situation is this: I edited a long video with different cuts with differents attributes (Just Scales and Position), then I exported to another software to work in ColorGrade (Davinci Resolve), and I Export again to premiere to finish my edition with the same cuts with the same position in timeline (XML). The problem I get is with the “attributes”, I have to copy and paste each cut attribute to each cut with color grade, So my question is, Can I copy multiple attributes to paste to multiple videos, and no to Copy and paste one by one? Or a some Way to paste multiples attributes in all the cuts at time.


Aniuzkafa says:

OMG, thank you so much!! Im just finishing my graduate college thesis and i need Premiere to do some spots, i was so lost!!
Sir, you just save my life 😀
ps. i love ur tshirts hahaa
Wishes from Argentina!

Magical Blitz says:

I love you

Felipe Ortega says:

thanks for the tips! definitely deserves a thumbs up

Tyler Massey says:

Get your finger off the trigger!

Raja saimithran says:

very nice explanation

Daring Robo Eye says:

sose futage


Please change the title. this isnt even advance. sorry but yes thats true

Eldar Khaitov says:

Hi. Great tutorial.
Noticed green screen sequence in your video. But I cannot find in your vids any Premiere Pro Green Screen.
I have PP only and AE I’m going to purchase in a couple of month but I would like to green screen right now. Do you have one or it’s planned?

Mirko Berisic says:


Ole Solheim Salvesen says:

You call this advaned?

jamie way says:

thank you very simple to understand

Kyore Mack says:

Ah the rate stretch tool plays a big part in the “to the beat” shotgun montage videos.

Derp Diddler says:

These are great. Most helpful beginner shit I’ve found

Erik Thureson says:

Good stuff! Keep up the good work!

dayaweah says:

Best Tutorial on youtube.

shiran kamer says:

great job

Leopold Vincent Medley says:


Dave Henderson says:

I love your tutorials! entertaining and informative! Lynda could take some notes from you!

C Stilwell says:

Do you know is there a way to use the track select forward/back tool to move only clips on the video track? it currently selects and moves my audio as well so i have to realign it each time i use the tool. thanks!

Adrianto RKH says:

thanks a lot.

Mohammada Aprilianto says:

thank you so much

roman2011 says:

Excellent tutorial. Thank you.

Bd Celebrities Lifestyle says:

I love your speech

Khizar Habib says:

You, sir, are amazingly helpful. Danke.

Matthew Wright says:

GREAT explanation!

Zion_ZOE Fernandez says:


Vulcan says:

I watch a lot of ytp s so when I hear him say source I laugh cuz o think he says sos great video btw

Neil Nocon says:

Love this

Raphael Cotrina says:

Thank you!!!

Sosianesia Channel says:

Thanks sir… How do you know, I’ve used 2 basic tools only? Razor and select. Sometimes mark in and out. It will reduce my editing time.

mukasa ibra says:

more lessons pliz thanks

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