How to EDIT FAST in Premiere Pro! (This will BLOW YOUR MIND!!)

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Faith & Providence says:

This. Just. Changed. My. Life.
I love you!!!!

Joseph lail says:

You may have just saved hours of my life ! Thank You! Big Fan !

D3 LuXXX says:

Hey I a problem when doing this I will put the makers on bass drops and when I put the clips in it will start instead of end at the bass drops is there a fix?

Marc Bilbeny Vila says:

Good video, thanks. Let me know how to set up Premiere with 3 drives (1 one of them used for my windows and software, and others for Premiere cache and saving files). I mean how to set up scratch disks in the new project.

Tremayne Reed says:

How to toggle on the “at unnumbered makers?” As of right now Premiere pro is not giving me the option to click on it.

GreysAnatomyFan92 says:

Can u make a video and compare final cut to Premiere pro and why u chosen premiere pro

Antonio Laso says:

This is pure gold.

Q-кино-фото переводы says:

Перевод этого ролика на русский. Great job Peter.

jasonffx01 says:

Thank you for your tutorial. If I move the whole clip to the right, the marker won’t be moving as well. May I know how to move every clips including marker at the same time?

Jordan Matthew Lewis says:

Why have I never thought of this???

Jake Knecht says:

DUDE!!!! Best Ever!

Edøu says:

Fk awesome

Akash Sarkar says:

I m new to video editing & struggling to understand music beats..can u explain in detail plz??

Abood likes it says:

Smashed it!!!!!!

Brett Earl says:

What just happened!!! My eyebrows hit the ceiling!

Nuberu says:

You just saved my brain…

Alter Eco Adventures says:

this is amazing!

jovTV says:

Thanks! Never knew this feature even existed !

Prakhar Saxena says:

audio track at 2:27 name pls

Pule Togaga'e says:

mind blowing, but for some reasons I couldn’t do it following exactly what was explained. I’m new to Premier Pro so that might be one of the reasons lol

dave john dacalos says:

Best video editor!!!

Louis Black says:

thank you so much you saved meeee

Teach the Nations says:

This legit blew my mind!!! WOW! Thank you!!!

JenglandTV says:

I’ve been trying really hard but I just can’t make that noise with my mouth 0:33 lol

Leonardo Thillet says:

Premiere is just like Photoshop, there is always a faster way to get things done… Great tip Man!

ricardo orozco says:


Christofer James De Chavez says:

I wish I had an app to automatically Thumbs Up all your videos that’s on autoplay on my tv screen.

robkjohnson says:

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS VIDEO FOR 3 MONTHS!!!! I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! I thought it was part of a different video and not one of its own…. so that caused problems… but I FOUND IT!!!!!

Mamdooh Saif says:

i like it simple and fast

Invoxnik says:

you rock!

KDN.85 says:

Oh sh*t !! Mind blown ..thanks Peter !!

Rakesh Oo says:

hoooooooooooooooooooooopoppppoodhjdjdjdfndn …no wards…ty so much…..can u make a more extend ver of this tut..ples…

Gabriel Taliano says:


Akash Sarkar says:

this blows my mind..all clips placed automatically acording to markers..super fast..awesome bro

SwavyKiin says:

never mind

arash parsi says:

thanks man

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