BEST INVISIBLE BOX Challenge EVER – Premiere Pro Tutorial – Create the ultimate Invisible Box challenge in Premiere Pro with simple tips and tricks and join us with the latest viral internet challenge.

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Kelvin Regalado says:

you are super … I would like you to translate the tutorials into Spanish. this way more people will reach. to comment I use a translator, but I do not know what they say in the tutorial videos.

Raiylu says:

Hey could we possibly look at the “sunken place” effect from get oit

Yashpriya Entertainments says:

Great idea ….with simple editing… you are genius

Billy Jeff says:

i have break this trick before this tutorial.. my trick is also like yours..

salman rahmani says:


Ahmed Ramadan says:

Love you guys

LowLightVideos says:

2:22 – The _real_ trick is not to use a tripod.

A slider makes it easy but it’s possible to handhold the camera and use move-matching to take a brickless background and merge it.

Lovedeep 14may says:

Thnxuuu brother

Ivan Justine says:

Oh my god, thank you so much!!!

Nikhil Wade says:

you guys are best

Bishal Khanal says:

super cool

Sentinel Pro says:

Thankk youuu

fatexcreator studios says:

My idola Jordy vandeput..nice post tutorial woaaawww kerenn

kiran says:

damn.. its so easy..thank you jordy

THE MIO says:

I have an Idea for the next tutorial : How to make a Shooting Star clip

HappY Movement says:

YOUR PAGE OF VIDEOBLOCKS STOLE me money from my BANK ACCOUNT without Buying … Dont recomend more that page …. THanks !!!

Santosh Parajuli says:


predi permana says:


A Long Travel Distance says:

niceee very hellpfull

HaantjeDeVoorste says:

Zijn jullie belgen

Maky Man says:

Ty ❤❤❤❤❤

Unicorn Workhorse says:

Thanks a ton Jody!

Gizzy Games says:

“Janic” > Yannick

DanteOffi says:

When people cant dance so they run to editing

Cabe Kering says:

I think about it last month now you just make a tutorial

Mohit Patra says:

Best Cinematic learning YouTube Channel I ever watch

Good keep it up

Bakaslut says:


Javier Gonzalez says:

This is really cool man. Thanks a lot

FunkyFreak says:

hebben jullie interesse om mee te doen in mijn film (horror) gebaseerd op een true story we zijn met te weinig man 2x we doen het wel zeer professioneel want gaan adobe gebruiken en cinematic beelden.. nu zijn we bezig met alle props bijeen te krijgen en storyboard dat we al soort van hebben maar met 2 is het HARD moest je interesse hebben inbox me dan op mijn facebook pagina (link op mijn kanaal) of youtube zelf omdat jullie blijkbaar van belgie zijn en ook professioneel kunnen werken ivm film stuff.. let me know!

namika sandaruwan says:

What was your camera?

Random Thoughts says:

I think you need to CUT ur hair
Its long and its distracts me

William Engelman says:

Great Video! I love your content

Dércio Tomás Ferreira says:

i love your tutorials. Thanks you very much

Regional at Loary says:


BassPlayerAvailable says:

Very, very clever

KY Media says:

Nicely done

Eswar tatipaka says:

Dude how edit a suicide scene like person hanging to fan

MG - Madura Gaming says:

What if you just use brick covered with green screen

Don Cangrejo Crustaceo Cascarudo says:

Xbox ?

Deeplifegreat _ says:

How to freeze time like Amanda cerny video please make on it

Aditya says:

ur camera and lens u use

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