Fall through the ground (Kendrick Lamar – LOYALTY) Premiere Pro Tutorial

http://cinecom.xyz/VisitPremiumbeat – Learn how to recreate the ‘fall through ground’ effect from music video LOYALTY by Kendrick Lamar in Premiere Pro. A fun music video effect!

More Information ► https://www.cinecom.net/premiere-pro-tutorials/fall-ground-kendrick-lamar-loyalty/
Song 1. My Time ► http://cinecom.xyz/PBMyTime
Song 2. Crazy Clown ► http://cinecom.xyz/PBCrazyClown
Handheld Motion Preset ► https://premierepro.net/editing/deadpool-handheld-camera-presets/

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胡毅 says:


Zach S says:

There are some really interesting effects in the music video “Star of the Show” by Thomas Rhett, namely jumping into a clone of the actor. Would all be willing to show us how this is done?

Winston Santos says:

The best gang ever, as a video editor I always learn something new from you but I really love your team work guys.

2shaghshe says:

Nice,,, I like how you are getting better

Alpha Crusaders says:

Hey, I almost got down all the basics for Adobe After Effects, but I have been having a lot of trouble moving tracks on top of each other and below each other? (I’m using Adobe After Effects 2016) Or can someone please help me concerning this matter?

DocGenius1 / Videos says:

Great job…..Peace

alex O says:

Hi Jordan thank you very much for the videos I had learned a lot from you but I was wondering if you could help me out with something here I’m I don’t know why but for some reason I’m working on a project and then the audio just stopped working and I was working on the music video and I can’t even continue because the music doesn’t even play anymore and Premiere so I have looked at multiple videos but none of them seem to help me at all so I was wondering if you could help me out here I will gladly appreciate it I really need this a project out thank you

Mark Luceño says:

Whoa! This is great!

Artur Cary says:

This was my favorite episode of all time. Please do more stuff Iike this, I love it

Murray Frost says:

Love the intro! Keep it up!

minikoeper says:

Jordy, where you come from!? Your second name sounds really dutch,

Video Upskill says:

Haha nicely done.


Hey bro your tutorials are awesome. Can you please tell me how to make the effect in this video https://youtu.be/hmjlQ4vPt4c effect is between 00:20 to 00:30

The Moody Noodle says:

I love the new intro and studio! It’s so cool

Meddy vey says:

God bless you from making me a better video editor everyday

The Post Color Blog says:

Jarle’s presets are AMAZING. I have used them for years.

Mouedh Sassi says:

Best channel for ever =)

Raghu veer says:


Mellisa BRACKENS says:

love this

Dito Firmansyah says:

nice man, love it thank you

ѕρукє νlσgѕ says:

It’s impressive how you guys figure those techniques out !! lot of respect !!!

David Bermeo says:

Just subscribed because your tutorials are relevant, informative, and so organized. Literally went to your page saw the thumbnails with Premiere, After Effects or a Video icon which helped me figure out where or what I can do the effect in. Love the channel, keep up the great work!

Ramesh Oleti says:

Thankyou for posting this… I have watched similar technique in one of the feature film you can see it in this link at 2:22

2shaghshe says:

This is a professional production work, I hope to see more from you guys soon

Sam B says:

Kerels! You guys just made an epic video!

Jorge Rodriguez says:

Wow! Impressive effect! I thought it would be cool when I saw the post on Instagram, but couldn’t imagine how awesome it would actually look.

Ask Ask says:

How to download and active permierie pro

The Universe EZ video says:

Great idea!Cinecom Invite the guests!

Divineshot 314 says:

Epic tutorial!

SunRayBee says:

Love your channel. 😀

Cerbu' says:

Thx, you are awesome. A BIG like for you

andy khwairakpam says:


Franc Sharma says:

u guys are always best

Marco Fonseca says:

Sos Grande mi hermano, te admiro muchisimo! y es de gran utilidad esos tutoriales que haces, exitos en tu vida laboral y familiar, saludos de Honduras 😀

Murray Frost says:

Also, hand the mic over to Yannick on some occasions…. 🙂 It would be some good variation and I am sure others would like to listen to him. 🙂

Khrystian Niyoko says:

Wow! Super dope thanks for teaching us this

Jorge Costa says:

and about the sharks?

Franco Rizzo says:

Yannick born out of the streets…I mean literally born out of the street!

Technical Boby says:

really its very usefull tip

Karl Pyka says:

Thanks so much for the tutorial! I didn’t know that effect was so easy to do. Just another video question/editing question: I’ve been trying to figure out an effect in the music video “Makeba” by Jain in which two girls are in slow-motion while everyone else is at 100% speed. I’ve been trying to replicate this effect in Premiere Pro, but there is no mask feature for speed revamping (at least that I know of). The effect takes place at 0:53 in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Q_lhgGANc  . Thanks!

Technical Boby says:

sir can u promote my channel

JonanOfficial says:

Aye this honestly helps

Muhammad Mansour says:

Still the best channel, still the best teacher, always fun to watch & intro is soo lit, you guys constantly improving your channel & I love it 🙂


who else was waiting for after effects or it is jus me hhh

Dean Nosworthy says:

Amazing ..Good job

Ashish Gupta says:

Nicely explained

Five2win says:


JesseLaneGuitar says:

This was awesome!

Felix Wheelix says:

faaar too loud beats all the time

Affendy Arifin says:

awesome dude

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