Character introduction Freeze effect (Snatch style) – Premiere Pro tutorial

Premiere Pro tutorial: create the character introduction effect similar the one that Guy Ritchie used in the movie Snatch. Start your own website today and get 10% discount

Music used in this video:

Clip used in this tutorial:

Transition @ 00:56

Font used in the Premiere Pro tutorial:

Ink splashes or blots used in the Premiere Pro tutorial:

All editing is done inside Premiere Pro: Try, buy, download or upgrade Adobe Premiere Pro CC here:

Microphone used to record voiceover: Rode NT USB

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zealotbr says:

could you teach us the transition at 0:56 plz ? 🙂 (oh, i see its priced at the description)

Yash G says:

Nice one

Warda Hamk says:

great video.


very nice : a new subscription from France !!!

Ramesh Bandrana says:

Why don’t sow DEMO buttion in my premier pro cc please help

Flash Hobbies says:

I’m following your steps but I’m stuck on the draw bezier step. I mark my object but it’s not separating what I marked. It still moves everything including the background

Huntil P. says:

Can you create a new – “LEARN PREMIERE PRO IN 13 MINUTES! Basics tutorial for beginners” For example the title is not anymore in the project panel…

Jhoem VLOG says:

Brilliant and love it…. this will go in my bucket effects I’m my upcoming vlog… thank you for this tutorial

Tallat Khan says:

thank you man
love from pakistan

zealotbr says:

Yay! I did it! Im so happy! Tnks a lot! You can see it on the first seconds of this video that I edited for a friend
Let a comment there showing that you came from Orange83 🙂

zealotbr says:

omg I love this effect!!!!!!!!!! thanks a lottttttttt

Samiir Salax says:

How to make intoduction little beautifull orange 83

Lucky John belgium says:

Thanks, very informative tutorial. Thumbs up

Kinning Cycles says:

very useful, many thanks

Ocki says:

Another nice video! Good job!!! Learning a lot watching your videos 🙂

Travel With Syub87 says:

Can it be done in Lumafusion?

Oreki Oz says:


Florida Reel says:

Interesting effect for introductions, I like sticking to b roll intros. Good content, keep up the vids.

adel hd says:

didnt work bulshit

stud says:

Well I got two problems. First the arching tool keeps popping up while trying to do the masking. Fast internet research is telling me it’s a common problem. Makes it difficult to make a detailed masking. The second problem is, once the masking is done and setting the scale and position it is moving and scaling the whole clip, I mean everything on the screen not just the masking. The whole view moves.

Raj Brit Brigade says:

thank sir

trouvaille - by Aamir says:

She is hot!!! Ok thank you, i used it successfully, High five!!

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