https://cinecom.info/Adorama – Recreate the eye zoom transition effect from the Music video ‘SAD!’ preformed by the late XXXTentacion in Adobe Premiere Pro. Use camera movements and post production techniques to create a stunning zoom transition in this tutorial video.

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► Ficture: https://cinecom.info/Aputure120D
► Softbox: https://cinecom.info/AputureDome
► Grid: https://cinecom.info/SoftboxGrid


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Polina Ballerina says:

Am I the only one who thinks that he looks a bit like Brandon Rogers??

Ease Livers says:

I learned many thing from this channel they are walking Hollywood . It’s a portal to my own creative world

Saqif Yeasir says:

please do a tutorial of this video. mainly the first sceans… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KPL0TzvRXk

sathish daniel says:

bro I like u r t-shirt”never stop learning”

Ariya 9191 says:

Wow its so awesome transitions, i like that

Real Desi Indian Rappers says:


can you make the tutorial of this?

4k Effects says:

Cinecom.net!!! Woooooooooooooooooooow The best place to download free after effects templates crazy man i love it. You really inspired me to create my own youtube channel to fallow you footsteps. I have uploaded couple video on youtube channel and my website as well and would really appreciated if you guys give me support.

sabir786 Ansari says:

I love all the things you do and I think this is the best youtube channel to learn premier pro but 1 suggestion can go some slow please please I am bagging you
Thank you

Imad ZARHLOUL says:

hi eveyone please tell me what is the music name using btw 0.00 and 0.26s ? thank you

Parshad Sabara says:

Copy Cat Friday-
Teach how to make that “Maroon 5-girls like you” smoooooooth transitions

Tunechi Philips says:

Best and most anticipated copy cat…

goodmorning vibes17 says:

I got Motivated and Improved when ever i download your tutorials Thanks Cinecom.net… You are good and funny….

Fahad Ahmed says:

i have never seen any video without sponsored by cinecom

Dr.kill_me says:


Liem Jonathan says:

am i the only one here that just realized your amazing green eyes?

Greta Catur says:

Who is XXXTENTATION? I don’t know?

alfian hacker says:

How about effect Excalibur Sword in King Arthur : Legends Of The Sword (2017)


Çok güzel ve faydalı

Karox says:

How can I know that the laser flip is real when you show me how to edit like god.

Anisah Jambi says:

Can you give me a tutorial teaser id gangnam beauty korean drama ? Because that teaser was good

Gatomontoig ­ says:

Nice video bro !!! I’ve loved this transition !!
Can you make the same effect that make in Lit killah’s video called Bufón in the minute 1:29 please?
Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3DS5D20ZyA
Please do it !! Thanks !!!

MEWA046 says:

what title of the opening song ?

Igor Marty says:

I Love your work ! Can you do a tutorial on this effect ? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj5-JkLHqnY/ A lot of people on reddit are asking for !

TNC Music says:

it would be nice to see the different speed effect in the new Charlie Puth’s video ‘The Way I Am’ in the COPY CAT FRIDAY series. you guys are awesome!!!

The Suaves says:

good work bros

ceremonials. says:

Hey! Can you make a video about Sam Raimi or James Wan?
Nice video, as always.

Saqif Yeasir says:

please do a tutorial of this video. mainly the first sceans… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KPL0TzvRXk

zero to infinity says:

Your bast editior

zero to infinity says:

Love form india

Glen says:

Have been learning from you guys.
It would be great if you would do a tutorial on how to do this..

BarnihhYT 2016 says:

Legends are never die

Reg_LMO says:

Do the body fazing effect (ant man and the wasp)

Ogros Badi says:

read my comment

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