Advanced Speed Ramping is SO Dope: Premiere Pro Tutorial

Ben Hagarty has this specific way that he does speed ramping/time remaapping, that I’ve been copying for the last 2 years.

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Kyle Jaimes says:

You are wasting a lot of time zooming in and forcing yourself to be so precise. First (cmd+R) speed the clip up to 200 for 2x speed, 400, 4x, etc. THEN add your ramps at twice the speed. It’s really easy to do the math in your head. instead of 50% slow, you do 25%, or 12.5% and so on…exact same effect with less time spent.

VCG Construction says:

So you can just type in your speed

HoundDogMech says:

Again you EXPERTS go way too fast for a Novice PLZ slow down and explain each key Stoke and Mouse cklick. I realize it is tough to do it SLOWLY after learning it, but this should e a teaching moment. Thanks

Dan Wallace says:

Nice tutorial, especially lining up your blade tool with the speed ramp keyframes. As an option, you could also use the rate stretch (R Key) tool to shorten clips (thereby speeding them up), rather than right clicking to the speed menu and typing in a speed manually. This could also help when trying to fit the shot to your sequence.

Rasim OLGUN says:

Thanks for video. i can try this but i want to speed ramping for audio and video. What can i do? Pls help me!

Future Productions says:

You could also just nest your “Maxed out” 1000%+ Speeded up clip and then sped up the nest again to go even faster than usually allowed. I may do a tutorial on my channel for a different way under “Content Tech Division – For The Creators” soon. Please SUB and keep an eye out too! This is great work though! 🙂 Used something similar (but not the same) for my own IG! I didn’t want to fiddle with key framing, prefer cuts 😀

Kai Chin says:


BenRealVsWorld says:

We didddd itttttt againnnnnnnnnnn yeee #BWNC

Akinnola Olufemi says:

nice tutorial, this is the first video i’m seeing from your channel, thanks ive learned a lot…..

Music Calgary says:

4:12 to skip to the content.

Aaron Roe says:

Great tut. Is there a way to make the audio follow as well? In my experiment the audio doesn’t follow the time mapping trend, despite being linked to the clip. HOW?

304TV & DJ Films Ent. says:

oh it’s like velocity in Vegas kool!!

Jedidiah Ojeh says:

olufemi i think its so cool that you do what you do, please don’t stop

Bananas and Bass says:

How is this “the new way to speed ramp”, haha. This is how ramping has always worked. It’s a standard feature in FCPX, just use blade-speed and it gives you ramp curves and everything. Never had to cut a clip.

palwai sudershan reddy says:


Adam Johnson says:

Instant sub

RandomlySet says:

Interesting way of doing it…. But instead of typing the speed, use the Rate Stretch tool instead 😉

DragcentricDeb (Dragcentric) says:

Pretty cool. I’m brand new to Premiere so this is a little challenging for me to follow!

Lovrenčić says:


ITaBS-Auckland says:


SharpStudios0 says:

you can only edit that good providing that your shots are that good and have the same in and out points, so in order to be a good editor you have to be a good videographer first, also change the quality on the preview it seemed a bit laggy at first.

Xbot4Life says:

CAnt afford Prem Pro dude

ThisWeirdGUY says:

could you guys help me reach 5k channel views by the end of this year.. i have barely 40 more views left!!
Its an adobe video edit!!

would be great if you helped me out.!!

Cronje says:


Esper_Squad says:

Sorry to “rain on your parade”, but the flags facing the wrong direction.

Billy The Bass Assassin says:

Yo thanks my guy!

Kamal Rusydi says:

awesome tip. thank you!

Mel Fitzgerald says:

Does BWNC only include men, because that’s the impression I just got.

Baustin says:

All these CSGO editors cringing so hard rn

Georgeartcollins says:

You should have used a horizontal blur to make the swift movements more realistic

Master Curt Soul says:

Couldn’t figure out how to get the line on the clip back up for sooo long. You Gentlemen are Gods, thank you for this.

Jean St.Ledger says:

Mbappe doing Premiere Pro Tutorials?? What a talent.

matt h says:

Holy shit you guys suck hard.

Logan MacIntosh says:

btw its faster to right click on letters “fx” at the top left of your clip 🙂

Ivan Munoz says:


posebukse says:

“Advanced/new” for noobs – if you want proper speed ramping (as in something the pro industry actually consider acceptable) you do it in AE, Fusion, Nuke or other software that allows you to emulate the motion blur the footage would have if the camera was actually that fast. That is what really sells speed ramping. Ramping like this without correcting the shutter speed is still one of the main differences between these “oh I do promos for my local church” and actual industry vids.

If you wanna skip ahead lazy noobs, speedramp with Timewarp in AE and motion blur enabled, do it manually with motion blur plugs like Pixel Motion Blur, RSMB, CC Wide Time, Echo, whatever works for your shot.

Roy David says:

you can add a litle zoom in and out plus some motion blur to make the rampings blow thru the roof

Ho Stevie! says:


Alex Murphy says:

How do you not get duplicate frames or ghosting when cutting one clip into three parts.

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