Fake Camera Movements | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

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How to Fake Camera Movements in Adobe Premiere Pro (Tutorial).
In this Tutorial I’m gonna show you a great and easy technique to fake camera movements in post with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro and Keyframes without any third-party-plugins. By using 4K Footage in a smaller sequence like 1080p or 1440p you can easily create really steady movements like on a camera slider or dolly with only a still shot from a tripod.

The Footage was shot in 4K on the Sony a6300 (Sigma 30mm 1.4 DC DN, most at f2) in AF mode. Cine1 Picture Profile.
Graded with my CINE VINTAGE LUT.

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You will get a .cube file which you should apply in the creative tab of Lumetri Color (Premiere Pro) so you can adjust the Intensity. You can also use it in FCPX but I think you need a third party plugin like „Lutbuddy“. Just search for it on Youtube because I’ve never worked with other Programs than Adobe PP.

Music: Yelawolf – Till it’s gone

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Miirz060 Mir says:

Which version of photoshop is this


Love this video.. I’m learning how to edit on Premiere Pro and I find your tutorials very helpful.. Thank you!! Keep up the good work 🙂

The Urban Novel says:

thanxx mannn

kelly mcnaught says:

Epic! Thanks 🙂

Jedi jodie says:

Thank you! This is Epic!

Hazmi Fadzil says:

i am new to this sorry for asking, but why did you have to make the frame size smaller first when you can just use the scale effect to do the same thing ?

Asfilm production says:

Sir Nice tutorial

Tech Home says:

Make a video for color grading ::;

Also how to colour grade from camera raw


quite helpful I would say and quite intuitive as a quick solution for a one man situation

Uptown Kal says:

Nice. Thanks!!

Sayantan সায়ন্তন says:

What is the intro song please?

nikhil wakade says:

Can show a tutorial for infinity roll

Spazzam TV says:

Great video bro !


You got a new subscriber buddy …. this is a great help for my channel’s vlogs, music videos and films… thanx

mob game crack says:

thankyou soo much it will help me in future a lot.

Danyal Fryer says:

Awesome tut – really simple, but effective way to pull off things you didn’t do at the time of shooting or, if you’re by yourself. 😀

Christian Maté Grab says:

Because many of you asked for it, here’s my Lightroom Preset I use to edit my Instagram shots:

I will also upload a video about the full editing process on a portrait, a landscape and a droneshot tomorrow on this channel guys. Keep shooting!


Victoria Ryann says:

I gave your video a thumbs up for the sole reason of you choosing a yelawolf song

Tanishk Karavade says:

Amazing stuff <3

JIN Li says:

could you share the black bars files? thanks

Momo Maximilian says:

How do I slowly end a zoom?

Tech Home says:

Make video for slow motion for 60fps

Ashwin Kanan says:

No extra vocal acting like others out there. Clean & clear for beginners like me. Thank you Christian 😉

Edoardo Deluca says:

Thank you very much man! I have on question, which is the resolution at the end? How can you now how much you can cut?

superfxpro123 says:

So using Adobe premiere pro isn’t for free?

George Gibson says:

Very thanks bro ) Hi from Russia )

Azad Entertainment says:

Awesome man. I learnt something!

Peter Promo says:

can you teach how to do the stabilizer effect used on King Vader videos?

APT4Tech says:

Thank you for your great help Christian, this will help my coastal life short visual that I am currently working on. 🙂

Rufino Cerrada says:

muy bueno amigo

Renata Alexsandra says:

Ótimo vídeo! Obrigada!

Tech Home says:

How did you get that lumenty colour

SmitedWarwick says:

Ty a lot

Lê Thị Diệu Hiền says:

Thanks 🙂

Swapnil Tembare says:

There is no parallax effect.. Background should not move while zoming in..

Packed Review says:

Great tutorial dude. Now does it matter if it is 4k? Example I have a canon sl2 which I believe is 1080p and highest is 60fps

Osagie Godsend says:

I love your editing I want to learn more. Please reply me sir to know the best editing machine to buy

Bartjenejlepsi says:

Exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot.

Vinay Ghadigaonkar says:

nice bro

Akash unni krishnan says:

Can you show this same effect in some DANCE VIDEO
That will be really helpful for me

Dan Sonnyk says:

Very Objective, thanks

Dalji Imara says:

This video was so freaking helpful. I love how simple, short and straight to the point it was. My videos are about to be litty now.

Stuart Austin says:

What difference does making the sequence set at a smaller scale make to simply making the scaling larger? Is it loss of quality?

WrongProductions says:

Well done, thanks a lot man!

Sami Boudjelti says:

The name of the font plz

Shivang Anand says:


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