I walk you through how to set up and do a basic edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2015 version) so you can start making your own videos!

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“Intrepid” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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DJ Tweek Dallas says:

Great vid except I was really waiting for the time bendin info and I don’t see it in “up next” or suggested

sicplano says:

I think this was a great tutorial. Very grateful to the presenter for sharing his knowledge. Content and explanations were great. So what if he has a cough drop in his mouth. What an entitlement mentality on the part of so many Youtube viewers. You didn’t have to pay for this tutorial so if it bothers you simply go elsewhere. Whiney babies I say. Dislikes for that minor of an issue are really petty.

ArmaCorth Gaming says:

It’s like an editing/ASMR video, thank you cough drop

William Jackson says:

Only a DEMO-RAT would have a negative comment about a cough drop. I had no problem what-so-ever hearing what this guy produced for us out of the kindness of his heart and FOR FREE. Software consultants run about $150 an hour in this area so “The Tutorial DUDE” saved us a cumulative $40,611,00.00 and some of you have the audacity to grumble about a cough drop, wow…….. Just goes to show you that certain people will bitch about something that’s good even if it’s free. Mr. Tutorial Dude, thank you very much for taking your time to produce this video. Many of us that are just getting started editing videos are very grateful, Thank you. To the people who have even one thing to say about his cough drop, quit protesting and learn how to appreciate peoples WORK.

cmiles2015 says:

These comments are lit! Funniest comments I have read in a long time!

VBSource says:

Would’ve watched more than 4 minutes if something wasn’t moving in your teeth. Nice tutorial but can’t stand that sound. Very annoying. Looking for another tutorial.

Terinte Marian says:

It’s a good tutorial,i’ve learnt a lot,my only complaint is the car sound form the third video .

Alisa Balakishiyeva says:

I could not watch it because of the sound.. You could have eaten later… This is really annoying and irritating.

LXIX Turner says:

Every comment consists of this guy eating a cough drop… It is fucking hilarious tho

José Ignacio Elósegui says:

Thank you for this video; much appreciated it. While I don’t agree with the vulgarity of some of these comments, I will be honest with you. It was rough to follow through with your cough drop throughout the video. I had to stop the video at times because it was too much. Just some honest feedback. I’d wait next time so that way you don’t lose so many viewers.

CocoBunjee says:

This tutorial is thoroughly unprofessional and creates a complete lack of credibility. This tutorial assumes a lot of prior knowledge. I am a complete beginner and got nothing from this. Therefore, a complete waste of time. Thumbs down.

Kokobeatz Kenya says:

kokobeatz kenya meet the super producer

Brian Woodward says:

um, uh, uh, umm, er, uh, and are you eating while talking?

LazyCrazyCat2 says:

you really are very irritating with those mouth sounds.. your tutorial is probably good but I don’t want to watch it, or better, to listen.

Trent Munroe says:

I swear to god this guy sounds exactly like my band instructor

AKEEM BAILEY Films says:

bro take the dick out your mouth

Vivian Ecclefield says:

I’ve watched a lot of these. Yours is one of the clearest and simplest! Thank you! Hope you do many many more.

-KTG- says:

Plz don’t eat when recording

Ian A. says:

The cough drop is by far the most annoying and irritating thing i’ve ever heard. Other than that, good tutorial

RHCrew Productions says:

C’mon man. Fire up Audition and edit out all of the mouth sounds, then re-upload. This is my 3rd attempt to get through this tutorial but those sounds are far too distracting.

Dabbz_tv says:

I hope my nets just lagging right now. I can’t see shit

Juan Volpe says:


Robert Dault says:

k, so I guess I’m not alone.

Manspence says:

Cringe tutorial

Einphix C.H says:

I watch lynda and digital tutor for premiere pro cc tutorials but none of those tutorials as good as yours. love it. clear and easy to understand

Daniel Camargo says:

fuck…I really wanted to learn something from this tutorial but it was so annoying hearing you with that cough drop…

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