How To Create a Clean Cinematic Title Animation in Premiere Pro (Tutorial)

► Learn how to create a nice and clean cinematic title animation in adobe premiere pro cc 2017!


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Host & Creator
Ignace Aleya


Adriel Hsu says:

What is the sound byte at the very beginning called/found? The cinematic “ding” in all movie previews

Putri art says:


Marc Ocampo says:

Like so! Hahaha

Jim Ginn says:

Awesome, Thank you very much!

Santi Fer says:

Piano tile sound effect in the begining?

Louis Richner says:

Awesome tutorial, had no problem following. Thank you!

Valery Karitsky says:

Hi Ignace. I did exactly what you did in this video, but something goes wrong with my titles. Font edges don’t look flat and aligned, but instead look pixelated (saw-like borders). After some experiments I’ve discovered that if I apply only opacity change the title looks smooth, but if I apply either blur or scale it starts look ugly. In your video font looks smooth all the time – can you suggest how to fix my problem? Really need help.

Alex & Lily says:

Thanks for the great tutorial! We used it in our last video. Would be great to hear your feedback!

Dex Foster says:

How do i make my workspace look like his.. harder to follow when mine looks different

K1ller t0fu says:

Absolutely love that tutorial! Thank you so much!

Luis Carreon says:

Thank you! Great tutorial and very easy to follow.

Alessio Brugnara says:

Isn’t it easier and faster to use the video transition effects instead of the keyframe thing?

LynSire Ⓥ says:

Love this! Thanks for sharing :))

Chiamaka Ebochue says:

How can i make your intro.. the one that has ‘learn’ thats dope.

macroni5 says:

I like what you did however you spoke quite fast i have to stop quite a bit to write down on what you did.

Josue Copete says:

Not “easy” at all. In Final cut all those steps are integrated so you just have to write the text and… done.

AmFilms123 says:

Thanks for this great tutorial.

xX GKR Xx says:

U from india??

Siyovush Mirzoev says:

it’s great

chatovocehein says:

well, i don’t have essential graphics since i am on CC pro 2015 and it is a new feature on 2017.

i will have to keyframe it as usual.

Vivek Nakul Beera says:

what version were u using?

Patrick Freeman says:

Great video. You just move to fast lol. a little slower please.

DayBreaker says:

hey what microphone you are using

Once Upon A City حكاية مدينة says:

I don’t know why somebody would dislike this video. thanks for the hints

Frank Mattingly says:

Slow down too fast for beginners

Nico Frheaven says:

Hey bro I’m just in love of the sound at the begginning at the video can u just give me a name, a link or something , i would like to use it fully in a video

Skare EDM says:

Ethan from H3H3

Noosey says:

Sorry I thought u were h3h3 for a sec


Dude slow down when you going through your steps please! I have to stop and rewind several times!

MrJuggernate says:

i found myself getting unnecessarily angry at the way you talk …..

J Dawes says:

Man. Wayyyy too fast at the start.

KingButthurt says:

Good tutorial and the title looks smooth!

mile perencevic says:

In 5 min you explained everything instead watching other half an hour tutorials and not to get to the point…NICE JOB!


thanks im putting what i learn into use now tell what u think

Kiki Ledok says:

keren videone,,,mantep pokoe

Davide Tela says:

*Fantastic !*

Christopher Franko says:

everytime he says premier pro, take a shot.

Giuseppe Baarh says:

This is so cool……

Percy Purple says:

The fuckin bass

Alexander Zettl says:

Hey Thank you for the great Video, can explain why the keyframe at 4 seconds is needed ? i would intuetivly not made one, and i had some problems in the past actually wirh time remapimg …

Leo Sieczka says:

Excellent video. Thanks for sharing!

Joey Nguyen says:

You lost me at 0:52 because I cannot see the Text tool so this tutorial is not for versions older than Adobe Premiere CC 2017 spring edition….

Michelle Tröndle says:

Hey 🙂 Like that video, where to find the sound at the very beginning for the title?

Josh Apora says:

Really helps a lot bro

Ze Cat says:

On my windows tab I can’t find essential graphics

Dwayne Errol Badua says:

Mr. Like So. Anyway, great tutorial fam

Michael Espiro says:

very good thanks alot

Stephen Mosberg says:

Ethan Kleiners

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