Fast Forward Effect | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

Fast Forward Effect | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial
A lot of you asked me how I do the fast forward effect in my other videos so I made a short tutorial how you get this effect and sync your video footage with the audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC!

I shot this short video of my girlfriend last summer on the Sony a6300 in 1080p, 100fps/100Mbit. The Lens is the Sony 16mm 2.8.

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If you bought it, thanks a lot for your support 🙂
You will get a .cube file which you should apply in the creative tab of Lumetri Color (Premiere Pro) so you can adjust the Intensity. You can also use it in FCPX but I think you need a third party plugin like „Lutbuddy“. Just search for it on Youtube because I’ve never worked with other Programs than Adobe PP.


► Sony a6300:
► Sony 16-50 Kit Lens:
► Sigma 30mm 1.4 DC DN:
► DJI Phantom 4:

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Mumbi Williams says:

Cool stuff my man. You always have me hooked up to something new all the time. But i have a question…

Ella Cheng says:

hi, nice video! I just have a quick question and couldn’t find an answer anywhere else. So i speeded up my video because I speak too slow LOL and i wanted to keep my audio pitch, so i selected the maintain audio pitch option which it does what i wanted but the problem is, my original clip with the original speed was pretty quite but once I did all these changes it becomes kind of noisy, especially the background noise. Do you know why? or if you have any solutions for that? it would be very nice if you have a solution. Thanks annyways!

Forrest Stephan says:

Killer Video, Thanks!

Hamid Khan says:

Bro you really did a great job .

Marco Antonio says:

Would we have to change the frame interpolation? Like frame blending? Thanks.

Martim Lucas says:

Madeira !!!

Máni Moon 4K says:

my country is iceland

MCP TV says:


Reminisce says:

what is the adjustment layer? and do i need it?

Maria Morfeeva says:

Thank you man!

AnnaZindzi says:

Yes! very nice

Jamal Shareef says:

awesome man
pls, send me the source of this prog.

Chrid Punay says:

how did you connect the other part of the clip after of the fast forward effect?

Sully Cortez says:

my god awesome rise on youtube. quick question, where did you get this music from? how did you use a legit song without a copyright strike?

Guida Nobre says:


Abir Mahmoudi says:

PLEASE THAT SHORTCUT “R” IS NOT WORKING FOR ME, is there a way to find the tool without the shortcut

lNefarius says:

Tolles Video 🙂 Darf man fragen was du studiert hast oder generell dein Weg nach der Schule? Ich liebe die Sachen wie hier im Video, und will auch beruflich in diese Richtung gehen, aber kann mich nicht entscheiden welches Studium das richtige ist … Wäre cool wenn du mir da mal einen Anhaltspunkt geben könntest 🙂

Vy Hồ Thị Bảo says:

thank you so much, this helps me a lot!

Pre-minator says:

thank you this helped me a lot. keep it up

Hoan Lee says:

that is freaking nice A7s Lut you have.

Spacey Blak says:


AC Productions says:

awesome thanks

Tonny Milfiger says:

how can i do fast image key-audio effect (just the image to move with the base)
have any video about it? thanks great video

The Recon says:

Thanks so much dude XD

Diogo Gualter says:

My Island!<3 MADEIRA!!!

Sayan Tewari says:


dhika AS says:

thankyou for sharing

JwksMotion says:

Ass Cheeks spotted

itzabouttogetreal says:

Did you just hit the space bar to release the rest of the footage

Reminisce says:

dam your like a pro at premiere pro how did you drag your other clip so fast without scrolling to the other side

Sweta Thapa says:

Why are you having so much trouble speaking?! FFS

Haul & Install Landscaping Landscaping says:

Very useful…I’ll be using the affect in my upcoming lawn mowing video….next month

Game Over says:

thank you for everything

Sammie Clay says:

Wasp bro? What are you deleting after the ripple part

Giten says:

Sony Vegas = (hold CTRL and drag)

AeroKamera says:

Fkn simple!

Gamersclassified says:

What picture profile were you using. It looks amazing

Randy Jacob says:

What font is used in the thumbnail?


Why 100fps instead of 120fps?

TheLevianGamer TLG says:

Great video thanks for the tutorial

Syaiful Ulum says:

thanks… it’s very helpful 😀

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