Awesome TRANSITIONS to make your videos BETTER!! Premiere Pro Tutorial

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Whats up guys! Today, were covering PART 1 of a little series I want to do on transitions. How they are important, how they improve your films AND how they could make your films worse if you use them wrong.

There are SO many ways to transition between clips. Zoom transition, Spin transition (those are coming up and are a little more advanced) but today specifically, were learning Frame Blocking and masking within Premiere pro.


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Dylan Rock says:

Just tried the mask transition for myself. So dope! Thanks for the hot tips Peter!

rjloncar says:

What camera are you using to shoot the video?

Doopy Whoopy says:

greatest transition is – from the bone to space station in 2001 a space odyssey. GREAT

mike verreo says:

can I do these transitions in sony vegas to?
and if so can you explain how?

Happy2Friends says:


Peter McKinnon says:

Premiere Pro OR Final Cut Pro? Why?

Allison Conrad says:

Best editing tutorial videos! Your stuff is awesome! Thanks!

Naufal Ardn says:

thank you so much for sharing this amazing transitions!

Adam Wilson says:

When you start drawing at 6:45 there’s already a black fill (the mask). Premiere doesn’t seem to have that by default, is there something you need to do to choose the mask opacity? You think it would be really obvious and inside of the effect controls right?

Kanika Sharma says:

Love your videos

allanfortytwo says:

This will make me think about my transitions when making a video. Thank you Peter.

Gingabeard TV says:

Another amazing video

Ur Bro Lefty says:

That’s a refreshing take on transitions. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Gavin Shepherd says:

338 people thought this was a Photoshop tutorial

Anthony Garcia says:

when I go to do the Free Draw Brezier and connect my points I’m not seeing any “black triangles”… and when I go to invert nothing seems to change. PLEASE HELP. SOMEONE!

Hablando Mierda says:

Thanks bro I am beginning 101 never use this before so you’re my teacher

Dameoz says:

Thank you!

Paul Patrick says:

Great tutorial! Thanks Peter!

TVJamai says:

Tutorial starts at 5:47

Rafael Guzman says:

Thanks for the info !!!! great video

bobspez says:

Three minutes in and just talk. Why don’t you show some transitions up front?

Alexitocn says:

been watching this vid for 5 minutes and realized I have no idea what he’s talking about, time to restart the video xD

olga .wagner says:

Thanks for the tip, it’s very useful. I would prefer if you got the the point quicker, I’m here to learn and not for the sake of entertainment. Thanks anyway:)

The Film Creator says:

Definitely a great channel for improving video editing skills!

Meercoos says:

can I do this with CS6?

Thijs Groeneweg says:

These tutorials help me a lot! Thanks Peter 🙂

firstname lastname says:

OMG this video was released on my birth day…… 13 April!

Alex Kilby says:

Hey Peter, Just wondering what tech spec your laptop and Imac are for video editing on Premiere Pro?…I presume you edit mainly 4K video? Do you have any problems with processor power and stuttering videos? I use quite a few different machines at home and work and no matter how powerful the machine and graphics card, 4K videos become almost impossible to work with, without rendering the preview every time you make a change… Do you have some super-computer spec, or do you have the same problems as the rest of us? :-O Thanks, love your channel btw, so inspirational!

Dmytro Yaroshenko says:

I dont know why but i love this guy.

Giselle La Chatte says:

this channel is fire

Old Lady Angler says:

Love your videos! Thanks for posting this!!

TechnicalSpeech says:

Hey, Idk If You Actually Read These, But I’m Subbing; You’ve Given Me So Many Great Tips That I’ve Utilized And The Work Is So Satisfying

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