Beginner Video Editing Tutorial! | Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017!

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Video editing tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro CC with basic color grading tips. Make video look cinematic using Adobe Premiere Pro CC Or CS6. A video on how to make video look a lot more clearer, more contrasty and over all more interesting ideal for a short film.

We use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and go through the steps of creating a project & sequence. After that we import our footage and learn how to set the start & end points by cutting. We then use the three way color correcter or magic bullet’s Colorstina 2 to professionally color grade our footage by adding saturation, warm & cold colors and finally contrast while still achieving the maximum dynamic range possible. For my footage i also sharpened it as i shot with a flat picture profile similar to Canon C-log or cinestyle presets. Views enjoy being able to have a anomorphic aspect ratio to create a more cinematic look. We do this by creating a second video sequence with a low vertical pixel count to crop the video to a narrower aspect ratio. I have shown how to do this without un doing any previews effects simply by copying & pasting the graded footage into the new sequence. To finalize the tutorial i explain how to export the video correctly in the standard H.264 codec with a choice of compression depending on if you favor quality or low life size to make it easier to upload to youtube.

I have used the Adobe Creative Suite for many years now and can conclude that it is the most reliable and most efficient program i have used. I have previously struggled with Sony Vegas Pro 11 but it’s crashes and sometimes inability to even render my footage turned me to Premiere. For professional uses i normally use Final Cut Pro X on a maxed out spec 2013 27” iMac with an Intel i7 6 core processor & 16gb ram.

For home use i stick with Premiere Pr CC on my humble HP Pavillion G6 1200SA (custom spec) laptop. After getting it i maxed the ram out to the full 8GB of corsair RAM, installed an OCZ Agility 3 60GB solid state drive then took out the dvd drive and replaced it with the 750GB hard drive that came with the laptop originally. For the operating system at the time of this video i am running Windows 8.1 (preview) as i enjoy the modern UI and am waiting for the full Windows 8.1 to come out so i can upgrade to the retail version.

If you have any questions message me on Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any tutorial ideas drop them in the comments section below.

~Jason For TheXtremesoundz Audio & Vision


Iweka Barthlotec says:

Please guys Wats the name of the movie?

WIT McCoy says:



Abode Download Link?

Gideon n gamer says:

how did he use adobe premire pro cc 2017 version in 2013

Jalen Archer says:

What software did you use to record your computer screen?

Christopher Jerome Tabernilla says:

I have shots in my nikond3100 24 fps and also some shots in diff cam with 60fps, is that ok to use just 24fps present even im going to use slow motion effect for 60fps? thx

Angela Tapia says:

your video was soooooo amazing!!! i love u

Benjamin S. Valdez says:

An amazing guide which gave me the ability to turn myself from an amateur photographer to a near professional, I found the quality of my pictures and videos dramatically enhance after reading this guide, a definite help to anyone who wants to learn how to take more breath taking stunning photographs.

Joaquin Shapiama says:

ur wallpaper is amazing, please i need it

momo says:

is the newest version cs6?

Sylvia Kelly says:

I’ve watched this video 3 times and I am still confused on how to edit I want to become a vlogger and learn how to edit but I just can’t understand how to edit a damn video anyone else with me?? 🙁

Love Animals-6 says:

Instructions unclear. Penis stuck on blue pixels.

Mualu Mombutshi says:

Thank you so much. You’ve just made my coursework 10’000 times easier!

ayume chan says:

can you give me the link to the app used here pls

Darvinisti says:

How to remove an info window?

Aylan Wever says:

“If you don’t have that, because it does cost” *googles magic bullet* HOLY FUCK

biswanath sen says:

Sir what dose it means D. I IN video editing

Andy Gaming says:

published on 2013 and adobe 2016?

TitanLlama Gaming says:

it’s published in 2013 but stays above in the title 2016?

abdalah mkilindi says:


TRNQUL says:

You sound like Kai from DigitalRevTV.


how to blur background in video pro premier

Power Power says:

you explain it clearly..tnx men

Kaustubh Namjoshi says:

very helpful

sakken limbu says:

I’m not able to drag the clips to the timeline any solutions????

Dharmaboy says:

Thanks for this great vid. I had forgotten how to use Premiere after not touching it for years.

Solid Tutorials says:

You all can take a look at my Tutorial ;). I have shown from the very basics.

Nick Hoang says:

What’s u guys use software download music audio free?

Johnny Sunday says:

Please help,
When i import a video that i recorded with, it imports only audio not the video, and when I insert some movie i downloaded from internet it loads both the video and the audio.
Whats the problem?

Abu Mannocchi says:

That comercial hits home overtime

Legacy BMX says:

Great video

JhonezHD says:

I got a ad from filmora

ramji rusia says:

tumay bas ki naiya kuchh

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